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  1. What the hell was Guaita doing?! All he has to do is, kick it towards the line.
  2. Another good Sunday night game. Crosby kicks a 51 yarder at the bell to win it for Green Bay.
  3. Had to look it up. 27 PL appearances. 1 goal in every 9.
  4. Summary from the weekend - Finn finishes Finn Azaz (Newport County) 15th/24 Away at Barrow (2-1) - Substituted in the 69th minute. 34 touches, 85.7% pass accuracy, 3 shots, 1 shot on target. Scored. WhoScored.com rating of 7.27. Louie Barry (Ipswich Town) 21st/24Home to Sheffield Wednesday (1-1) - Not in the squad (knock) Mungo Bridge (Annecy) 3rd/18 Away at Stade Briochin (1-2) - Not in the squad. Frederic Guilbert (Strasbourg) 12th/20 Home to Lille (1-2) - Came on in the 57th minute. 35 touches, 66.7% pass accuracy, 1 key pass. WhoScored.com of 6.61. Conor Hourihane (Sheffield United) 15th/24 Home to Derby (1-0) - Came on the 79th minute. 11 touches, 100% pass accuracy, 1 shot. WhoScored.com of 6.32. Lovre Kalinic (Hajduk Split) 4th/10Home to NK Lokomotiva (1-0) - Played 90 minutes. Kaine Kesler-Hayden (Swindon Town) 9th/24 Home to Colchester (0-0) - Played 90 minutes. 75 touches, 78.7% pass accuracy, 2 shots, 1 shot on target, 1 key pass. WhoScored.com rating of 7.02. Ákos Onódi (Bromsgrove Sporting) 13th/21 Home to Royston Town (1-2) - Played 90 minutes. Arjan Raikhy (Stockport County) 9th/23 Home to Wrexham (2-1) - Not in the squad. Dominic Revan (Northampton) 5th/24 Away at Salford City (2-2) - Not in the squad. Seb Revan (Grimsby Town) 3rd/23 Away at Maidenhead United (1-1) - Unused substitute. Wesley (Club Brugge) 1st/18 Home to OH Leuven (1-1) - Unused substitute. Tyreik Wright (Salford City) 19th/24 Home to Northampton (2-2) - Came on in the 74th minute. 14 touches, 88.9% pass accuracy. WhoScored.com rating of 6.35. Brad Young (Carlisle) 17th/24 Away at Sutton United (4-0) - Came on in the 61st minute. 14 touches, 85.7% pass accuracy, 3 shots. WhoScored.com rating of 5.95.
  5. Scored in his 50th appearance. Think that's his 3rd Premier League goal for us, must be going at a pretty decent rate considering the amount of appearances he gets. No brainer to exercise his addition year option on his contract you would think.
  6. Think Spurs will have the media heat on them this week. We will have to be cautious we don't cop some blowback, but on form we should be a big chance for 3 points here.
  7. Good thing you casually mentioned Petracca. An exciting match for 75% of it but ultimate a let down. Dees definitely proved themselves to be a class above the rest of the competition. Think this could be the start of 4-5 years of sustained success but things can change pretty quickly.
  8. All Ole does is whine about how hard a time United have with the refs. Must be the least self aware person alive.
  9. Finn Azaz with a goal for Newport!
  10. I guess it’s how you interpret that statement. If they’ve gone through the required level of assessment that’s great. If by guided by the player they’ve asked him if he’s right to carry on and he’s said yes and that’s the deciding factor that’s not great. From other info posted on here since it sounds like it’s the former, but the podcast didn’t make it out like that.
  11. Summary from midweek - Fred likes France Frederic Guilbert (Strasbourg) 9th/20 Away at Lens (0-1) - Played 90 minutes. 64 touches, 81.8% pass accuracy, 2 key passes. WhoScored.com of 7.56. Conor Hourihane (Sheffield United) 15th/24 Home to Southampton [EFL Cup 3rd Round] (2-2p) - Not in the squad. Indiana Vassilev (Inter Miami) 17th/27 Home to Nashville (1-5) - Unused substitute.
  12. The Guardian Football Podcast mentioned it earlier in the week also. Apparently Smith said post game that his decision to keep McGinn on "was guided by the player". Medical team need to do an assessment and make the call in these situations. Something we need to improve immediately.
  13. Had no expectations going into the season, but he's turning out to be a real find.
  14. Pretty sure he posts on here - @ChrisVillan?
  15. Lazy tip but I think Clayton Oliver.
  16. We are the same as the UK because, well, of course we are.
  17. I knew I'd forget at least one week, didn't expect it to be whilst I was winning though.
  18. They'll certainly be better than last season, but I'm kind of wondering why they have gone all in. Sure they'll make the playoffs but I think they'll still have a difficult task making the top 4 in the East. Were they concerned of losing LaVine? For fans it will be more enjoyable having a winning team, but long term I'm not sure where it gets them. Will be interesting finding out regardless.
  19. Markkanen’s been traded to the Cavs.
  20. Summary from the weekend - Conor doing Conor things Finn Azaz (Newport County) 12th/24 Home to Walsall (2-1) - Came on in the 64th minute. 16 touches,66.7% pass accuracy, 1 shot. WhoScored.com rating of 6.29. Louie Barry (Ipswich Town) 19th/24Away at Lincoln (0-1) - Not in the squad (knock) Mungo Bridge (Annecy) 3rd/18 Away at US Orleans (2-2) - Not in the squad. Frederic Guilbert (Strasbourg) 12th/20 Home to Metz (3-0) - Substituted in the 74th minute. 44 touches, 75% pass accuracy. WhoScored.com of 7.70. Conor Hourihane (Sheffield United) 15th/24 Away at Hull (1-3) - Substituted in the 64th minute. 45 touches, 86.7% pass accuracy, 2 key passes, 2 assists. WhoScored.com of 7.97. Kaine Kesler-Hayden (Swindon Town) 10th/24 Away at Northampton (1-1) - Played 90 minutes. 75 touches, 88.7% pass accuracy, 1 shot, 4 key passes. WhoScored.com rating of 7.29. Ákos Onódi (Bromsgrove Sporting) Home to Worksop Town [FA Cup 2nd Qual Rnd] (6-0) - Played 90 minutes. Arjan Raikhy (Stockport County) 11th/23 Away at Halifax (3-0) - Unused substitute. Dominic Revan (Northampton) 4th/24 Home to Swindon Town (1-1) - Not in the squad. Seb Revan (Grimsby Town) 3rd/23 Home to Eastleigh (2-0) - Came on in the 78th minute. Indiana Vassilev (Inter Miami) 17th/27 Home to New York Red Bulls (0-4) - Came on at the start of the 2nd half. 8 touches, 75% pass accuracy. WhoScored.com rating of 5.88. Wesley (Club Brugge) 1st/18 Away at Sporting Charleroi (0-1) - Substituted in the 55th minute. 28 touches, 65% pass accuracy, 2 shots. WhoScored.com rating of 6.17. Tyreik Wright (Salford City) 17th/24 Away at Tranmere (2-0) - Substituted in the 29th minute (believe tactical in response to a red card). 14 touches, 80% pass accuracy, 1 shot, 1 shot on target. WhoScored.com rating of 6.25. Brad Young (Carlisle) 13th/24 Home to Scunthorpe (2-2) - Came on in the 58th minute. 7 touches, 66.7% pass accuracy. WhoScored.com rating of 6.17.
  21. I don't like Drury a lot of the time, but he was very complimentary to the stadium, crowd & club during the game. Sounds like he is a big Leon Bailey fan also.
  22. Paraphrasing Rachel Finnis-Brown at half time in regards to Villa losing McGinn. ‘Everton will now have to deal with Nakamba and the offensive threat he provides.’ In the interests of balance Karen Carney’s half time tactical breakdown was quite good.
  23. Have watched it through twice. All this talk has got me keen to go again.
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