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  1. Stop speaking in riddles then and tell us the 'real reasons'
  2. I generally agree with most of what you say Tro, so rarely comment because you've already said it. As far as we stand today, he's gotta go, we are purely regressing, I've made this call mainly on today, never should we be losing a second tier game 3-0 (someone referred to Brentford) but this was different, 5/6-0 would not have flattered Cardiff, when things start to drift like this it's game over, we or the Dr needs to do the business because our squad can be turned around after only 2 games, unfortunately Bruce isn't going to see this through, we've no style, no plan, no pattern (even if it's genuine hoofing) we need an identity and a character to stand up to, and get rid of the shite like Gabby, Hutton etc...then we can start to move forward, in my view!
  3. Exactly why I've been sat at Ninian Park station for 5 mins happy birthday to me ha
  4. Do one Bruce, no plan, no pattern, no clue. I'll invoice you for the last 10 months watching this crap
  5. We can but hope, I'm not at the point where I feel he should go yet, but this month I think will give a better indication, as and when a decision is required we need to be ruthless for once, using the managerial market of those available is limiting and they are generally available for good reason.
  6. Or be even more nasty and make that move for someone decent whether they are officially available or not!
  7. I agree with this in the main, however as we saw on many occasions last year he is often the player with the ball for us in the final third and 90% of the time our play breaks down, yeah he got an assist yesterday, but how many should he have had in the past 13 months, given his possesssion in good positions. Credit where it's due but still not good enough for where we want to be.
  8. People seem blinded by him to either love/hate him. As I stated yesterday, he put in a shift, and was a positive influence for us, unfortunately it only lasted for 30 minutes as that is all (I believe) he physically has to offer. Personally I think he's a tool, his own doing over the past 4/5 years but can offer us something in that impact role, unfortunately I think Bruce is blinded by him in the love category and I think he'll get far more minutes on the pitch than performance will warrant, even with Kodjia back...it will cost us this season I fear, Bruce's trust in mediocrity such as Gabby, Hutton and even worse Bacuna.
  9. That spell was decent, is more a case of what I think he can now offer us.
  10. JV I've read your support of Gabby and never knocked it, or him to be honest. Today though really showed up what his level is, took his goal well, missed a decent chance, generally worked hard and made a nuisance of himself, all to our benefit. But for 25 minutes, it's all he has left in him now, if used correctly he can be a benefit to us, but I'm not sure Bruce sees this and it will be to our detriment. Impact sub and nothing more for me.
  11. 30 minute impact player, anonymous after the goal.
  12. Cascarino saying that gives me added hope!
  13. Then went on to have a good crack at the top 4 that season
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