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  1. Ugo Ehiogu

    That's the one mate just past Fairfax/JW. Interesting shout about 98/99, his absence certainly coincided with our collapse!
  2. Ugo Ehiogu

    RIP big Ugochuku, very sad day and indeed few months for Villans. One from memory though is Ugo at age of 20/21 and he used to frequent a petrol station on Reddicap Road one day it wa to buy porno mags (no internet kids) now he'd always go in wearing shades and a baseball cap, undercover as it were, now as a big bloke and the fact my mate who used to serve him was a massive Villa fan, he obviously got the response of 'alright Ugo, can I get your autograph?' He naturally obliged and had a good laugh about it! A story that still makes me chuckle and well needed today
  3. Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    I've just (sadly for me, and for us) worked out how the teams around them would end up based on all of their avg pts/game since Zola took over, unfortunately this would mean they survive by a couple of points with Bristol City going down, Forest, Blackburn and Burton next......here's hoping for a bit of divine intervention then. Promising for next year however!
  4. Neil Taylor

    No malice or intent at all, just one of those horrible incidents :-(
  5. Neil Taylor

    7/10 every game he's played in my opinion, very Alan Wright
  6. Steve Bruce

    Would add that players earn the right to be supported through effort to be fair...as Hutton has.
  7. Steve Bruce

    Was an interesting one cos it seemed initially that Bree went RM and Hutton slotted in as usual but then it just randomly changed, and worked! For all Alberts huffing and puffing out side we did suddenly become more effective, I'd add that that was also Albert being more effective up front/free role...
  8. Quality players signed for Villa at the end of their careers

    I wouldn't say Merse was on a downward spiral, we signed him just after he'd had a good season getting Boro promoted and going to the 98 World Cup!
  9. Season Ticket Renewal

    I was thinking the same my ticket will be the same, if I buy it by 7th April, yet they specifically said if purchased by a certain date last year we'd benefit from a price freeze, no deadlines were implied however! My nephew on the other hand is down from £160 to £69 which is decent.
  10. Steve Bruce

    That's it though now it has come down to hope! I was naively hoping for results vs Forest and certainly Ipswich and Barnsley to keep the play off hope alive, now the alarming run in 2017 means I'm hoping for a result in the next two home games to keep us away from the trap door. I think we need to make the change before this lot are completely broken, I genuinely can't see us getting the 14-15 points potentially required for safety right now.
  11. New Manager : 2017

    Someone to get us 15 points from our remaining games would be a start....
  12. Season Ticket Renewal

    See I'm fully in the Markavfc40 camp and will absolutely renew, but genuinely do admire this stance too, I'm pretty sure I could be far happier come a Friday night, Saturday 7.30 or Sunday whenever, but for some reason it's too big a wrench away! Oh and my 12 year old nephew wants to renew too which makes me a little sad and proud at the same time!
  13. Colin Calderwood

    Off topic ish but I'm sure I read/saw somewhere that Culverhouse is currently a 'kit manager' may have dreamt that!
  14. Birkir Bjarnason

    Fair enough there mate, it's just the over the top comments like not fit to wear the shirt, there are and have been far more fitting candidates for that title
  15. Jonathan Kodjia

    I see part of that very differently, a lot of the time he gets hold of the ball, he's nowhere near goal, and certainly doesn't look to head for/drive towards goal every time, in fact much of this time he'll beat a man or two with a trick but end up going backwards, often taking the momentum out of our play. Like I say can't knock his goals because god knows where we'd be without them but he very often causes any forward momentum to break down. if he was all that influential then he'd have 21 goals like the replacement of his at BristolCity has.