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  1. It'll be to let people know how close teams are to getting their bonus point for scoring 5 tries.
  2. This halftime show needs more Spongebob to be honest...
  3. I have a work mate who somehow made use of the remote play feature to get the game onto his laptop and ended up doing some rather naughty script-based nonsense to get 1160 jumps or so. Apparently it's a lot harder these days with the likes of Bluetooth-based controllers adding input lag into the mix as well (for some reason I'd didn't pick it up on release and only touched it when there was a cheap event for the PS3 virtual store)
  4. So we're all going to be finding (legitimate obvs) streams of Belgium's next match to tune in to then?
  5. 10/10 in terms of unintentional foresight I suppose!
  6. Sky sports news mentioned he's scored 3 1 goals in the last 7 years. The mind boggles as to why he was anywhere near taking them - especially with that shambles of an effort to show for it.
  7. WRT: Whether it was a sending off or not: Quick google (link) appears to confirm that "pushing" in this situation would still result in a sending off along with the award of a penalty.
  8. All PS3s can play ps1 games out of the box - just stick the game disk in and you're good to go. Think some of the earlier versions also allowed PS2 games (aha, found a link here) but the slim versions had the functionality removed.
  9. Pffpht, I'd just go dig out all the PS1 games and go stick them in my PS3 if I was that desperate for a nostalgia fix (says the man with about 6 different versions of FF7 stashed about the place I admit...). Job done and £90 saved . Besides I didn't see any mention of Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis in there, so I'm out.
  10. It's handy when you go over a mate's for a gaming session - I'd rather not end up with one of his beer soaked misfiring controllers at the end of an evening "by accident"
  11. I'm a bit of a sucker for fancy controllers (given I had one of the 20year anniversary style ones for a year before getting a PS4 - at least it worked with the PS3 and steam link!) Saw the 500 million edition email a couple of weeks ago, thought it was quite nice so went to a few online retailers to have a gander at preorder prices - £56. No chance (and evidently the pre order stock has been gobbled up by scalpers on amazon anyway). Though the berry and orange ones might be finding their way onto my xmas list Can't say I've noticed any stick issues with the latest dualshock version (with the light strip across to the top of the pad) after 4 months of playtime either.
  12. Time to cast lifeline on this one I guess! I too had been waiting with rabid enthusiasm on this one, with a preorder of the fancy pants edition arriving (eventually after some DPD-induced stress) back in late March - managed to chug through the main story the last few days. Left a bit flat by it all (no spoilers, but after spending a little while hoovering up the skirmishes and side quests the big bad's section was a utter crap shoot), Lofty is no Drippy (mun), whilst it's got all the cues and feel of the same world as before, it just doesn't have the charm (for wont of a better word). The combat felt a bit new and exciting at the start, but there didn't seem to be much strategy apart from timing your dodges. And I second that Bastion fight nonsense, that nearly resulted in a broken controller from frustration - thankfully it appears you don't have to deal with it in the retrials, so my post-game XP grind is a little better. After all that though, I'll still be hoovering up all the post-game trophies and checking out the free DLC that dropped last week (then it's back to farming the scrolls of truth in game 1!)
  13. Bit of a bump, but I've added a few of you as friends in game - feel free to accept / reject though I'll usually get a gift out your way if you can be bothered with the 7km eggs these days!
  14. Link for some light Monday afternoon reading. (Long story short, each chance is given a value from 0 to 1, based on the probability that a goal should be scored from that chance, that value is assigned a value from a model that was put together off research that looked back at >300000 other chances). I couldn't say how accurate it is (and like just about any stat there are limitations to what it represents).
  15. I *think* (and I'm happy enough to learn something new today if someone is able to correct me), is the table only ranks teams against the % of the xG value that comes from chances in "open play". So a) it ignores set pieces (fine, if the summer has taught me anything, those goals don't count anyway) b) (more pertinently) it ignores your total xG value entirely, as it's only the % of that value from open play that's being used to form the graph. EDIT C) Also, this ratio will proportionally weight against you if you're creating better chances from set pieces than from open play (as the ratio is a function of both quality and quantity of open play/set piece chances). If I've read that right, this would be useful against the context of a ranked table of overall xG (though after 3 games, is that even much use?), or even what each ratio actually equated to in xG. If I've read it wrong, feel free to ignore the above post!

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