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  1. Birkir Bjarnason

    Can't be real, SB hasn't got a box of frozen Kebabs there!
  2. Had the chance to get along to one of the NFL's fan forums in Cardiff yesterday, they mentioned that around 33.000 season tickets have been sold for the 2017 games already. Whatever the implications for home fans of teams that get dragged over here (and for the wider game itself), it doesn't appear there's much cooling of interest this side of the pond (the flipside being that people will pay to watch anything, even the Browns if the chance is there!).
  3. Pokémon GO

    Currently sat on 147 caught / 150 seen - was lucky over Christmas when a journey to deepest darkest Pembrokeshire had a Hitmonlee pop up on the roadside (the only one I've seen so far of those). A 10km egg popped out a bunch of Kabuto candies on Friday to round off my collection of gen-1 (minus the region specifics and legendaries). Had 4 of the new ones hatch out so far. Though it's sorta got to the point that there isn't much else left for me to do unti the next event / update rolls around.
  4. Pokémon GO

    Appears not, just the festive Pikachu and two new 'mon available from 5km eggs (at least Pichu hatched from a 5km for me this morning). Edit. Appears more new mon have been released, spoilerised as I can't find any official word on their website.
  5. Pokémon GO

    Also, there's a festive Pikachu about.
  6. The retro gaming thread!

    It's not quite free nowadays, but such is the price of nostalgia!
  7. Formula one - 2016

    Just had this forwarded on to me from C4's buildup yesterday - a rather nice gift from Channel 4 to Jenson B. http://f1.channel4.com/video/gift-for-jenson/ Alas, it doesn't appear that there's an easy way to directly embed the video, so the link will have to suffice.
  8. Formula one - 2016

    I've only dipped in and out of this season, though did watch the final race on a sport bar's giant screen in Cardiff (which had about 15 other people in it) - I don't think the pit walls instructions put anyone in a positive light - with both championships sewn up as a Merc win, they didn't really need to instruct a faster pace (which we all knew was going to be ignored anyway) and Lewis looks bad for attempting to try and wrestle back a championship win. But fair play to Rosberg, I've kept an eye on him since he dragged that dog of a Williams around Singapore in 09, he's cut out the stupid mistakes he used to make (running off the track in China in the rain to lose the lead in '13 -?- ) and whilst he's not the flamboyant, balls-to-the-wall racer that's held against him, he might make Lewis think twice about his extra curricular activies next season. Edit, yeah teach me for taking 20 minutes to post that, as half the points got covered in the meantime!
  9. Pokémon GO

    Oh yeah, I've not gotten into the whole Gym scene, so any candies have gone straight to evolutions rather than powering up any of my mon -net result being they're all weak as hell! Up to 140 caught /144 seen now. Just got to furiously stomp another 200-odd Km for enough to evole my charma-charma-charma-charmeleon and the million miles for Kabuto. ¬.¬
  10. Pokémon GO

    Oh hello! No idea what it was before I caught it, as I managed to snag it with my PG+ whilst out "running".
  11. Black Friday gaming deals

    Steam have an Autumn Sale on until the 29th, Steam Link 60% off, Steam Controller 30%, 67% off Fallout 4, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 50% were some of the highlights I noticed.
  12. Pokémon GO

    Double post, but whatever. @hogso it appears that Ditto is live in game now. (It's now in my pokedex as seen, whether I managed to not successfully catch one, or just walked past a gym with one assigned). Nothing on the Niantic site to confirm this change (yesterday's update ony mentioned the changes to the nearby screen being rolled out to Canada and Australia). Edit: New post on Niantic's site:
  13. Pokémon GO

    Didn't he once play alongside Gastly Westwood?
  14. Pokémon GO

    Bah, didn't realise about the double XP, would have held off evolving a few new ones if I knew that was the case. On the plus point ran into a Snorlax on my lunch break, 135 caught now.
  15. Pokémon GO

    I'm also up to about 132 registered (though due to what I'll assume were location hackers, I've seen a Tauros and Kangashan about Cardiff) - 1 candy away from Alakazam (which I would have evolved weeks ago, but somehow managed to evolve the Abra that was my buddy whilst my phone was in my pcket >.<). In dire need of a ton of 10km eggs though, I want my cuddly snorlax!