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  1. Is a 98% win probability the gridiron equivalent of "2-0 is the most dangerous scoreline" or something?
  2. Apologies, as no doubt that post will get quoted back into this thread about 50 thousand times more.
  3. https://help.soundcloud.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003449327-Track-description-and-artwork-in-your-RSS-feed Probably no help, but thought I'd mention it "just in case". Also, good work on getting it all up and running; only got to listen to the first one thus far (I blame several of my long standing podcast subscriptions deciding that they need 4+ hour long episodes a week now) but I've enjoyed it.
  4. Just watched it dumbfounded (though that's probably more down to toddler-inflicted-sleep-deprivation), heck of a turnaround. Did someone forget their ketones with their wetabix this morning? And fair play to Porte to finally getting a podium finish (cue him spontaneously combusting on the Champs tomorrow or something!)
  5. I wonder if there's any chance Phil McNulty fancies leading on this story for the Beeb via twitter then...
  6. Ah; so the werewolf game, but in spaaaaace (and with added soup nozzle unblocking)? Sounds like my bag, thanks for the tip!
  7. Whether Barkley's got the hunger is another matter; he's certainly got the legs if his lockdown 5k runs were anything to go by!
  8. Apropos of nothing, I've been running a pick em league between some mates for a few years - this year I mixed it up by asking child one for her predictions (because there's nothing like the crush to your self esteem when your vague gridiron knowledge gets trumped by a four year olds random selections!). "Dolphins or Patriots" I asked, "Not dolphins" said she and I put on my slightly sad face. At least I'll console myself with the fact she's evidently smart enough to not follow my dreadful sport team choices!
  9. I've hopped on at the last moment* if that's ok? *waaaay after the deadline for the texans chiefs match, but that'll learn me!
  10. I won't condone it at all (frankly given recent events he's lucky he was only relegated imo); I can't help but feel the selfie sticks (and bollards/advertising hoardings holding back the crowd control barriers) being stuck out into the road can't have helped matters either. Thankfully Van Aert's handling skills are something else because that could have gotten very bad very quickly.
  11. Both tbh; line up and tactical plan will swiftly dispel any fears of playing against us and remove any favourites tag for the Euros (though that's quite the batman gambit from Southgate if that's why he's doing this) aligned with most of the players treating it like a preseason warm up match. If we're still playing that interminable dirge next June they'll be plenty of knives out, but I've seen plenty of England sides flatter to deceive in warmups and qualifiers only to turn up ghastly performances in the finals; so perhaps GS is trying to engineer the reverse (hope springs eternal and a
  12. Hopefully it'll pick up in the second half now I'm not watching the tour highlights or dealing with procrastinating kids and have stuck the radio on. Or I'll have angered the footballing gods and somehow make that 0-0 against Algeria a few years ago look like a thriller...
  13. Might be more appropriate by the sounds of things!
  14. I imagine that's pretty much a win-win for the EFL as far as they're concerned; they get to placate some Premier League suits with giving young talent a go in "competitive" football; but it leaves carrot of a potentially much-needed big day out at Wembley for the lower league teams.
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