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  1. I recently discovered "vente" referred to the cup being 20 ounces in size (apparently on some secret menu there's a "trente" but I''m yet to find somewhere that sells it, or whether I'd be willing to see what happens after 30oz of coffee). I still ask them for a large out of spite mind.
  2. On the plus point, at least it'll be easier for me to not invest any time into watching it and just pretending it's all just been a horrible dream and that they never bothered to attempt to make it in the first place. Though to be honest, anything that didn't have Rob Brydon as the voice of Carrot was always going to be a let down to me.
  3. Without going too off topic, this came up in one of the more useful bits of research from Soccernomics. There isn't generally a correlation between transfer fees and eventual league position (a clubs wage bill was more closely aligned to league positions).
  4. Nah, they've got that spot on (in terms of correctly applying the laws of the game). Though can't disagree with the rest, the handball law is currently a one sided farce loaded against the attacking team. Unfortunately I suspect the remedy in future will be to penalise defensive handballs as punitively as they've done this season with attacking handballs as well.
  5. Because I'm nothing but a laws pedant I thought I have to flag this up; that goal should have been ruled out and a drop ball awarded at the point of impact between the beachball (being an "outside agent") and football. It (the -lack of- application of this law) was brought up by the post-match TV interviewers and an entertaining ignorance of the laws was displayed by both managers if I recall. Prior to the law change this season officials were deemed to be part of the field of play (hence why assistant officials stand far back from the touchline, so there was no chance of them inadvertently preventing a ball from fully crossing the line and rebounding back into play), which is why that whole Andy D'Urso incident happened waaay back when. Back on topic, not sure that NFL-style challenge flags are worth looking into; there are already booth reviews in gridiron for touchdowns and interceptions (so essentially the "game changing incidents" that are already automatically reviewed) - and goals are far more game changing events in association football than american (some cursory googling suggests that whilst it's about 2.8 goals per game in Premier League history and 4.8 TDs per NFL game, association doesn't have the "get out" scoring mechanic of field goals to supplement the scoring) - so essentially every (at least opening) goal would almost certainly be challenged, just on the off chance. And that doesn't even get into the point that you're essentially arbitrarily limiting the scope for corrections on decisions across a game, rather than giving additional opportunities for potential corrections.
  6. Sunderland did pretty much the same thing a few years ago and got nothing more than a fine as well.
  7. Gone for the retro 1998 look then. Shame it wasn't an homage to the 1992 third kit tbh.
  8. Just because I'm a contrarian sod, I also remember Sky charging people £50 a season (or £8 a game) for "extra" matches on top of the sky sports subscription (on top of the bog standard sky subscription) if you wanted all the televised games - for no apparent reason other than that they could.
  9. Heaton kept us in that, but we didn't disgrace ourselves overall. Still convinced we'll pull some of these narrow defeats into undeserved draws in the not too distant future.
  10. For all the good Amazon had brought in/back for their coverage, can't say I'm a fan of the score centre nonsense they've got going on - "there's a goal an anfield, but which way has it gone?!?!?! Let's cut across and find out", vidiprinter then prints the new score 3 seconds into the highlight. Edit, I had the laptop volume ramped up in the first half so couldn't make out the utterly inane witterings of the brains trust they had in the studio. Second half I was regretting my decision in listening to what those puffed-up-self-important-windbags thought. I realise I'm not the lads-lads-lads-banter-wheeeey target audience for the stylings of messers Cole, Savage and Sherwood but **** hell, that was atrocious. They do realise that we are also watching the same pictures that they are right? Simply saying things like "look at this counter!" really doesn't add much to proceedings when I am in fact, also watching that counter.
  11. I wonder if Southgate is resting a few for what would be the harder of the two matches (even if Kosovo's star striker is out injured). Stratch all that sarcasm about Mr. Stones getting a run out, shows how much attention I've been paying this season, since he has been playing a fair bit recently...
  12. Sir Harry now up to joint outright 6th record scorer, bit of a jump till he can catch up with lil' Mickey Owen though. Nice to have a stress free football match for once.
  13. I went a bit mad about 8 months ago and splashed out on a second hand PSP and a metric ton of games, though Crisis Core was really the only reason I bothered to get the thing in the first place - glad I did though. (Though this was about a month after I decided that a mere 13 years after buying it, I needed to get myself a second DS and copy of Pokemon Pearl so I could get my Pokedex completed in Diamond, but hey I did catch them all...). Though I quickly found out that enabling 2factor authentication does not play well with PS3<->PSP comunication! I didn't mind my original phat DS (though I only got a GB colour as a successful use of student loan monies in 2002), though having used my DS lite it's like stepping into a world of improvement (plus without the awful hinges made of wafer biscuits of the phat)
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