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  1. Just turned over to see something approaching an early noughties mashup between "a tribute to Captain Tom Moore" and "GET IN, WE'RE ABOUT TO WATCH THE FOOTBALL". Not sure who thought that was a good idea.
  2. Wasn't sure where else to put this, so this thread will have to do for now (unless I've missed this news somewhere else on here already, in which case apologies to everyone!) PlayStation are giving away 10 games as part of their "Play at Home" campaign. Rachet and Clank is currently available for all PS4 users through the store until the end of the month. https://blog.playstation.com/2021/03/17/play-at-home-2021-update-10-free-games-to-download-this-spring/ From March the 25th until April the 22nd the following games will be available: Abzû, Enter the Gungeon, Rez Infinite, Subnautica, The Witness And some VR titles: Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Moss, Thumper, Paper Beast Between April the 20th and May the 15th the following will be available: Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition
  3. I don't watch anywhere near enough football to have as firm an opinion on this as I should; but to my casual eye, there isn't much in that squad you can't say "you know what, fair enough" to. Chance for someone to stick a claim for between the sticks given Pickford's total lack of form over what feels like the last 2 and a half years. Lingard gets a deserved return given his recent form/fantasy football hauls, delighted for Watkins though I can't imagine he'll get much game time given Southgate's predisposition to wring the last drop out of Harry Kane like he's a 6month old tube of toothpaste. Will be interesting to see how we line up, expect Phillips will be doing a lot of needless shielding of the back 3 in the first two games given the apparent lack of options there.
  4. All seems fairly apposite that all this talk about jam/cream (and other incorrect ordering options) is going on today. Following up Monday's cawl fiasco (turns out doing it in the pressure cooker for the same time I'd have cooked it in a slow cooker was not a good idea); I've some shoddy homemade pasties, saffron buns and shop-bought scones ready to go for this evening. None of which I intend on "improving" with cow juice, I suspect that way madness lies.
  5. Was showing as sold out at 12 when I checked. £10 for two cans as well by the looks of their store page.
  6. So it's been an entire year since I've been on Zwift; gotta say the number of events and suchlike has certainly helped my performance (even if my weight loss is severely hampered by my jaffa cake addiction). Certainly felt that I've made some decent fitness improvements (though that hour Alpe ascent is still a long way away!) compared to the spin studio stuff I was doing the gym prior to lockdown. Plus I've managed to get a bit more "technique" (and confidence that my thru axle is going to stay on the trainer!) so near enough doubled my 1-5 sec power for those all important virtual pixel jerseys that no one else is throwing themselves at Just for a comparison, I did the same route I took 1 year ago just to see how I compared (would have been nice not to be toast by the hilly KoM, so was way down on my best time there) Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to be sick from the exertion!
  7. Just had my square marketing spam through, it's not quite that straightforward (plus they've embedded the small print in an image so I'll grab it into here later) I think it goes like this: If you buy ff7:ri on the ps5, that comes with Yuffie's materia madness If you upgrade the PS4 version of ff7:r to ri, that needs an additional payment to unlock Yuffie's materia mayhem episode Edit: T&Cs from that email: That awful wording is also echoed in this press release: https://press.na.square-enix.com/FINAL-FANTASY-VII-REMAKE-INTERGRADE-ANNOUNCED-FOR-PLAYSTATION5-CONSOLE (emphasis mine)
  8. Finally, only like 15 years later but we might finally get to play that thing! I assumed that "Zack section" you saw at the end was the start of Crisis Core. At least with a year to go before that comes out I've got a little more time to dig the PSP out and get CC finished as well! I'll give the intergrade trailer another watch this evening - at the time I wasn't sure if I was just giving myself MASSIVE SPOILERS for the remake, so ended up faffing about and not watching. In other not-new-games-news; I discovered last night that all the additional content I got as part of the deluxe version for remake was sat there available in a stuffed-away menu option this whole time (having assumed I'd need to reach some point in the storyline to unlock it or something). Bah.
  9. Phew, gives me a few months to a) save my pennies for a ps5 and b) actually sit on my arse and get around to getting remake played (just past airbuster this evening >.< fcol) At this point I'm not sure which of those two is the more likely to happen first...
  10. "Well, just as well we've got JB coming in to redeem himself" I type in preparation for the inevitable wicket... For crying out loud.
  11. Not to specifically pick on you, as this sort of suggestion seems to crop up fairly regularly. But I can't see how this improves matter. There's an average of about 3 goals per game, so even with two challenges per team you'll still be in a place where any goal is challenged anyway. And limiting chances to apply VAR isn't going to make any material difference, the issues we've had are down to the (in) application of the laws. It's worth also noting that NFL moved to a system a few years ago where any goal scoring play (or turnover, but that has nothing equivalent in association) was automatically reviewed in addition to the available challenges coaches had.
  12. I don't pay for YT premium; they do have a free storage service for uploaded music (think it's 50000 songs). Edit, though the removal of music manager to sync between a desktop pc and up to your online library is a PITA, along with the crappy metadata editor available in YTM for uploads (by which I mean by "no metadata editor"). Thankfully in the last month they've added in functionality to allow Google assistant/home to play that music on your smart speakers/displays via voice commands (casting from mobile has eventually been improved to allow it to all devices and songs, there was a time where some stuff would work and others not, but such is the foibles of online services) , so it's pretty much reached feature parity in terms of smart home integration compared to Google play music. (Should mention these improvements were in regards to free YTM users, all this was working for premium members). Should also mention the GPM dev team were largely moved into similar roles in YTM, so thankfully it was a case where the YTM product was severely lacking at the time of transfer and they've worked hard to sort it out.
  13. You'll get a very good idea of the sort of humour you're in for within about 2 minutes of the sepia-tinged introduction to be honest. So you can always say you stuck it on "by accident"
  14. I viewed the Paddington films with about as much cynical suspicion as probably possible. I can't recall exactly how I ended up watching it (possibly as a sop to stop the 3 year old having another meltdown #topparenting), but it resulted in 90 mins of me sat there grinning like an idiot. Joyous, brilliant stuff.
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