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  1. Played on the left of the two centre backs, Maguire shifted across.
  2. Was going to say "you don't stop those", but the replays showed that the keeper really ought to have. Good start at least (what with Henderson getting suspended etc etc )
  3. It appears GIMP has some similar functionality with its magic intelligent scissors - though the documentation seems slightly-worryingly-hefty with a bunch of caveats about pathing logic fails.
  4. Have you tried the magnetic lasso tool? Start somewhere around the bit you want to cut out, and sorta draw your selection over the edge of where you want to cut out and it'll automatically work out what to select for you - though it does rely on there being some "decent" definition between the bits you want to cut out.
  5. That put me in mind of those awful Hodgson inspired performances that I thought we'd gotten over. Wanting to play out is fine, but there was no urgency to try and get past the endless press that the Czechs put on. Even more annoying was there was a couple of times that going long / switching play with crossfield diagonals found some space to exploit, but that wasn't used enough to stretch the game and we instead just went back to short slow passes ending up with the keeper starting the whole rigmarole over again. At least we cut out those godawful blind first-time-pass-around-the-corner-that-leads-to-an-interception in the second half. Can't exactly say that bringing on two out of form players is anyway to change a game for the better, but fair play to Barkley as he looked better going forward than his last start. Rice certainly isn't showing much of what he's supposed to be bringing from his club form into this side (though he was shunted out in the second half) and Michael Keane is more than amply filling John Stones' comedy shoes. All in all, bleh.
  6. Rushed back from a thigh injury by all accounts. Looks like United are doing the Sunday league thing and hiding him out on the wing.
  7. Yeah, having watched it again (on something other than a phone on a bumpy train) there's a load of stuff that's great and just sorta looks and feels right. And if that's the noise enemies are going to make when they're turned into toads, I'm going to be using the transform materia a lot. Rumours about that it's Mark Hamill on VA duty for Donald Corneo, but whoever it is, they've certainly captured an atmosphere around the character (one that makes you want to book yourself in to the nearest gum clinic). Oh, and that final scene; my word - first time around (watching on my phone) I thought "ooh what a lovely sunset", second time around (watching on a proper monitor) I did not think that.
  8. bit of a bump with the latest TGC trailer what they just dropped.
  9. I'll be honest, I haven't been concentrating too much (as the match was relegated to the laptop whilst the bake off took centre stage); but for a game where we've scored 5 times you don't exactly get the feeling England are in any real sort of control - sorta helps that we've got two teams totally committed to throwing numbers forward and we're better on the break. And Ross Barkley, what's he for exactly? He sorta moves the ball along nicely and had that driving run that resulted in a penalty that was totally the correct decision. But is he just a slightly bulkier and more energetic version of Ashley Westwood? Also glad to see the idea of simply dumping more defensive midfielders into the centre of the park fixed that issue we had in the World Cup /s
  10. Well done Keane, effing muppet. Nothing beats a no-look square ball across the edge of your own box in the opening minute.
  11. 5 according to this list here.
  12. Amazing, looking forward to the highlights right as I've been out strolling around Caerphilly castle with an increasingly grumpy face as I kept checking the over by over coverage and seeing wickets fall. Managed to get the radio on for the final 5 overs or so - though the good lady did not appreciate me sticking the volume up midway around a roundabout with us in the wrong lane as I attempted to hear whether it was a six or out. Also special mention to the commentators on the spurs match who decided to announce the result 15 mins into the game ...
  13. "Send it to the corners" I said, "don't pass it inside" I said. Some finish. Get in.
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