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  1. UFC/Pride/MMA

    Unless it turns out that Mayweather v McGregor is actually a chess-boxing match, then there's no way I'm wasting time on it. It seems like the sort of nonsense matchup that Vince M would pull out at Wrestlemania... <Insert Kenneth W Image here etc and so forth>
  2. Nintendo Switch

    £45 to replay the same basic game of bomberman you've been able to play on the last million consoles. I sit next to someone in work who's preordered a switch because he's "weak willed and likes shiny things" and told him it'd be like repackaging Street Fighter 2 and launching it on the Switch as a brand new game with much fanfare for £50 a pop. He then pointed out that Ultra Street Fighter II was in fact being released.
  3. Formula One - 2017

    Though Wehrlein might not make the early season testing due to some neck compression injuries sustained at the Race of Champions. (BBC)
  4. Formula One - 2017

    It'll be interesting to see how the slightly wider cars will affect any potential overtaking, especially on some of the more "processional" tracks we'll be visiting. Hadn't realised Nico H had jumped ship, will be interesting to see how that goes. And we get another year of the Massa farewell tour, but he seems a nice enough lad so he can get away with it. That wet start rule change is, interesting. I think I'll like it, the running behind the safety car will mean some sort of dry (drier) line will be formed to race on properly - there were a couple of races last year where it started behind the SC for (what felt like) a couple of black clouds appearing on the horizon and any drama / overtaking opportunities were washed away to be replaced with the realisation that the couple of hours wasted watching this race could have been better used organsing my sock drawer. Though, to be honest I'm still in the "new season, this is going to be AMAZING" phase, and by the Russian Grand Prix I'll be thoroughly annoyed with everything again.
  5. Super Bowl LI

    Wow, some game. Atlanta must be fuming with all those chances to kill it off, but plenty of moments to savour, Wonder if TB + BB will decide it won't get any better than that now?
  6. Super Bowl LI

    Brady with a sneak to win it?
  7. Super Bowl LI

    Foot got caught and jarred his knee. Thought it was a bit of odd showmanship at first as well!
  8. Super Bowl LI

    Or the Falcons might regret the sack on Ryan at the end of the 3rd that meant they couldn't get a FG (or any of their subsequent possessions). Cracking comeback though.
  9. Super Bowl LI

    Those toes...
  10. Super Bowl LI

    Jeez, was just saying to my Pates-supporting mate that at least they'd managed to limit the damage from Atlanta's run game this half, then Coleman goes and runs that one in. Did laugh at Bennett falling over due to a jinking run mind.
  11. Super Bowl LI

    Geez, wonder if we'll be seeing an onside kick to start the second half.
  12. Motorsport Manager

    As it happens this was on my wishlist and I had a copy of FM15 lying about so this is now in my library - will be giving it a go tomorrow once I recover from staying up all night watching the nuffle. Will be intesting to see how to compares to Grand Prix Story I played to death on my previous mobile
  13. Ratings and Reactions: Brentford v Villa

    Next season starts now then.
  14. Match Thread: Villa v Brentford

    How wasn't that "challenge" a) a free kick b. a booking, I really don't know.
  15. Match Thread: Villa v Brentford

    Well, good opening 17 minutes then it all turned to garbage. If we're going to lump it long to avoid their pressing I'm hoping we'll push Adomah and Andre further forward to hit the flanks quicker - aimlessly hoofing it toward Kodija isn't working and is just seeing the ball come back quicker. Big half time talk this.