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  1. Generally, because positivity isn't great for getting those all so precious social media interaction hits up. Watching Souness or Keane launch themselves into another angina-inducing rant about something or other seems to be what gets the views, and thus this is what we get treated to on a regular basis. One of the gaming youtubers I watch a bit of did a video about this a few months back - video games he likes and praise often got one eighth the viewing figures compared to the ones he's tearing a new one. I guess people just enjoy watching other people "telling it like it is" and just rendering everything as "shit". (Also it's easy to point out that things are bad, rather than why things are bad; conjuring solutions to problems often involves long and lengthy discussions about multiple interlocking issues with no easy answer in sight - at least one that stands up to a decent amount of scrutiny I suppose).
  2. Well, there's a rumoured big announcement for early next week; but in practical terms Zwift dumped a huge update out last night that included 2 new worlds (though currently unavailable to the likes of you and me) which contain routes around Paris and the rest of France (rumours - or rather me looking at the new route badges - suggest Mont Ventoux (or at least the first half of it) are included along with some cobbled action on the Champs Elysées. Cycling News have written some words about the make up of the route and competition - https://www.cyclingnews.com/news/zwift-build-new-mont-ventoux-and-champs-elysees-worlds-for-virtual-tour-de-france/ Route: Competition - appears there are no "individual" classifications as such: In sort of unrelated news, it was interesting to see the slightly lighter-hearted coverage that Sky Sports mix did for "The Race" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aB95wHFBu78) a couple of weeks back; at least compared to the slightly more serious stuff in the two Ineos races that have been streamed. As an aside I did the same route a couple of days later just to see where I stacked up - turns out I'm faster than Olly Murs, which is perhaps not the benchmark I was expecting to compare myself to at the start of lockdown.
  3. The ever-optimist in me* would hope it's because we've got roughly half a million games in the next 4 weeks or so; and they're making sure we've got something in the tank for the end of the season when some teams might be flagging a little. I won't go into what the realist in me* thinks; it's around remembering to set the EPG to get quest recorded again. * Yes I know, Kenneth.gif etc and so on
  4. I don't want to go all on topic on these fine boards. But something similar cropped up on "You are the ref" a couple of years ago when they were still being done on the graniaud. Keith Hackett explained in the notes that the correct procedure was to defer to the technology in terms of awarding/not awarding the goal rather than relying on what the officials may/may not have seen. AFAIK once the ref had stopped play for an infringement (or more accurately I imagine, once the free kick had been taken, so possibly the referee should not have allowed play to continue) VAR would not be able to intervene owing to a new passage of play starting. #LawsNerd
  5. HR tracking, you'll also have pace/distance metrics easily to hand (rather than trying to juggle a phone mid run). Also having your phone jostling about your pockets during a run gets really annoying really fast.
  6. Interesting - managed to forget about this so was running 10 mins behind everything. Not adverse to the design, though it's going to mess with my under-TV storage trying to squeeze that in somewhere. 4k blu ray is welcome (despite probably being a generation too late now), though PLEASE could they make it play music CDs again please, that restriction on the PS4 is without a doubt one of the most stupid things ever. Liked a few of the reveals - Kena sorta evoked some memories of lost winds from the wii in some of the visual style and was probably my pick; Little Devil Inside better have the ridiculous soundtrack the whole way through else I'm out; Stray I'd like to see a bit more of; Oddworld looks horribly brutal in a this-is-all-meaningless-in-the-end-anyway-but-lets-try sorta way; Deathloop looked a great premise, but built on Bethedsa bugs and no doubt a 15 year old engine; Horizon, looked good and reminded me I really need to sort out playing the original before the universe flares out and entropy sets in forever. Oh, and you can tell every studio appears to have a thing for either souls-like or "oooh, whats the big mystery here then, keep playing to (possibly) find out" action adventure games. No doubt I'll pick up the 2nd slim version next year or so (and then spend hours each month fishing whatever toys the 3 year old has forced into the drive slot) Oh, and other plus point; apart from the netball simulator and sackboy goes bananas, there wasn't much in there that looked like it could be totally loaded up with micro transaction nonsense (I'm sure they'l find a way though).
  7. I've got their "Deep Tea Diver" (with a weighted canister in case you're trying to infuse a thermos flask I guess), their "Mr. Tea" one (with his holey trousers) looks like he's enjoying a wee into your cup (though my tendency to brew fruity herbal numbers would make that an even more unpleasant sight)
  8. A bit of a bump I grant you, but given some of the more recent (coughs) discussions around the emergence of eSports as a direct analog to real life sport in some of the Other Football threads, I thought it might be worth mentioning. Looks like ASO are in discussions to get a virtual Tour de France going this year (during the usual race period, since the acutal one has been pushed back to August) through the VR training/riding game Zwift - 6x 1hour races spread over 3 weekends the race would normally be held on - https://www.cyclingnews.com/news/virtual-mens-and-womens-tour-de-france-on-zwift-set-for-july/ This is interesting to me in a number of reasons; Firstly cycling being a much easier sport to replicate into esports than say football (sticking a bike onto a turbotrainer = far closer to a cycling race than say playing FIFA20 on a PS4 is to playing football in real life), so it feel more "acceptable" in terms of comparing what you see in the virtual world to a real life effort - as well as "accurately reflecting" real life in game (ish, see later); Secondly, this version of eSports is essentially a competition between elite athletes (rather than say a bunch twitch streamers, nothing against them), where their usual training and abilities will have a direct impact on their performance in game - but again this'll help build the idea this is some form of comparable racing to what we'd have had otherwise IRL Thirdly, the shorter format (an hours racing per day) will allow for more attention to be given to Women's cycling, which in some cases you could argue is more exciting due to the shorter format of their races (as opposed to a lot of mens stage cycling races, which basically consist of letting a breakaway form and get away, slowly reel them in over a period of 5 hours and do a mass sprint finish at the end; back to the hotel and repeat until they get to the mountains). Fourthly (and this is more from a selfish personal reason); it'll require Zwift developers to up their game a bit; it's a cracking platform - but their race/spectator options stink (as witnessed with the first Team Ineos race up the Alpe du Zwift last month), basics things from a spectator PoV were missing (no live finishing standings for instance - once someone went through the finishing line they disappeared off screen which made for some difficult commentary work), there's no way to find a rider to watch on your own game (something you can do if a friend hops on for a ride), so it'll be interesting to see what they bring in here for this race and how that affects us mere mortals that use the game. Fifthly; what sort of dynamics the "missing" features that zwift can't/doesn't capture will have on the races; the Ineos Alpe race was won by a Time Triallist; there could be a number of factors for this - it's only an hour effort, also whilst the trainers they have will increase the incline on your bike, you haven't actually got to worry that lugging "excess" weight up against gravity will add to your fatigue as you would have in the real world. There's also no in game wind, so no echelon forming on flat stages; there is also no sort of steering or braking, so descents are a bit of nothingness in game. Sixthly, the whole "how is compliance with anti cheating/weight doping" going to be controlled - you'd like to think pro teams wouldn't be into ANT+ data manipulation, (i.e. cheating the game into thinking you're putting more power than than you actually are) but given there are plenty of ways to cheat the game if you wish; it's something that'll have to be thought about at the least.
  9. Massively nerdy answer incoming I suppose. Nokia 3210; my first phone, also had the benefit of clip on covers - so naturally I got a spring loaded one that doubled the phones size but made it look vaguely like it was out of the matrix (things you do as a 16 year old). HTC TyTn II; vaguely smart phone the size of a small house with a stylus-only-touchscreen and slid-out keyboard and limited internet functionality? Sold. HTC Desire HD; my first proper Android smart phone, the step up from the TyTn felt like I was in the future. And I still think HTC Sense's weather clock widget (silly unlock animations and all) is the best evs. Motorola Moto Z 2/3; nothing like locking yourself into a range of phones because you've gone out and bought wireless charging shells, Polaroid printers, extra battery packs, a mini boombox and a flipping projector that only work by attaching to the back of your phone...
  10. Damnit, forgot to tune in for this. Thanks for the video though :). Not sure if the 3 month old was staring at the footage because it's flipping awesome, or just because it was just in their eyeline anyway. And those returning stages were something you'd half expect to only ever see in kerbal.
  11. The lead singer from the Icelandic group, stuck in his apartment, surrounded only by potted plants and synthesizers, singing all his favourite eurovision hits, for an hour? Go on then.
  12. Part 1 (What would have been Semi Final 1 and a couple of the big 5): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNk7fAqYLiw Part 2 (What would have been Semi Final 2 and other big 5): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4A6hstelW0
  13. Wait, this thing is two hours long. 30 secs for each performance, so that's 20 minutes of songs. 100 mins of filler. I might need to put the ciders to one side and crack open the stronger stuff to get through this...
  14. The perils of having your parents cut your hair as shown from the Polish correspondent.
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