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  1. fixed etc and so forth. I'll keep my expectations suitably dampened; maybe it's all an elaborate ruse and they've hired that indie team to do the glorious HD remaster of The Fate of Atlantis which befell the cease and desists a couple of years ago. Also in "Gaming news I didn't expect to see in 2015, let alone 2021"; Scott Pilgrim vs The World: Complete Edition is getting a PS4 release (a mere 7 years or so after getting delisted from the PS3 store). Out tomorrow via digital distribution (and also available for the Switch). And if you're into hideously expensive plastic tat
  2. game kicks off, 5 players rush up to the ref and tell him to eff off, all get sent off, match abandoned with a 3-0 loss and full TV money pocketed.
  3. Yeah, been wearing various model since about 2014 (though with the rate they've kept dying the last year I really ought to investigate another manufacturer). Short answer: "It varies" as to how accurate it is (I appreciate this sounds fairly glib and doesn't really help). If you're doing general day-to-day stuff it'll be fine, start doing any sort of exercise, less so. Long answer: And it's fairly common to have a lowest HR value first thing in the morning, since you'll have been lying down for a few hours and your heart won't have had to battle against gravity to get
  4. I had that picture staring out at me from my Google feed during the height of that thread's infamy in between my virtual cycling news and whatever massively nerdy technical documentation I had recently googled. I think my reactions at the time went "what the hell" -> "Ahh, VT" in the span of 2 seconds. Edit, turns out that's all a complete lie and I misremembered it completely:
  5. Guessing I chose a bad night to spend two hours on the bike rather than watching redzone by the looks of things. Though the constant pop up of score reminders as the dolphins appeared to soil themselves this evening at least gave me a minor distraction from the endless lactic acid burns.
  6. Perhaps he was on to try and redeem himself after last year's Mastermind performance:
  7. Well that made up for the afternoon I spent slaving over a hot oven roasting a turkey that has turned out to be a little bit rancid. Not sure whether the stench from my kitchen is worse than the one from palace's second half effort!
  8. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas time. I've personally been lacking in a bit of festive spirit this year - I guess the lack of gadding about in the office with my selection of tasteful/less fairisle jumpers whist stringing up as many fairy lights about my desk that I can before needing a "health and safety chat" as somewhat dampened my mood. Plus I've been stressing myself out about trying not to totally eff everything up for the incredibly excited 4 year old in our house. Thankfully this afternoon was a blast after clocking off; turns out that whilst all the google santa
  9. Well, the irish coffee stay puft was "better"; plenty of the coffee flavour, but still not my cup of tea. 5/10 - by which I mean I managed 5 tenths of it before it went down the sink However this evening I braved the egg nog version, which was much lighter in tone and taste (plus meant I had a reason to bust out the Marty Moose mug for a festive drink); a very odd smell, but thankfully it doesn't taste anywhere near as bad. Better than having your Christmas bonus turn out to be an annual membership to the jelly-of-the-month club /10
  10. Cracked open a couple of my stash for a virtual Christmas party over the weekend. Tiny Rebel's "Welcome to the Party Pal" A nice tropical-fruity (though the good lady insisted all she could smell was the hops) number. Enjoyed it enough to regret not buying more than one can. Would happily run over shot-out-window-glass for another/10 Tiny Rebel's "Stay Puft: Honey Glazed Ham" Pro: It smells a lot like like honey glazed ham like it probably ought to do. Con: WHY? I'm not sure whether this is just not my thing as it's not rotten apples in
  11. I have a couple of friends who've been ok with their budget wheel on trainers (though bluetooth/ANT+ dropouts are infuriating no matter what you spend), though I suspect they'll be quite a few second hand trainers going on to the market in the spring in case you wanted to dabble again! But I can't disagree that the "difficulty curve" to getting everything right isn't a total nightmare for what "ought" to be a fairly straightforward process. I keep an eye on Zwift's forums and the number of people that have similar issues even with top end kit is not small. I had a 6 year old Tacx traine
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