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Last Man Standing 2016/17 week 3 fixtures now up (p.3)


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On 9/9/2016 at 17:36, imavillan said:

when can i join ?????

cant you all cock it up this week?....please


When we have one man down! Assuming people want to carry on with new games as each one ends of course. Probably won't be more than 3 or 4 weeks!


edit, another last minute goal saved a lot of you from going out this week They did their best to cock up :P

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right as no-one has picked from tonight's matches I can update now:

It's only week 4, but from a starting pool of 26, we're now down to just 5 after losing Rds1983, StefanAVFC and Hanoi Villan , and kurtsimow who's missed selection and thus default to Stoke who were bottom prior to the weekend guesses sends him packing too). So to those who want in. Frankly, I think it won't be too long!


andykeenan (Man City, Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal)

BoF: (Man City, Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal)

Michael 118 (Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea,Arsenal)

Rodders (Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Bournemouth)

villa4europe (Man City, Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal )


Week 5 Fixtures ( Deadline Friday evening 8pm )

Chelsea v Liverpool

Hull v Arsenal

Leicester City v Burnley

Man City v Bournemouth

West Brom v West Ham

Everton v Middlesborough

Watford v Man Utd

Crystal Palace v Stoke City

Southampton v Swansea

Tottenham v Sunderland

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Sadly, the friday night kick off deadline has struck and you had to have Stoke. Sorry!


Diverse choice made no difference aside from the enforced Stoke pick, and on we go! 


andykeenan (Man City, Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester)

BoF: (Man City, Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham)

Rodders (Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Bournemouth, Arsenal)

villa4europe (Man City, Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton )


Week 5 Fixtures:

Deadline 12:30pm on Saturday 24th - Stoke remain the default choice for the forgetful

Man Utd v Leicester

Bournemouth v Everton

Liverpool v Hull

Middlesborough v Spurs

Stoke v West Brom

Sunderland v Crystal Palace

Swansea v Man City

Arsenal v Chelsea

West Ham v Southampton

Burnley v Watford


I'll send reminders closer to the time. 

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