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I now shudder when I see Herd, Baker and Luna on anyone's team sheet.


If we could outscore the opposition through our on form attack like last season it wouldn't be as much of an issue.


The secret is out on Luna, every team that plays us when he is playing focuses their attacks on his side. Lowton could have taken the day off vs Manure. Whoever plays to the left of the midfield needs to double up to give the poor guy a chance.

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I hope we can win this and get our season back on track again.


However I reckon we will lose quite comfortably, without having more than 1 shot on target. Any Stoke players on goal droughts at the moment?

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I'd start Kozak and Helenius upfront .. Or put Sylla because of his strength .. Might start Herd too .. But tbh if I saw Herd in the team sheet I'd be afraid until the beginning of the game that Lambert is planning to put him as CB ..


So something like :


Guzan ..


Bacuna .. Clark .. Baker .. Luna ..


Herd .. Sylla .. Delph .. 


Tonev .. Kozak .. Andi ..


or :


Albrighton .. Westwood .. Delph .. Tonev ..


Helenius ..


Kozak ..

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Time for tekkers to return to form.

Our best first 11 should be enough to win this in a 433. I'd be tempted to play vlaar even if not 100%, otherwise we'll need to go 5 at the back.


We don't have our best 11 though, Vlaar is still a doubt and Gabby is banned.


Personally I'd go 4-4-2 still, we're still unbeaten with Kozak and Benteke starting together.

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Proper annoying ey?


Still think we can use the flanks to our advantage, Shawcross just got injured and Huth is already out so in core of their defence will be nowhere near as strong as usual. I'd just get Albrighton and Tonev to whip balls in to Tekkers and Kozak.

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Or Lambert will just swap Benteke with Kozak. If Vlaar is back, Baker at LB. We need size against Stoke. 

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