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  1. You make one joke... It's not Ellison either. I was poking fun with Mendi. Anyway, I don't know what's happening from the Villa PR side. I just know that they're not announcing the new owner tomorrow. My guess would be that it's just a confirmation that PL and PF will operate through the change for the time being. But don't take that as information, just my guess again.
  2. It's not L. Ellis. It's not Harris. It's not red bull.
  3. Best Law and Order episode ever
  4. Also note that the relative viewing of MLB games isn't seen as a necessity throughout the season. It would be interesting to see the comparable numbers when the MLB are in the playoffs mode when more viewers turn in.
  5. I like Delph but what annoys me is that he's the flashier one and gets the applause when he skins a defender and dribbles down the pitch, but ultimately he halts in the attacking third. Westwood will set up a first time pass that gets it to an attacker in a dangerous position but that simple pass doesn't draw the ooohs like a mazy dribble. I don't think either one should be built around because they're both lacking.
  6. Ultimately, I think Westwood would thrive in a team that keeps possession. His ability to keep the ball moving would be more useful if we weren't constantly trying to punt it up the field. Better distribution from our defenders would be key. Baker or Clark both struggle to pass it back to to him unless he's demonstrably unmarked. It leads to passages where he doesn't get to influence the game when our defenders get panicky. Notice, Baker will 9/10 try to pass it to the left back, even if it puts the LB under pressure and the LB has few options. The game passes by Westwood imo, not from his own voluntary disappearing act, but from others inability to think ahead in possession. I think in a 3 man midfield or a 2 man midfield without Delph and a strong DM, he would thrive. I don't think he's a pencil in for every game, but he's a good option. And as much as Delph gets noticed, there are crucial moments where he misses a pass or picks the wrong option in attack. I feel Westwood would be more involved in the attack if he wasn't deployed as THE defensive midfielder. Whatever he says, that's not his best position. If only Delph and Westwood could be combined into one player.
  7. Kwan

    FIFA 14

    The lag never helps. I've never lost to someone playing offline but if you get a shitty online opponent, the slightest bit of lag throws me off
  8. Online isn't worth anything anyway. Single player is great though.
  9. I think people need to come to grips that it is highly unlikely that a new owner is going to come and dump money on the club and bring us back to glory. I'm not saying don't get your hopes up, but this is just a Sneijder or Kiyotake moment again. Grabbing anything that even remotely looks like "information" and hoping it's true. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Lerner came out and said, "Paul has done a great job and we will continue to try and stay within the FPP and try to build a competitive team." Might be some fancy new owner but that's a pipe dream.
  10. That admin sure knows how to spin a tale. A "directive" from the top. Are people that dumb to continue listening to him?
  11. I cry when I think of the partnership that could've been
  12. It's not all that much. It's a little under 2 per game. The fact that he's the only one close to that stat (Benteke has 46 and he's the closest) is a sad testament to the passing ability of the rest of our team.
  13. I'd be incredibly surprised if Jurgen came to villa
  14. I know it's largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things but can Clark even bother looking up before he hits it long? Just heads down, don't even bother to try and aim or hit it down a channel.
  15. Excellent news! Really hope he gets a trot out
  16. I don't mind when they don't follow the books. Bran's journey to 3EC is very boring. Lots of trudging through snow for chapters on end. In the books, he has no choice to go to the 3EC, but the detour on the show gives him the opportunity to make a decision. Go back with Jon or look for the 3EC and see if the legends are true and he can use his powers. It is the nature of converting the series to the show though. Season 1, for me, was probably my least favorite TV season. Unless, of course, you guys want to see Brienne going on asking about a maid of ten and three for a whole season
  17. Team usually does play its best when everyone thinks they're going to lose. They get a little fired up about that. Shame they don't do well when they're supposed to do well.
  18. Thought the Bran and Jon storyline was very good. Very sad that Karl got killed though. He was fookin legend!
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