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    Ticket info

    I think it's sold out, sold out to members 48 hours or so ago. They should have given us the whole Shed End.
  2. Defeats like this hurt more than when we're awful and get hammered. How the hell have we lost that 3-0? Hopefully we can get revenge of sorts a week Wednesday in the cup!
  3. wedge

    Ticket info

    Aston Villa is pleased to announce ticket details for our trip to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea in the Carabao Cup third round. The club has an allocation of 3,000 tickets for the fixture on Wednesday, September 22 at 7.45pm. Prices and on-sale dates can be found below... Ticket Prices ADULT £25 OVER-65 £12 UNDER-20 £12 Coach travel £22 - departs from Witton Lane at 2:45pm. Ambulant Disabled and Personal Assistant tickets are priced as above with a personal assistant free of charge for registered supporters who receive Middle/Higher rate DLA or Standard or Enhanced PIP online at https://tickets.avfc.co.uk or by calling the Ticket Office on 0333 323 1874. 30 Wheelchair Bays and Personal Assistant tickets are priced as above for supporters who receive Middle/Higher rate DLA or Standard or Enhanced PIP online at https://tickets.avfc.co.uk or by calling the Ticket Office on 0333 323 1874. On-Sale Dates ONLINE FROM 5PM: PHONE FROM 10AM: ON SALE TO: Tuesday 7 September Wednesday 8 September Season Ticket Holders who attended all Carabao Cup games from 2019/20 season Thursday 9 September Friday 10 September Season Ticket Holders with 8+ away league games from 2019/20 season Monday 13 September Tuesday 14 September Season Ticket Holders with 4+ away league games from 2019/20 season *Subject to availibility Wednesday 15 September Thursday 16 September Season Ticket Holders *Subject to availibility Friday 17 September Monday 20 September Active Claret, Villans, Cub and Little Villans Members *Subject to availibility
  4. So it's definitely Wednesday 22nd then?
  5. Any idea how many we'll get for this? Got visions of the entire Shed End decked out in claret and blue
  6. You don't have to be a member to get in the Social, you just pay a couple of quid on the door to get in (unless it's full), and for me it's the best Villa pub for atmosphere etc, I suppose fans of other teams would call it Villa's 'main pub'.
  7. If you don't mind a bit of a walk we park beneath the overpass on Moor Lane and then walk down Brookvale Road to Witton, once you get back to your car after the game you're straight out with no queuing and it's free.
  8. Usually what happens is we sell the stand behind the goal and one down the entire length of the pitch, then the other side stand blocks nearest the away end are opened to Villa fans as well, but not sure this will happen with COVID etc.
  9. I'd go with: Pickford Stones Maguire Mings Saka Shaw Henderson Rice Sterling Grealish Kane But there's not a chance in hell look out for a huge Villa/England flag hanging from level 3 at Wembley on Tuesday, it's mine!!
  10. In addition, my goodness did no one at UEFA stop and think that maybe pitting Scotland at England at 8pm on a Friday night when there are no restrictions stopping both Scottish and English fans travelling to London and booking pubs, bars and hotels etc at the Jocks first major tournament for over two decades might not be the most sensible of ideas?!
  11. I'm on the 08.30am train into London, a solid 12 hours before kick off, what could possibly go wrong?
  12. I should stand a chance then as our tickets were originally for the Aviva in Dublin so the capacity won't be far off at 50%.
  13. Me too, fewmin', I'm holding out hopes to get one for the first knockout game at Wembley if more are allowed in.
  14. I think you may need to rephrase that slightly. 3k inside Wembley, and God knows how many more thousand will be heading to London for the day/weekend on the lash!
  15. Just putting this here because you seem to have a short memory Genie. How dare you say I'm 'trying to score points off a Villa fan getting injured' when you posted this before you knew the full story or indeed, any of the story, you absolute half-wit!
  16. My goodness. When have I said it's 'cool' honestly, I fully agree there are some despicable sections of England's (and every country/club's following) but your comments were generalising. Don't you dare accuse me of that, earlier in this thread you were trying to use that incident of which you had no knowledge of to suit you 'all England fans are racist, drunken p***s' narrative insinuating that this guy had fallen because he was one - like the fans you mocked for falling over whilst celebrating Sterling's goal. Don't bother replying because you're winding me up you utter clearing in the woods.
  17. That's a shame Genie you can't brandish the incident in with your generalisation England fan narrative from earlier now!
  18. Yep, watch the gits turn into 11 McMessi's on Friday at 8pm!!!!
  19. Get in, great header! Scotland are abysmal, plenty of 'pashun' but no quality.
  20. Elaborate? Also, plenty at Hampden were just this moment booing Czech Republic when in possession of the ball, only saying because you asked me to name another country that would do this. I imagine a few Scotland fans will lose their balance if they score their first goal at a major tournament for 20+ years, will you call them 'fat pissed up p***s. or whatever phrase you used to refer to the England fans who were celebrating?
  21. If you're seriously suggesting: a) that every single English football fan has that mindset going to a game or b) That mentality is exclusive to English fans and English fans only Then you, sir, are insane.
  22. Turkey fans literally booed the Italian team constantly when they were on the ball on Friday mate come on! This isn't tiddlywinks. I disagree with booing of the knee personally. You think that booing of the anthem was bad, wait until GSTQ is playing on Friday and the Jocks boo it as they do to deafening levels every time.
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