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  1. Best Law and Order episode ever
  2. Online isn't worth anything anyway. Single player is great though.
  3. I cry when I think of the partnership that could've been
  4. I know it's largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things but can Clark even bother looking up before he hits it long? Just heads down, don't even bother to try and aim or hit it down a channel.
  5. Excellent news! Really hope he gets a trot out
  6. I don't mind when they don't follow the books. Bran's journey to 3EC is very boring. Lots of trudging through snow for chapters on end. In the books, he has no choice to go to the 3EC, but the detour on the show gives him the opportunity to make a decision. Go back with Jon or look for the 3EC and see if the legends are true and he can use his powers. It is the nature of converting the series to the show though. Season 1, for me, was probably my least favorite TV season. Unless, of course, you guys want to see Brienne going on asking about a maid of ten and three for a whole season
  7. Thought the Bran and Jon storyline was very good. Very sad that Karl got killed though. He was fookin legend!
  8. I said 3 years and 3 years it will remain
  9. Surprised with his first touch. Nothing brilliant but after watching months of our strikers hitting the ball ten feet away with their first touch, it was a pleasant surprise to see Bowery settle it pretty easily
  10. Bent probably won't see the pitch for the rest of the season. The mythical legend of Bent still being good continues.
  11. If you ever watch him when we're trying to pass the ball around the box (which we actually somewhat different against swansea), he just stands there watching it go across. No attempt to move off his defender a little bit or trying to make a run. He just stands there until it might become a cross and then grapples with the defender for a bit for position. Silly to think he's our highest paid player.
  12. Hope he shows up today but I'm not counting on it
  13. Based on what? The Darren Bent's of the world not able to make the team at Fulham. Or the Barry Bannan's not able to make it at Crystal Palace. Or the Richard Dunne's toiling away in the Championship. Did I miss any other big egos?
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