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  1. He can rest a bit by then, and we get Sanson to start. Also we introduce Chuck slowly.
  2. The thing is he cane when we were trying to score. After his performance at Chelsea, we didn’t thought of it as a debut or whatever, but we were excited that he could add something and help getting a goal. It didn’t feel it’s his debut, unlike the day when he was coming against Newcastle but then didn’t.
  3. Add to that the fact we’ve been hard to beat. Even when we’re down such as Southampton last season 4-0, or Watford this season, we somehow get back to the game.
  4. It was his fault to play Barkley for around games until he realized he isn’t up for it. Yes he had some decisions which he could’ve done better. Some of them such Barkley one he himself approved it. In the Championship it was the same. We were good, Jack out we were bad. Comes back then win again. How can we not doubt that? Now he showed what he can do without Jack. Wether that’s because he’s free in mind and think beyond Jack? Or whatever.
  5. Looking forward for Bailey to come back. We’re doing great with set pieces even without him.
  6. No one can take the credit out of him. It’s just the fact that he couldn’t show the same thing when Grealish isn’t playing. But to be honest we were hard to beat even without Jack, but again we barely win. So something was missing. Now it’s totally different.
  7. We all like him and want success under him. Some of us had their doubts. So far he proved us wrong. We’re happy to be proved wrong. I don’t remember asking for him to be replaced, I just wanted some actions to be taken by him. He’s learning as our players. My main doubt was how will he cope without Jack? Now we’re seeing what he can do. Which he didn’t show in the last 3 seasons.
  8. His last two performances was one of the best I’ve seen from him since we went up.
  9. He should keep his place, last season he’s done well whenever he came. He’s a set piece threat too. Tuanzebe can wait for his chance again.
  10. Hause, Konsa and Mings were with us when we had the second worst defensive record. Now they all have improved so as our manager. McGinn, Luiz and Targett too.
  11. What a win, what a team. It’s worth to mention that it was our first away win, Man Utd first lost.
  12. Bailey is arguably our best player with Martinez though. Add to that the fact that we missed a lot of players each game for several reasons.
  13. I don’t think mentioning Barkley would help your case But yeah I get what you said and they had a lot of there first team playing. So proud of our performances and really looking forward to the season now.
  14. After the display against Chelsea, I don’t see the worry in starting him or any of the youngster. He show he can do it at highest levels. Archer showed a lot with his start. Technically this guy is better than El Ghazi, with us not having Bailey for a while, he should get some game time.
  15. When we got him, I was doubtful as despite the talks about him, Brentford weren’t known with defence. But now you can only respect the fact that he’s become one of our most experienced players. Also he was the second player to win fouls after Grealish (I think he surpassed McGinn). He still wins them.
  16. I don’t think they see him, but they’re trying to improve him to play there. But I think that’s a waste. I kept saying, playing two upfront would be better than leaving Buendia as a number 10. You want to start Traore? Fair enough, start him and bench Buendia. No need to play all for the sake of it.
  17. Since last season, he’s done great every time he featured. I really think we should renew his contract.
  18. I don't think Smith didn't want the win. It's just that we were against arguably the best team in the PL this season. He didn't think we'd be winning. If we played Southampton for example, we'd have one of Ings/Watkins on the bench. I also think that Smith is putting faith in some of our youngsters which I doubted he'd do. For the last 3 games, I got my faith on Smith back, more than ever. Performances, Subs, Chances for youngsters, Same intensity with different players. I really like DS, I just doubted what he'd do after Jack Grealish. But I would've been happy if he improved us and I wish him long success with us. If we win something under him it would be much more better than getting someone from outside the club. But that doesn't mean that the club isn't the most important thing.
  19. Easily stays wide. It's his position. He's done well in the most physical league in the world (Championship). Even last time in the PL. Just play him there. He's not the only slow wide player. There were slow players but done well.
  20. I think he could get a start soon at this rate. Great game. I didn't have hopes on him, unlike Carney, Bidace and Ramsey. But he seems ready at for this level!
  21. He was really good. I don’t think even Smith knows whats our best formation or first 11. But it’s really good to have options, all doing really good. Last 3 games Smith showed us what he can do. We’ve had some doubts with Grealish gone. But we’re solid, having shape. Pressing and getting better. Different players but still great performances.
  22. For me it’s either bargains (big signings or potentials) or not signing anyone for the sake of it. also it will depend on our position, and how we progress as a team and individuals. If we’re near European places, and the club thought that some short term signings would secure that then they’d go for it. Otherwise we shouldn’t look apart from the longer term view. We can’t just sign players to fill the squad. We need an upgrades on what we have, then if our players improved then fair enough. When we need we can get some clever signings such as Ashley Young or Axel Tuanzebe. Free agents or loan temporary to give ourselves time to discover who would fix those positions in the long term.
  23. I hope he’s fine, I won’t rush him back, but if he feels ok then I’d keep him on bench for a while. Man Utd and Spurs are games which we’ll expect to play 532 again anyway. We won’t rush him at the cup too.
  24. I think so. Last season from what I remember: Konsa, Grealish, Hourihane, Mings, McGinn, Watkins, Barkley, El Ghazi, Traore, Trezeguet, Davis, I can’t remember if Hause scored, Luiz and Nakamba didn’t though. The season before we had also a lot of goal scorers despite that we weren’t good enough. I think it was even more scorers than last season. This season so far: McGinn, Ings, El Ghazi, Buendia, Cash and Bailey.
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