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Ratings and Reactions: Arsenal 1-3 Villa


Man of the match  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Guzan
    • Baker
    • Vlaar
    • Luna
    • Lowton
    • El Amadi
    • Westwood
    • Delph
    • Weimann
    • Agbonlahor
    • Benteke
    • Clark (for Baker 17)

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I voted for KEA as man of the match because he kept winning the ball back and harassed Arsenal constantly. Delph was the best in the second half but the whole first half he either gave the ball away or went backwards. Only player that was poor I thought was Vlaar, because Weimann was finally came good with his passing at the end. 

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really impressed with some of the pressing, some great counter attacking and probably deserved IMO


thought there were still a fair few downsides, defence still doesn't look right, benteke and andi were quiet but that's the benefit of having that front 3 and a proper goalscorer, we don't need all 3 of them on fire for it to click


gabby was superb, the run for the 1st goal could well be one of the highlights of the season, it really was that good, as was andi's ball for the 3rd...


wenger, the rags etc will probably point to the ref (as did the commentary team) but IMO it wasn't the ref's decisions that **** arsenal, it was arsenal's reactions to those decisions, really really poor, their heads dropped and the fans went with them, thought the ref actually got more wrong for us than them, keeper has to go, luna yellow was ridiculous


absolutely buzzing, imagine how good we'll be when everyone does turn up...

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gone for delph man of the match, thought he epitomised what we were abotu today must have run a marathon nearly for us today, broke stuff up well and looked to get us going on the counter.

we were a bit lucky with the ref i spose, although you could say it was justice as they should have had their keeper sent off earlier on. we looked good eleven v eleven after the first pen so maybe we coudl have got the result anyway. 


guzan looked good again, sums up the change since PL arrived really that he was released before PL got here in favour of the big wage earning, older, on a long contract shay given.

what a fantastic result. if we can get a couple of points out of the next 2 we stand a good chance of staying top half all season. then next year, who knows...

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delph was great (no card today, I see progress:-) ) Agbonlahor leading again,silly yellow at the end though

Luna didn't look so good, but what a great goal



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I thought we could score a couple of goals, but thought Arsenal would at least equal our tally. Harsh penalty for our second goal, but their keeper should have seen a red card for the first penalty. All in all, we deserved to win. Fantastic start to the season, let's hope it carries over to Wednesday. Mourinho might just regret moving the game up.


Gabby MOTM for his runs into the box, they just couldn't deal with him. The first two goals are down to Gabby.


Delph a close second for an incredibly poised and classy display. If he keeps that level of play up, it'll be like a brand new signing.


Guzan was immense too, he's staking a claim for best keeper in the league, IMO.


Massive win, now, over to you, Randy Lerner. Two more signings please...



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What a game! The first time I remember winning so convincingly on the opening day. Is it the first time our position has actually improved after the first game?


Guzan - 8 - Kept us in it for a while with some great saves, especially from Cazorla and Rosicky to make it 2-2

Lowton - 6 - Didn't really do much but was solid.

Vlaar - 7 - Very solid, looked comfortable on the ball too, had Giroud in his pocket for most of the game.

Baker - ? - Only switched on after 15 minutes so didn't see him play.

Luna - 7 - Slightly worried with his positioning, but otherwise had a good game, great goal too.

Westwood - 6 - Solid, nothing too special, but not a foot wrong either.

Delph - 7 - Thought he was poor first half, but was great in the second, made some great driving runs and unlucky not to score.

El Ahmadi - 8 - Very impressed, he has grown into the Prem, no longer trying to be that Xavi type player and is now much more of a midfield enforcer, broke up a lot of attacks before they started.

Weimann - 6 - Didn't get too involved, a bit mixed when he did, hopefully just some first game nerves.

Agbonlahor - 9 - MOTM, was the thorn in Arsenals side all game, great play for both penalties, and some good tracking back too. Wound Wilshere up a treat too  :D

Benteke - 7 - Tried a bit too hard I think, despite his two goals he wasn't that influential, by his standards of course.

Clark - 7 - Very solid, no longer the lost boy he looked last season, he keeps this up a lot of people will be eating their words.

Bacuna - ? - Not on for long but looked decent, good run ruined by his shot.

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Great gift for Villa supporters today. It's been a long time since this kind of unadulterated pure happiness has been available.


It was one thing to avoid relegation last spring. Oh joy.


It's another to come to north London on the first game of the season and take down the Goons.



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