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  1. Can anyone give me some advice - I’m mulling over two options Ings, Bruno, Toney > DCL, Ronaldo, ESR (only Ings to DCL would be this GW) Bruno, Ings > Cristiano, Jota
  2. Shall I tell him or does someone else want to?
  3. This is it. Sound advice I’ve a reluctance to ‘plan’ transfers within the first 6 weeks or so as naturally there’ll be fires I have to fight and don’t like playing wildcard too early. Clearly Ings wins over the first 3, but DCL over the longer period. Richarlson back boosts DCL’s appeal. But Ollie being absent oddly boosts Ings appeal for me. Too tight to call
  4. Someone convince me to get Ings over DCL I typically set my initial draft up with the first 6-8 weeks in mind I have Buendia btw for coverage
  5. Every team we’ve played has had fitness problems and injuries. It’s a weird year and we need to be better than we were, irrespective of fitness
  6. He’s not our saviour. He’s a very naughty boy.
  7. Gareth Southgate gives out parking tickets to guests that use his drive He offers no discount for early payment
  8. Footage of the future kings at the next FA meeting
  9. (If the talk of four players and 100m to spend etc etc. is to be believed) Our two weakest positions this season have been ST/Winger, so I think that’s where most of our budget sits and don’t think 50m+ on those positions is out of the question.
  10. Bet he has a few ideas on who to target in the transfer market too - I’d love to see who’s on Craig’s list
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