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  1. LoughboroughLion

    New Manager Speculation

    I've got a mate who works on a few projects at Sheff Utd - says Chris Wilder is v v v pro-English players, to the point of not entertaining the ideas of picking talent from Europe. Don't think that really fits into the new owner's plans. Could be wrong.
  2. LoughboroughLion

    Mile Jedinak

    It's a tough one - Jedi is suited to those sort of games and does well in them. He's a great header of the ball and when the opposition don't offer much attacking threat, he can boss the long balls and isn't caught out positionally by a lack of pace. Play him against pacier teams with a stronger attack and I think we'll struggle. That creates a problem: we want to pick Jedi against the lower league teams, but if we mix and match the CBs we risk creating a lack of cohesion in the partnership pairing and Tuanzebe may not settle as quickly as we'd hope. I'm torn - but he's playing well so far, so hopefully that continues.
  3. LoughboroughLion

    Mile Jedinak

    He had a good game yesterday and definitely offers that quality in breaking up play and protecting the defence. My only concern is although he's a specialist in that, on too many occasions attack can't start with him - largely because his eye for the key pass isn't there, he speculatively tries to plunge it down the channels, or is too slow to release the ball to McGinn or Grealish. What's more, because of his restrictive passing ability, it means Grealish has to drop deeper and deeper, nullifying his creativity. I'd love us to explore a central midfield of: --------- McGinn ----- Hourihane --------- ------------------- Grealish ---------------------- Against 80% of championship teams, this should be defensively fine. Problem is, I don't think Bruce has the bottle to set a team up without a DM. I think atm I'm favouring Whelan.
  4. LoughboroughLion

    Ratings & Reactions: Blackburn v Villa

    Rosenior hit the nail on the head for me in post-match analysis - lot's of talent there, but not currently a team. We need some direction.
  5. LoughboroughLion

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    What’s GK done wrong?
  6. LoughboroughLion

    Match Thread: Blackburn v Villa

    Finally! Go central - Grealish, McGinn, Tammy > Elmo and Adomah. Change it up a bit ffs
  7. LoughboroughLion

    Corporate evil

    Makes me feel slightly better about dodging train fairs - not that I do that, of course.
  8. LoughboroughLion

    John Terry

    There's a chance we could potentially get a CB into the club that would easily be second choice, if not first. So what if he can't play every game, get a rotation system in place where he alternates with Tuan. Through my very tinted vision, it's a no brainer. Let's just get on with it
  9. LoughboroughLion

    John Terry

    No, fixed...
  10. LoughboroughLion

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    All a bit bizarre. Why get Huth when Terry seems available? Can't imagine there's more than 30k between the wage - which would be pretty immaterial for FFP. Maybe there's a piece to the puzzle I'm missing.
  11. LoughboroughLion

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    There’s still risk despite him being the only option. If not, let’s just sign all the free agents and see how they do on the off chance we’ll win promotion?
  12. LoughboroughLion

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I think you’ve answered your own question. I’m not saying Huth won’t do a job - but he’s a big, big risk. Terry is/would have been a risk, but a suitably manageable one for me. Huth would be similar to Samba I reckon - maybe slightly better - but still not automatic promotion material. Having said that, Huth will likely go some way in offering that intangible side we craved from Terry. Not to the same extent, but my Leicester pals suggest he’s a big influence in the changing room.
  13. LoughboroughLion

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Absolute shambles. I categorically fail to see how anyone could prefer Huth or any other ageing cb to Terry. If we sign a cb of Terry’s ilk, having clearly declined the opportunity to sign Terry, it’s nothing short of a joke.
  14. LoughboroughLion

    Steve Bruce

    The main problem I have is that all his career Bruce has built his teams around a strong defence. His 'brand' of football - love it or hate it - often works because his teams defend well and don't concede many. Our squad is currently suited to the exact opposite style of that. That's what;s worrying me. If we had a solid defence, I would be fine with keeping Bruce because it's tried and tested. Now we find ourselves in a position where he HAS to set up an attacking team because it's the only way our squad fits together naturally. I just don't think he can implement that sort of strategy, though. A good manager, promotion record, but he just isn't a fit for our current squad.