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  1. Wouldn’t begrudge Terry for going to Chelsea. Would think twice about how intelligent Lampard is if he chooses him as his number 2 though. Who hires their future replacement as their number 2? There would be one thing Terry wants from Lampard. Not his wife, his job.
  2. Number one is great - do you reckon the fine stripes would look as good on a real shirt? Too small and they make no difference, to chunky and they look tacky?
  3. That’s very patient and rational - are you sure you should be on this forum?
  4. Would be good if our VT house scouts could provide their professional opinion based on these four games
  5. Feel the word agent must mean something completely different than what I associate it with.   Just amusing to me cause I associate agent with something slightly more based upon accurate real life things. Just a language thing I guess
  6. For £4m it’s not worth worrying about - the only way this could turn out to be a bad signing is if we over-rely on him. I’ve seen nothing to suggest we will based on comments from Deano / Purslow about the work they’re doing for this window.
  7. Although spending a lot of money comes with risks, I don’t think it should come with too much concern. The players are likely to have a good resale value, our owners/ceo have their head screwed on, and the rewards of spending such large amounts are both needed and worth it.
  8. If we could get Tammy for £20-£25m I think it makes complete sense. Iheanacho went to Leicester for £25m and Tammy has way more potential and proven quality. It’s a risk, but if it wasn’t we’d be paying £40+m for a young English player gaurenteed prem goals. Couple him with a proven Prem Striker that wouldn’t cost the world and has a good attitude, potentially off the bench - like a King or Wood - and we’d be in a good place I think.
  9. (Different position I know, but) Would prefer Bradley Dack to Lolley for the 20m figure being banded around. Was also really impressed by Mendez Laing at Cardiff when I saw him - a better Che Adams with prem experience
  10. Would anyone take Albrighton back? Pretty sure I would, maybe not as a starter but he’s hard working, still whips in a mean ball and has the pace.
  11. When I was watching it seemed like this was what was happening. I’m pretty sure he was a photographer and then after all the players were back over the sponsorship boards he was pointing at the floor
  12. Moan moan moan - I was as disappointed as anyone when I didn't wake up to Fer - ooohhhh eerrrr. But come on, the lad is a good professional and a player that could thrive in a well implemented Smith midfield. Would people prefer we just ploughed on with Whelan?!

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