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  1. bose

    Tyrone Mings

    Brilliant today. Top defender.
  2. Poor decision putting Nakamba on. You move Luiz from his best position and put on a very defensive and limited player instead. Why have Sanson on the bench if he’s not ready?
  3. bose

    Tyrone Mings

    There is no irony. He makes mistakes, but not a lot of them. They are high profile and costly yes and I’m not disagreeing with that. If he didn’t have those lapses in concentration then he wouldn’t be playing for us. So I’m clearly not overlooking that. To say that he’s not treated in the same way as other players is a load of rubbish. That’s obviously your feeling but I just admit I’ve not seen that at all. He gets loads of stick, deservedly or not.
  4. Very talented. As of now that is our midfield three. We’re slowly seeing what Smith has probably seen day in and day out in training.
  5. bose

    Tyrone Mings

    Sorry but I think that is absolute rubbish. Mings is a top defender but sadly he has a few costly mistakes in him that will cost us points. For me you could say he lost the match for us today but I don’t think his performances in the championship were that much better than in the prem. He’s a very good defender, 80% of the time he’s on the top of his game but his lows are terrible. Still love the guy and he makes up for it.
  6. Also we'll have a better chance of keeping our better players like Martinez, Konsa, Mings and Watkins for example.
  7. Stay on the booze mr.Lubb it suits you and your club
  8. bose

    Wesley Moraes

    Good luck Wes. **** off Ben Mee.
  9. Nakamba out and get in someone who can give Luiz real competition. Squad complete. Play with one deep midfielder, two in front of him and and get the real creativity from the wide players who drift in. We’re much more solid that way instead of playing with a nr 10.
  10. Scoring a hatrick on your full debut has got to get you in the match day squad? It’s going to be difficult to pick the first eleven of him and Bailey are fit. Bailey and Watkins probably arent fit enough for a full match. Martinez Cash Konsa Mings Young Luiz McGinn Ramsey Buendia AEG Ings Subs: Steer, Watkins, Bailey, Carney, JPB, Hause, Targett, Nakamba, Hourihane Even that leaves out Guilbert, Taunzebe and Wesley (probably off). Don’t see how Archer will make the bench unless Watkins is still injured. Then we still have Davis, Sanson and Traore who are definitely out.
  11. If Watkins and Bailey are both fit I'm not totally sure how we'll line up. Watkins probably not fit enough but will Bailey come straight in for AEG? Not totally convinced. Also there will huge competition just to get in the match squad...
  12. Been saying it all summer, Archer needs to start every game.
  13. Ramsey was brilliant! Lovely performance, so calm on the ball. Thought Luiz was very valuable today. Special mentions to Mings, McGinn and Cash as well.
  14. Might not be the best in general but excellent from the spot
  15. JPB for El Ghazi. Just not good enough in general even of he does drop in with the odd goal.
  16. I don’t put much trust in what Smith says in his press conferences or to the media. I just don’t think there is any chance we aren’t in the market for a more combative midfielder. Personally I’ve liked Nakamba but he probably is too limited for where we want to be. A new signing and then having Luiz is as well and we’d be well set.
  17. No one playing well, horror show. I’d take AEG off, put someone on that can actually beat someone one on one. Traore, Bailey if they are fit.
  18. He’s an avid fisherman, talk of him being devastated that we didn’t sign Rashica.
  19. No mention why he’s left as well. Sounds strange. First thought is probably too many voices among the coaches. Agree that this coupled with Terry leaving points to some sort of difficulty behind the scenes. Hopefully not though.
  20. If we get a midfielder in to get a bit more steel there we will be top 8 at least and should even challenge for top six. Im getting more and more excited for the season. We’ll be a much more rounded team. Bring it on.
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