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  1. Agbonlahor in for grealish, Cleverley for Richardson. That's how I would play
  2. Mandatory video clip from 2011 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jRk9jJr0zu0
  3. Wikipedia says Canales plays for Walsall FC lmao
  4. ----------------Guzan------------------- Hutton---Vlaar---Senderos---Cissokho --------Sanchez-----Cleverley--------- -------------------Delph------------------- N'Zogbia------Benteke-----Richardson Hopefully we can get a better winger to replace Richardson. Someone who can work with Cissokho or Hutton, best players with skill, and put crosses in towards Benteke/ Kozak.
  5. Feeling optimistic and feel as though we could get in the top half this season. 9th
  6. Benteke will struggle with fitness when he comes back for a few months. When is he due back anyway?
  7. Our defense would be extremely shaky without Vlaar. Hopefully we could shift out Clark/ baker which would signal Vlaar isn't on his way out this transfer window.
  8. He would improve our midfield considerably but I would rather us go for a more attacking minded player such as Maxime Lestienne. But I would still be happy with this signing as it excites me that we have this money to spend and a Delph, Sanchez, Cleverly midfield sounds very good plus we would now have competition for places which could help players improve considerably.
  9. Gabby just looks like he doesn't give a **** anymore. Never do I see him making runs into space or even caring if he misses a chance. He just gets on with it and picks up his paycheck and leaves. Don't get me wrong Gabby is one of my favorite players but there is little to no effort and to think he doesn't care as much anymore to put on the shirt makes me feel sick. Hopefully we don't renew his contact unless he shows some form in the upcoming games. He needs something to rejuvenate him.
  10. He really impacted some games by scoring such as Man City but other than that he really added no flair to most matches. Not a bad player though but I feel his level not good enough for the club if we are to bring our level up. Wouldn't mind if he left but I wish him well back in Holland if he is to leave.
  11. Can we please go for maxime Lestienne? IMO that would be a great signing and if we have the money for cleverly I think he would have the money for him. He is the tricky winger/ attacking mid that we need. He reminds me of coutinho and I think he would be a great asset for us.
  12. I wouldn't mind if Delph was offered 70k per week tbh. He deserves it.
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