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  1. Can I ask you all something for a non-expert here. I didn’t understand what Martinez was doing before the penalty. There was this pushing back-and-forth between united players and Martinez. Honestly don’t understand what was happening. Fernandes, Fred, and Cavani all put their hands on Martinez’s chest and shoved him back. All I can think is that Martinez was doing something or saying some thing that was pretty bad? Or were the United players doing wrong?
  2. You're not supposed to admit that -- we're sunk now.
  3. As I understand it, with quad injuries, ain't it true that rest is critical to ward off a more horrendous injury and long-term problems -- BUT, quads do heal, especially in the young? I'm no physio, so this is all a mystery to me. Hope he's OK.
  4. I was watching an Atalanta Serie A match a few days ago, and I kept thinking about how much more robust and energetic Villa and dangerous are on a good day compared to Atalanta who are of course in the Champions this year. We really have to find a way to Europe! The Premier League seems a higher overall standard, and if what you say is true -- and I think it is -- we could surely beat many clubs in other good leagues, too.
  5. I'm no expert on keeping goal, but do goalkeepers normally ever need to rotate out and "rest"? Not sure I understand why Martinez wouldn't simply be an ironclad option in goal for this whole week (with no disrespect meant to Steer).
  6. Thoughts on Mings vs. Ronaldo? In terms of bodies and physicality, it seems like a tense match-up of giants, but how likely is it that they will be in close quarters? Is Mings' style a good foil to Ronaldo?
  7. Absolutely must go for it, and only rest players if they need it medically or in terms of physio. It doesn't feel like we should go for the cup because we can't otherwise win a European spot. Not ready to concede that. To me it feels more like we need to go for it because nothing succeeds like success, and a winning squad mentality is something to practice and exercise at this critical stage. We're like a band that needs to rehearse in live situations until we get road-tight ... and I want to see Chelski lose lol.
  8. Soaking in every second of this glorious moment in club history ... stunning.
  9. This match feels extremely consequential—more so than I wish, TBH. The Villa I keep hoping for, the one that challenge for Europe, that resumes its "big club" profile, is either going to show up, or we're in for a very ugly next four weeks or so. I feel like we're at a tipping point. I mean, every match is a tipping point. But this one feels tippier lol. Maybe it's not that way. I hope not. Maybe Everton takes these points, and then afterwards we finally hit our stride. Feeling lots of anticipation.
  10. I hear you, but it’s about integrating new people, too. Probably an unpopular view, but I think a pause in moving players in and out feels just about right. If we’re hampered by injuries, your words may come back to haunt us, but I’d like to see how this squad functions.
  11. If you had to name one, who would you say is the best prospect?
  12. TBH, these are the same kinds of questions I have. But on top of that, I don't know the implications of holding on to the money, or even what the means, given the volatility of the transfer market. It just seems there are a crowd of new players and I feel nervous about seeing how they work together. I think I'm still a little traumatized by the summer of 2015 and there being this big changing of the guard at Villa and then diaster afterward, or at least that's how I remember it.
  13. I'm not sure I grasp what the dominant sentiment of more informed Villa observers is, but I'm kind of hoping we hold onto our money (if that's even a thing, as I don't really know what happens to unspent transfer funds) unless there are some amazing buys out there, and I don't see them, personally. It just feels like there's SO much new talent and SO many injury variables, it's hard to read the lay of the land just now. So that suggests "wait" to me, or at least, extreme caution. If we didn't make wise purchases with the bulk of the Grealish money -- and juries still out on that -- well, we'll find out, I guess, but it's hard to imagine one single purchase now changing that. My gut tells me we're in good shape -- we just need time for players to play and heal and gel as a squad. I admit, I'm not on the level of knowledge or intelligence of most of you folks when it comes to Villa stuff, so I express my thoughts humbly. Not to say I'm not worried about the injuries ...
  14. When/how are we likely to learn more about Konsa injury?
  15. Ref terrible, but Brentford, encouraged, seemed absolutely determined to cause injuries. Where's the accountability?
  16. Glad for win, great Ings shot -- but what was with all the very high shots. We would have 6 other goals if the crossbar had been four feet higher.
  17. They don’t even deserve a clever remark. A crumb of wit is too good to spare on that dumpster fire of a performance.
  18. So much depends upon this one — at least that's how it feels to me, like a kind of season fulcrum. I can't see it being anything but a death struggle from beginning to end. Probably a lot of cards to go 'round. Villa 2-1.
  19. "The surplus population better get dying more quickly then!" Isn't that how Scrooge put it?
  20. That meme has REALLY taken off in the last few days. Everyone I know on FB is sharing and raging at it. **** hardcore Dickensian shit there.
  21. It's good. I like it. Sometimes it sounds like she's reading too quickly off a teleprompter but it's probably my hearing that's just slow.
  22. Well, that sort of understates it. They're not just more thick than thick, they're profoundly anti-intellectual. Not merely stupid, but actually hostile to learning and knowledge. As I understand it, the professional class in Washington with the sorts of expertise the White House needs right now are either so terrified of Team Trump's incompetence that they don't want to risk their reputations by being associated with them, or they're being rejected from service because of their perceived disloyalty. So there's a kind of impenetrable ring road of stupidity surrounding the White House. So ... even something as seemingly simple as a communications office's accurate and thorough reading of a major news outlet's story just isn't happening. The Trump inner circle worked in substandard and fringe operations, too, because, as you know, they're "outsiders." Billionaire "outsiders."
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