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  1. Looks like a classic Twitter "ITK" deleting tweets that are wrong.
  2. It is absolutely criminal that with 5 subs and the bench we have available that we only made 2 subs, whilst so many players stunk the place out in that game.
  3. That was vintage 2019-2020 Villa that performance, especially when Grealish came on. Give the ball to the creative players, then just stand around watching them and hope.
  4. Tempted to say we should stick Sterling up front with Grealish on the left.
  5. From what I've read from a few Southampton fans, they seem to think we were interested but they essentially told us to f off.
  6. After reading the place name stuff in the General Chat, thought I'd leave this video here about British place names. Not a map per se, but a YouTube channel about maps.
  7. Let's just hope he's not one of the fans that's still pissed off about that dive
  8. Well look at you, with your daughter's fancy edumaction! But seriously, I think it's fairly easy to miss what an encyclopedia is these days, not exactly like they're ubiquitous. I bet if you told Jack it was "Wikipedia, but a book" he'd get it.
  9. He's two years younger than me, and if it wasn't for the fact that for some reason loads of American TV shows I've watched reference encyclopedias, I don't think I'd know what was one either, never actually seen one or knew anyone that had one.
  10. 18 and Targett gets 3 would be my guess.
  11. My comment on this from a couple weeks ago when it was first rumoured, my thinking's pretty much the same now, he's been about to sign a new contract with them for months, which suggests to me that Arsenal don't value him quite as highly as he sees himself, and I doubt we put in a bid without at least putting some feelers out to him to see if he's interested. Can't see it happening, but him not signing a contract with them opens the door for us.
  12. Grealish showed them the comments under one of his tweets.
  13. GB News has fell for texts from both Mike Hunt and Mike Oxlong today, plus the production quality is absolute dogshit with technical errors and spelling mistakes all over the shop, and to top it all off, judging from twitter, about 90% of their audience are watching just to take the piss out of them. Oh, and the fans they do have praised some of the companies that were running ads on the channel, which prompted loads of them to pull out. Going well then
  14. You're massively overestimating how much he'd want. You pulled a £100k/week demand out your arse on the last page (£5m in wages), he's on £50k/week at Inter according to Corriere dello Sport, why would a player winding down his career expect double his wages(18 months after more than halving his wages to move to Inter), and then want a further £10m in Agent/Signing on Fees? Seems to me like he'd be asking for between £25k-£35k per week, which is nothing in the Premier League these days, especially when the alternative is likely to be spend £10m+ on a new LB on similar, if not higher, wages.
  15. We have one left back and people are turning their noses up at someone who played over 30+ games last year at LWB for the Serie A winners to come in as our backup? Bizzare. Doubt there's much truth in the rumour though.
  16. For me I think it's foolish to write off anyone, player or manager, before they've had a proper pre-season, as they've not really had the time to fit into the style of the team, so you're just playing game after game on instinct. Same goes in reverse too, a player that comes in half way through the season and hits the ground running may not be the same player once they have to fit to a system more rigidly.
  17. Also, wasn't Smith supposedly "unhappy" with letting Hourihane go in the first place? But because he wanted to play regularly and due to the high regard the club hold him in, they agreed to let him go?
  18. Back in January, the BBC released a report by the Sport Positive Summit on the enviromental sustainability of each Premier League team, and we ranked bottom of the list (albeit using 2019 data not 2020 data). What are the club doing to improve it's sustainability and improve this score?
  19. Been sat here muttering to myself about Danny Murphy being an idiot, glad to know I'm not alone in thinking that Should be illegal for someone who's football knowledge is about 40 years out of date to commentate on a game.
  20. It's the same guy (unless there was another one too), check his comment history. I remember the avatar, because it took some real batshit posting to beat what was in that thread at the time!
  21. That's actually a myth that you can swallow your tongue, and sticking your hand in an unconscious persons mouth can do more harm than good. Not that I blame Kjaer for doing so as it was an awful situation where he was just trying to help, but unless your ensuring the person isn't biting their tongue during a seizure, you don't need to worry about their tongue.
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