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  1. Sectarianism is cultural/political discrimination, specifically in the UK/Ireland, it's abuse between Catholics and Protestant. McGinn was called a "Fenian word removed" because of his association with Celtic, which is a religious slur against Irish Catholics in Scotland.
  2. On my phone so not sure how to link, but the Villa twitter just shared a statement to thank Chelsea as they're currently investigating it.
  3. From what I can see, even Chelsea fans are saying Attwell has been shit towards us.
  4. Weird that you didn't post the entire first half when we were the better team.
  5. He's surely coming off at HT, which will probably dry up our chances.
  6. He's been exploiting Saul's inexperiance in this league really well.
  7. It was a ridiculous pass by Kovacic, most defenses would get undone by that ball.
  8. Just seen Barkley's on the bench. He's gonna come on and score isn't he
  9. However, when polled with a less Tory friendly spin to the question, net support drops to -12%.
  10. See below translation from Reddit of the Health Authorities statement. Apparently it was that that they only had it (lying on their declaration forms) confirmed today/last night, and ordered the players to stay in the hotel as quarantine. Hence why they only acted during the game, as it was only after the players left for the stadium that they were made aware they were also breaking quarantine. That's their story anyway.
  11. They clearly did, otherwise they wouldn't have lied about the players not being in the UK recently. The AFA are just clearly arrogant words removed who thought they'd get away with it.
  12. A 50% win percentage would mean at least 57 points per season (plus however many for draws), which in the 20 team Premier League era we have achieved just 7 times, and the lowest we finished in those seasons was 7th, but typically was 6th. In fact, in that time, we have never even won 19 games in a season. If you add in the typical 6-10 points you'd expect from draws, that's a 63-67 point season, comfortably enough for 5th, very occasionally 4th at the top end. As much as I think that's where we should aim to be, it's insane to expect that of a manager who has spent most of his games as a newly promoted manager. Even at 45%, that's 17 wins, something we've only done 5 times in the 20 team Premier League, and we got 16 last season. Edit: Just looked up the last 50 years, we've only had 50% in the league 5 times in that time.
  13. He wasn't even there when they signed Kante, he'd already left.
  14. A tweet that perfectly encaptures why this thread is so annoying. There has been absolutely zero information from the club to suggest that is true, but people just assume it is, just like how many in here have been writing up fantasy transfer lists with no basis in reality then just assumed that's who the club are targeting. And then for some reason people are throwing their toys out the pram because their wild assumptions with no basis turned out to be wrong! "Done zero since arriving"? Like he would **** know!
  15. Funnily enough I saw this in action earlier today on Reddit. A guy was talking about how he didn't want to play them in the cup because of what happened last time, referring to the LC in 2011, but he'd completely forgotten that we beat them in the same Cup in 2015 during one of our worst seasons ever. Somehow the earlier loss was more memorable, mainly because we never hear the end of it, yet surely managing to beat them in one of our worst seasons ever deserves some form gloating right?
  16. Why would you want to be knocked out by a 90th minute Deeney goal?
  17. Think more of the squad would be out if that was the case, Ramsey was on the bench on Tuesday whilst McGinn was completely absent.
  18. Nah, he said you're not allowed to count Watkins, even though he's our starting striker and will be playing when fit.
  19. Just come back from a long injury as well I think. Got a lot of time for Weimann, happy to see him do so well at Bristol.
  20. I've thought for a couple of seasons that they remind me of the final years under Lerner, just that they are falling from a higher point. They've got more time to stop the rot, but I really hope not! And now there bottom
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