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  1. The reason he actually got on so much ball was because baggies actually let him have it as a tactic. They didn't bother close him down or cover him when he was in a dangerous position with the ball because they knew he could do absolutely nothing with it. It says it all when a 30 year old professional footballer with over 300 football league games ,playing as an attacking fullback for a lot of that time has 0 senior career goals.
  2. Sorry but there are DM's who aren't 35 ,can actually move around the pitch can play a pass while having a physical presence.
  3. Probably 5 key spots on the team needed addressing GK, LB,RB,CB and CDM . We addressed 2 of them in GK and CB. Weakened RB and weakened our wingers also as we replaced an inconsistent Bolasie with a constantly injured Green. Keeping Tammy was certainly our best business.
  4. Sorry for my grammar but that's what I meant. "Not a DM which is what we needed."
  5. This lad is not a DM like we needed . It will be very like Playing Hourihane in the deep role having Tom Carroll back there.
  6. Just went from a meh window to a shocking one. Don't rate Carroll at all and weakened our FB situation.
  7. Not saying you're not right but after today Leandro Bacuna is playing at a higher level than us currently. Let that sink in. Just show's how far we've fallen.
  8. Starting to get a bit late in the day. Fairly disappointing window so far. Certainly don't seemed to have signed the players to push us on to the playoffs anyway. Hopefully one or 2 not mentioned still to come in. But doubtful.
  9. Or else we are happy enough with Taylor(please no). Reading between the lines in the article(sorry don't know how to post it on the phone) it's like Taylor's dip away from form since Smith's first few games is being put down to Chesters injury!!!!
  10. Matt Kendrick claims Mimgs is coming in as a CB rather than a LB , to take over from the injured Chester. Going straight into Saturdays squad.So we'd go into Reading with Elphick and Mings as a partnership.
  11. No excuse for this and the Swansea performances. Results narenone thing but the way we have played is as bad as we've ever been.
  12. I disagree. At 2-0 up at have time you have to see it out.
  13. He bloody has to learn to shut games Down..so frustrating.
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