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Ratings and Reactions: Arsenal 1-3 Villa


Man of the match  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Guzan
    • Baker
    • Vlaar
    • Luna
    • Lowton
    • El Amadi
    • Westwood
    • Delph
    • Weimann
    • Agbonlahor
    • Benteke
    • Clark (for Baker 17)

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Yes! Just got back from watching at a pub my two gooner friends own. 40 gooners, my family of 4 villans and a cottager fan. 3 pints and 90 minutes later I am a much happier man. They are thinking of naming a new limited beer the 4 Villans! Bitter base with sweet and nutty after tones. Happy Saturday!

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Fantastic start. Not only did we come back from 1-0 down, but once we settled we looked threatening. There's still issues that need to be sorted out defensively but to keep Arsenal down to 1 goal at the Emirates on the first day is impressive. Guzan MOTM for me but I think Clark actually did rather well when he came on. I thought that 3 points from the first 3 games would be a good start, but now I think we could get more, maybe not from Chelsea but from Liverpool.

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Here's the tackle for the second:




Working on finding the first.


His knee takes out Gabby's trailing leg before he touches the ball, very good shout to be honest.



As I have said in the match thread - there is a massive misconception that if you get the ball it can not be foul - No such rule exists 



I'm confused as to whether you are agreeing with what I said or not?


Either way, he fouls Gabby before he touches the ball, the contact between his knee and Gabby's left ankle/foot would've been a 'blatant' foul if it had been done with his foot. Really well spotted by the referee.


You alluded to a very good point here, in the fact that he only got to the ball because he had fouled Gabby. Getting to the ball does not negate the foul.

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Chuffed to bits, lovely play by everyone bar Vlaar for the first goal. Luna looked a bit unstable in the first half but gathered himself quickly and played a really good game in the second half. Motm for me is Delph, what an engine he's got.

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Easily Delph's best performance for us, jesus, some fantastic last ditch challenges.


Under Lambert we're seeing the absolute best out of Delph and Gabby, definitely put it down to whatever him and his staff are doing.

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On the first penalty, I think the Arsenal players were complaining that since Weimann had had a shot the ball couldn't be called back from the advantage.

Even if that was true, he'd still have had to send the keeper off.

Yes, the ref was perfect for that call. He played some advantage but brought it back for the penalty. It was not a red card because it didn't deny a goal scoring opportunity. Wiemann still had a shot but there was no advantage from his wide shot so he bought it back for a penalty and issued a yellow. Good refereeing.

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