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  1. Yeh but that's how they are cooking the numbers. I've seen they say they have a 95% attendance on avg but everytime you watch Man City at home you can visably see plenty of empty seats. You quite often see the attendance around the 50k mark announced on home matchdays which would be 90%+ when in reality I would guess it looks closer to 75-80% (maybe lower) full and that can't just be down to people not turning up.
  2. I would love to know there real attendance every game. I'm convinced they buy up there own tickets close to kick off and announce there attendance as 'tickets sold' not actual bums on seats. Even cooking the books on that.
  3. Ben White vs Chris Wood tho cud be a disaster for them.
  4. Yep and we gave him a 13 game holiday just so he could get them right for his Man City move. Hindsight and all.
  5. Pep literally trolling Man City for being a small club with lots of money. Hilarious.
  6. 8 fouls by them vs our 6 but we've got 2 yellows.
  7. Harsh yellow for Mings felt like Hudson-Odoi manufactured that foul.
  8. literally through 3 points away by turning up unfit and unready(bad preseason).
  9. I mean that's harsh on Chilwell, Alonso clearly is an out and out wing back and is super sus when playing LB. Just suits Tuchel's 3-4-3 better and Chilwell has been frozen out.
  10. Poland played well tbh. Southgate not making any subs was baffling...oh wait he's an idiot.
  11. Maybe we could all put our £4's together for a DCM in January.
  12. Ramsey to Ramsey back to Ramsey pings it over the top to Ramsey who slips Ramsey in an its a goal. Gonna be our very own triangle offense(Chicago Bulls).
  13. I won't deny it I used to think Jlinz was shite. However I actually think he's pretty good now.
  14. England players just too good. That quality is just there when needed.
  15. Read they plan on coming back through Croatia to avoid isolation?(speculation) is that even possible?
  16. Any average manager could've achieved that at a minimum.
  17. And wheres he got that bright idea from?.. Thats right Gareth Southgate. Either he's been told directly he can't be trusted due to 'European inexperience'' or its his pure observation on why he isnt starting ahead of others (Mount,Foden) when clearly a better player. It isn't right and shows another reason on why Southgate is a useless prick and its a sad state of affairs a serial failure has such influence on things.
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