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  1. Guilbert: “Now it's three months I haven't had an English lesson. It's difficult. I stay at home. I have a gym in my home. Every day I run and I do gym. It's not the same, we don't touch the ball or see our friends.” [Daily Mail] via @villareport Link (Villareport I know - probs not even true) You would have thought now would be a perfect time to learn English with a tutor? Club could have helped him out a bit here?
  2. Think Leeds will struggle if restart happens - they rely on high intensity fitness levels. I doubt they’ll be able to get up to pre-Covid levels As a wider point, fitness is an interesting aspect upon restart. Will player fitness be levelled across teams and we’ll see more goals as everyone is generally less fit?
  3. Article showing the problems with extending the season and not player contracts, albeit in rugby. May to Gloucester Ignoring my Tigers allegiance, it really does seem strange that May would be able to play for Gloucester if the competition was extended - it’s a fundamentally different competition. As the lawyer says though, a restraint of trade complaint would likely be made and any ruling challenged.
  4. A tool from fantasyfootballscout - behind a paywall though so you'll have to trust me. In part due to us having a blank fixture GW28, but shows us having the hardest run over the next six. West Ham also have a tough run and Bournemouth's isn't much better.
  5. Same team, but Reina for Nyland Tell Nyland if he applies himself in training he gets the final but we want to avoid the comedown performance like Man City
  6. We do need a quality winger, but I'm hoping Samatta will improve the attacking threat of Trez and El Ghazi (and even Guilbert / Targett) Although some of their crosses are absolutely dreadful, I think they'll really benefit from the presence of a player who can head the ball
  7. Agreed - but he's competing with Luiz surely? I don't think he should have started last night. As everyone seems to be suggesting, he's not match fit yet. He also doesn't seem to take on the role of the pivot like Luiz does, which limits our distribution. The number of times Luiz was level with our CBs to try and build play from the back was a noticeable difference compared to Drinkwater. I think he'll improve, but he needs to get sharper before he starts meaningfully impacting our play.
  8. How is Danny Drinkwater starting? It’s **** stupid
  9. 'Get a striker' they say, 'Anyone will do' We get a striker... 'Not bothered about this one' SAMATTA WITH YOU ALL! (sorry if bin dunne)
  10. I agree - but there's two sides to this story I think. Marv yes, but I think Luiz is a lot better at it. He shows for the ball, receives it and looks then to distribute. When we play 5 at the back, there is such a gulf between defence and attack that he can only really pass to Jack or go backwards - when Jack is marked it's pretty difficult for him. If we're to play 5 at the back and retain the ball, the wing backs need to show for it a lot more, one of the wingers need to drop back slightly and Marv needs to improve. We're moving in the right direction with it, but a few tweeks are needed in midfield so we don't just keep inviting pressure. Prime example was when he got caught with the ball for their goal, he doesn't want to keep passing backwards, but nobody is showing for the ball.
  11. He breaks up play but his ball retention and passing is really poor. That said, think he's just getting used to the PL - we'll see if he's any good next year, whichever league we're in.
  12. Is he better than Douglas Luiz or Lansbury? Doubt it
  13. I’m not sure our players have the bottle for this. Worried about Targett and AEG especially. Would deffo play Mings if available. Need Hourihane to start.
  14. Just popped on to say thought he played well - no nonsense. Will be a loss during AFCON. While I’m here, bloody VillaReport and their fake news.
  15. Perfect game for him. Burnley don’t really play with attacking wing backs so the pressure he’ll be under is that bit less. Hopefully this lets him attack like he did vs. Brighton.
  16. Push Grealish to the wing on a 'free float' role and play Hourihane in CM with McGinn.
  17. Sitting in the spuds end wish me luck
  18. If there's one good thing about the window closing, it's that I don't need to keep reading made up guff from Villareport
  19. Anybody know of an IPTV service that has a free trial? Keen on testing it out ahead of the new season and this is a good opportunity
  20. If he's signed he'll be given no gaurentees of a start or even a squad place potentially. This is the kind of signing a top 6 club would make at their stage in the cycle: buy a very good championship player, bed him in over a season with a couple of starts and let him prove he deserves the shirt. If we're planning on doing that then it's a statement of intent IMO. If he's planning on coming here to do that, it's also a massive statement of intent from him.
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