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  1. Just popped on to say thought he played well - no nonsense. Will be a loss during AFCON. While I’m here, bloody VillaReport and their fake news.
  2. Perfect game for him. Burnley don’t really play with attacking wing backs so the pressure he’ll be under is that bit less. Hopefully this lets him attack like he did vs. Brighton.
  3. Push Grealish to the wing on a 'free float' role and play Hourihane in CM with McGinn.
  4. Sitting in the spuds end wish me luck
  5. If there's one good thing about the window closing, it's that I don't need to keep reading made up guff from Villareport
  6. Anybody know of an IPTV service that has a free trial? Keen on testing it out ahead of the new season and this is a good opportunity
  7. If he's signed he'll be given no gaurentees of a start or even a squad place potentially. This is the kind of signing a top 6 club would make at their stage in the cycle: buy a very good championship player, bed him in over a season with a couple of starts and let him prove he deserves the shirt. If we're planning on doing that then it's a statement of intent IMO. If he's planning on coming here to do that, it's also a massive statement of intent from him.
  8. £8m is peanuts - and anyway it's not my money. Does he improve the starting 11? Yes Will he provide competition for places? Yes Is it that risky? Not really Will he be good for another couple of seasons, until (hopefully) we do another rebuild to push into to top tier? Yes Is this the last question? Yes Welcome Tommy, be a hero
  9. Could the delay on Nakamba be that we are waiting to see if the Phillips move develops?
  10. So, who’s on them do we reckon?
  11. Apologies to those I've offended. Will I do it again? Definitely
  12. That’s what I’m getting at - if you take enough shots, one kills the turkey!
  13. Bit of a slow day, has Villareport not made anything up in a while?
  14. What I like about this deal is that should Grealish get injured, our universe probably won't implode as - from what we've seen in preseason - he is a creative link.
  15. Just checked MorseCodeConverter.com - WE'RE FKN SIGNING LEAO
  16. This ain’t getting to Claret members is it
  17. Is it possible to track how many tickets have been sold thus far? Trying to see the likelihood of away tickets reaching claret members
  18. Looks quite physical from the YT videos. Usually the reason wingers fail to settle is because of the physicality of the leagues - think AEG actually said this about his first 6 months? Good option for under £10m - we’ve clearly been tracking him and scouted the games in AFCON.
  19. These are mutually exclusive - if it's proven to be a 'loan', we will receive more than £15m so we will be in green.
  20. Quick check of a Burnley forum suggests they’re sad to see him leave, he was outstanding and influential in the run in last season, he’s their preference for number one next season (Pope backup and bin Hart). Other points of interest: club captain, model professional, good guy. For 7-10m seems like a good deal.
  21. Glad to see Villareport not making stuff up again...
  22. Happy to have got you so many likes, but this was the joke. I will think again before trying to faux-troll people.
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