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  1. He didn't declare war on any State/engage the US in another conflict. A novelty for a US President.
  2. Just noticed he played with Eric Djemba Djemba in 2014 at St Mirren
  3. He'll turn out to be a very good buy at that price - much better than Saliba IMO
  4. Veratti. Not half as good as he's made out to be and still living on the good games he had against Champions League opposition four or five seasons ago.
  5. A good friend of mine is an OL fan - he’s been going on for months about how crap he is and can’t wait for him to be sold. I hope this one doesn’t go through.
  6. We should keep him because he has a wand of a left foot
  7. Thank you Jack. You're the best player I've ever witnessed in a Villa shirt and I'm not 12 years old.
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