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  1. He signed for St Etienne last March so we can rule that one out.
  2. I'd say he's a solid, dynamic and technically sound fullback who can also contribute going forward. Most importantly he's a player who will improve with the right coaching. I remember seeing him at Bordeaux and he looked very average, now he's very much the standout player at Caen - his hometown club. Caen fans rated him highly until he announced he'd be leaving in the summer. In a nutshell: he's a good player in poor team.
  3. Where you heard that guv? In the video below(from 20'45''). He explains his new role and the type of players he's looking for:
  4. Looks like former professional player Olivier Monterrubio is scouting the French leagues for us these days. He used to be chief scout at FC Nantes.

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