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  1. Worthy GIFs 2017

  2. Ice rink

  3. Players that you think are Good/Excellent

    Was Ajax's best player in both games IMO. In the first leg he was amazing. But you're right, Dolberg and Younes stood out. Especially Dolberg who has shades of Zlatan about his game - the casualness and the talent.
  4. Players that you think are Good/Excellent

    Bertrand Traoré, of Ajax (on loan from Chelsea) is very very good
  5. 2017 European general elections

  6. Ice rink

  7. 2017 European general elections

    I'm not saying she's not. She'd be very dangerous, but for me it would be for different reasons (dumping the euro, social unrest...). That said, if you have a closer look at Macron - his mentors, the financial interests behind him, his populist attitude - it makes you wonder what he will lead France to.
  8. 2017 European general elections

    France is one of the founding members of NATO, in 1948. De Gaulle withdrew in 1966. It fully-rejoined the integrated command in 2009.
  9. 2017 European general elections

    Well France only joined NATO in 2009 under Sarkozy, so it's hardly a historical member...
  10. 2017 European general elections

    Yes, the President is elected then we have parliamentary (legislative) elections two weeks later. The President is sworn in, forms cabinet and names a PM. Not exactly, Chirac dissolved parliament for anticipated legislative elections in a gamble to boost support for his conservative economic program. He lost the elections and then had to choose a left-wing PM. Macron's "En Marche"(EM) is still a young political party that doesn't have enough viable candidates for the legislative elections and will have to "transfer" some members from the two traditional parties. On the other hand, Marine Le Pen's FN have had really strong scores in the past few elections (25-30%), but the two round election system has them facing a coalition which has largely kept them out of parliament.
  11. 2017 European general elections

    This whole Macron story is social engineering at its finest
  12. Ice rink

  13. Players that you think are Good/Excellent

    When he was at Malaga. It was very much a Sneijder-type link though...
  14. Players that you think are Good/Excellent

    The Villa player that never was, Isco. Plays like Wilshere but is actually good.