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  1. Yeah agreed. But if a squad player elsewhere, why not here. The other players (including Jack) clearly love him. I don’t get this. I like him as an option off the bench with his set pieces in a tight game where we are not creating much.
  2. Most improved player which is saying a lot with Trez, EL Ghazi, Konsa, Luiz etc etc. We no longer have a week link. Happy days.
  3. Brilliant performance. And brilliant attitude in the interview. What a player and man he is.
  4. I like the balance he brings and his dead balls are the best we have but he doesn’t work hard enough off the ball for me. Add a bit more pressing and I’d be fine with him starting. Can’t be match fit yet so I’m happy give him more time but in truth I’ve never really seen him press that much. Issue is set pieces if he doesn’t start.
  5. What a signing. So composed. Distribution was brilliant. And a brilliant save. Happy days!
  6. jimcohen

    Matty Cash

    Brilliant crosser of the ball. He will get 4-8 assists for us this year with Watkins in the box I predict.
  7. Happy with this. I get the reservations. But if we coach and manage him right then we could have a real player here that adds a lot of value to the first team for years.
  8. Guess I’m mistaken then. Nakamba played DCM against a team that offered close to nothing when we had the ball 3/4 of the game. Those stats just follow that for me. Anyone in that role against that team with that style would have those stats. Taylor on the other hand tired to get forward and play some more attacking balls, crosses and through balls. Much harder passes to get completion stats on. He also got one assist. A better stat than most bar goals for me. But I respect your opinion and admire your stats!
  9. That has to be the new young tapping on gabbys shoulder meme that pass from Jack to Taylor and Taylor looking over his shoulder the wrong way!
  10. Fair enough. Though Taylor was ok. He won’t ever be much better coz he ain’t much better. But he never got beat, didn’t misplace many passes and got an assist so 6 seems fair. Nakamba gave it away a lot and offered very little in the game. He had one good bit of tracking back but against a lower league side I’d say you need more than that really. Footy is all about opinions I guess!
  11. Nyland. Terrible distribution. 3 Elmo. Ok.6 Hause. Terrible passing. 4 Mings. Lazy performance. 5 Taylor. Won’t ever be much better so limited but got assist. 6 Nakamba. Just can’t pass. 5 Lansbury. Awful. 1. One good corner otherwise 0 Ramsey. Promising. 6 El Ghazi Tried but limited 5 Jack. Perhaps tried a bit too hard but class 8 Watkins. Missed a sitter but looks class 7
  12. Agreed on most bar Lansbury. He needs to be fined for this! The others try. They are just limited. Lansbury just strolls around like he doesn’t care. Don’t get his attitude at all. No pressing. No tackles. Bad passes. This is his chance and he clearly doesn’t care.
  13. Away from home with no fit striker against a top side I’d say that’s a very good result. Always going to be hard second half. Nothing to do with Smiths team talk or tactics. Just how games like that go. I’m more happy about the first half performance that got us 1-0 up myself. Look for the positives.
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