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  1. He’s tried his best. He’s been through hell and back personally recently. I don’t think badly of him. But Its time to go. No idea who replaces him. I am so scared for our future in all honesty.
  2. Incredible work rate yesterday. Was screaming at Hogan and grabban at times for not matching his pressing. Absolute hero at the moment.
  3. The thing that Conor has on his side apart from a goal out of nothing is his work rate. He may not always play great but he never hides and always works hard. He didn't have a great yesterday despite his goal. But on plenty of occasions he was pressing really hard and put in some great defensive challenges. He just didn't do much with the ball when he had it. He's in our best starting eleven for sure.
  4. He was a disgrace yesterday. Forget the countless misplaced passes and sloth like speed. His whole body language was off. Plays like he thinks the championship is beneath him. How you can think that when your playing alongside a champions league winner is beyond me. Youve got Terry and snodgrass playing like there life depends on it having been there and done that and then you've Onomah looking like he's above it all. Makes my blood boil. Toss yourself off back to Spurs you numptey.
  5. What.....a......goal Didnt think he was poor before that goal. Was breaking things up and really pressing well.
  6. So pleased for him. Awful week and that win would have meant so much for him. He looked really emotional when that first goal went in. Well done Steve and well done all the staff and players. Superb!
  7. Thought he was great when he came on. Hopefully between him and jedinak we will see less of whelan
  8. Genuine question: Do we think Jermaine Defoe played up front on his own would score goals in this villa team under Bruce? A couple of potshots from outside the area perhaps but certainly not as much as his talent and previous record should warrant. My answer would be no. That wouldn't make me question if Defoe is good at scoring goals. We know he is. I don't mean to be insulting to Defoe, a player who is one of the top scorers of all time in the premier league, with Hogan who has only scored 20 goals at championship level but I also don't think it is wrong to say that they are a sim
  9. Being hung out to dry every game. Nice bit of play that set up a quick counter attack but some sloppy passes. He will always lose the ball with his back to goal. A player who's confidence is rock bottom. I don't think we will ever play the way he would want us to. Certainly not under Bruce anyway.
  10. Not passing to Adomah was disgusting. It wasn't a case of not being aware of him it was just utter selfishness plain and simple. But what annoyed me just as much was they way he couldn't even look at Adomah afterwards. He knew full well how selfish that decision was. He has to be one of the first names on the team sheet but if he doesn't knock that selfish streak out of his game he will never make it in the prem.
  11. Such a limited manager. He should be giving CH permission to run a train on his daughter because he is the only reason we won that game. What in Gods name does he say at half time to send them out so unmotivated. Gaining momentum yet I feel more deflated than before kick off. I guess it's because I was hoping for a positive performance after Barnsley. But not with this guy on the touch line.
  12. Bruce instills the negativity. He is helping breed a culture of it, especially away from home. He admitted on Sky that he went for 3 at the back to make us more "solid" but we were uncomfortable with it so he changed it back to saturdays formation. Now imagine you were a villa player off the back of 2 convincing wins and some nice football thinking "here we go let's push on from here" and Bruce drops the bombshell to you that he's gonna play 5 at the back at Bristol to make you more solid. Its these key decisions at key moments that can have a real impact on the mentality of the
  13. In Bruce's words we are "back to euphoria" after wins against Norwich and the mighty Wigan. No we aren't. We're just delighted and surprised we've scored some goals recently. Why does he insist on using such extremes? I think he has really shown a disconnect with the fans with his recent comments. We have seen such poor football under his management and it's no wonder fans turned. The "euphoria" from the fans should tell you something Steve. It should tell you that the defensive, timid and weak rubbish football you have been producing isn't what the fans want to see and you nee
  14. We know he's not shite. He was great at Brentford. He isn't a lone striker though. There is no doubt in my mind he is a victim of Bruce refusing to play 2 up front. At Wigan, SHA, Sunderland and Hull Bruce loved 442. He comes to Villa and suddenly thinks he has the nous to do something different. He's clueless.
  15. " We've created enough chances in all the games to win them all" No Steve we haven't. Hull? yes. The other two? Nowhere near. I liked Bruce before he arrived because I thought he was one of the more honest managers. Clearly I was wrong.
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