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  1. He’s tried his best. He’s been through hell and back personally recently. I don’t think badly of him. But Its time to go. No idea who replaces him. I am so scared for our future in all honesty.
  2. IVe been saying it all week. If nerves and inexperience effect Fulham we can win. If they don’t then they will wipe the floor with us. Turns out it’s the latter. We look the inexperienced ones.
  3. Jedinak MOTM so far id rather it be grabban i can only see us sitting deeper in the second half. we ain’t all of a sudden gonna turn into Fulham. Looks like it’s protection of the lead and hope for a goal on the break.
  4. Not got Jack in the game at all. this is more like the second half at boro
  5. Unfairly penalised or not did Kodjia run a marathon before kick off? Looks woefully off the pace.
  6. Yeh snoddy has been poor. Making a habit of it recently. Seems to have lost that fire in his belly from a few games ago. If we played with a bit more urgency and showed a little more composure we could be 3-0 up here. Need another or it could get nervy.
  7. He really doesn’t rate Bree does he. I thought he was better against Cardiff than Taylor was in his last 3 games. Look forward to seeing Onomahs lazy arrogant ass trot about the middle of the park. He’s got a perfect sloth in Whelan next to him. Hoping for some Grealish or Kodjia magic.
  8. Well I’ll be cheering on Fulham for the rest of the season. Although Cardiff will still trounce us in the playoffs if we play like this. Warnock can actually motivate his team
  9. The lazy body language from some is unacceptable. So many guilty of it today. Grealish Hogan and Hourihane looking like the only ones that can be arsed
  10. Make no mistake that goal was Taylor’s fault. Great finish or not. He couldn’t be arsed to get tight when he should know Murphy had a good left peg. It was lacklustre. Just like the whole **** half
  11. Can’t believe the Cardiff game on Tuesday is going to be pointless. The minimum we could have done is give Cardiff something to fight for. They still will have. Thanks to Fulham
  12. FFS Taylor. Sums up our first half that. Stand completely off him giving him time to pick his spot
  13. Are we expecting to sleep walk to 2nd? The lack of urgency is staggering.
  14. Lansbury is dead on his feet. Im not too arsed about the result. As soon as that Cardiff result came in yesterday it was the play offs for us. in more disappointed by the performance. After the last two shocking results we haven’t seen a reaction from any one of them. We can not afford to sleep walk into the playoffs. But it appears that’s what we are doing.
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