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Ched Evans


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Holy shit.

The Telegraph"]Sheffield United and Wales striker Ched Evans jailed for five years for raping a teenager 'too drunk to consent'

Sheffield United's Ched Evans has been jailed for five years today for raping a teenager who was "too drunk to consent" to sex as two of his friends watched and tried to film it on a mobile phone.

Wales international Evans was found guilty of raping the then 19 year-old at a hotel following a night out in Rhyl, north Wales, last May.

His co-defendant, Port Vale defender Clayton McDonald, was found not guilty of the same charge.

Court proceedings were disrupted after McDonald was acquitted, prompting a brief adjournment.

The court heard that both men admitted they had sex with the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, but the prosecution said she was too drunk to consent to sexual intercourse.

In her evidence to police, the woman said she has no memory of the incident and believes her drink may have been spiked.

The jury first returned a not-guilty verdict on McDonald after four hours and 52 minutes of deliberations.

McDonald, of Marys Gate, Crewe, Cheshire, looked elated as the verdict was read out.

His family and friends in the public gallery reacted by shouting "Yes, yes".

One man left the courtroom and could be heard screaming.

Judge Merfyn Hughes QC then rose and everyone in the public gallery was ordered to leave the court.

McDonald remained in the dock with Evans, 23, of Ashtree Gardens, Millhouse Green, Penistone, South Yorkshire, who held his head in his hands and cried hysterically.

McDonald hugged Evans and the two footballers, who first met when they were both at the Manchester City youth academy, banged heads together.

When the judge returned to the court, the jury foreman gave the guilty verdict against Evans.

The Sheffield United centre forward threw the headphones he was using to follow the trial on the floor and then looked shocked.

Judge Hughes told McDonald he was free to leave the dock and after the footballer exited the court, shouts of "No, no" could be heard.

In a statement released via Sheffield United's website, Evans's lawyers said: "Ched Evans is shocked and extremely disappointed with the decision reached today by the jury at Caernarfon Crown Court to convict him of the charge brought against him.

"Mr Evans firmly maintains his innocence in this matter and is being advised regarding an appeal of the decision."

Sheffield United said the club recognised "the seriousness of these events and as such wishes to respond in a responsible way when it has taken sufficient time to consider the matter fully".


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Yep I third that.

I'm always very suspicious of these sorts of trials. Which is a shame because I don't like the feeling I might be doubting an innocent victim.

I also find it terrible that the woman's name is protected for legal reasons but not the male.

Now, obviously if he's guilty then name and shame him, by all means. But (and I'm not talking about this case specifically now) they're found not guilty, then the damage to their reputation has already been done.

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Very strange this one.

The only thing that is strange for me is why Macdonald isn't joining Evans in jail...

how the **** does he get off when he had sex with her as well?

the rest is pretty simple.....they raped a vulnerable girl, got their mates to video it and therefore are **** animals so should be punished...

i can only hope Evans bumps into some Owls fans in prison

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What I find most strange is that the other guy got off (no pun intended). She said that she had no memory of what happened so how did the jury reach the verdict that she was in a fit state to consensually shag McDonald but not Evans? Had she passed out in between? 

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I can only presume that the girl somehow indicated the "go-ahead" for MacDonald, then she was someone how spiked by Evans. But she was accusing both for rape - so indicating she did not give the "go-ahead" whatsoever, and like many said how the hell MacDonald got away

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I can only presume that the girl somehow indicated the "go-ahead" for MacDonald

The whole case hinged on her being 'too drunk to give consent'. They both admitted to having sex with her, so I don't get how one can get away at not the other.

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Mr McDonald claimed that Evans asked if he could get involved, while Evans said it was Mr McDonald who asked him if he wanted to have sex with the woman.

Now. As a jury, if we assume this to be true and the Independent have worded that correctly, Evans has potentially got consent, since he asked Mr McDonald if he wanted to have sex with her. However, it's a case of who you do believe.... McDonald or Evans. Both maintain she was fine enough to give consent. Rape is not accidental, yet I'm still not entirely sure how McDonald was released - unless he was able to convince the jury his actions were consensual. Other than that, it can only be speculation.

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^I can see the case for the defence now:

"Your honour, ladies and gentlemen of the jury; I will prove beyond doubt that the plaintiff walked onto my client's penis, which just so happened to be innocently revealed, erect and in the vicinity at the time".

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