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  1. Tomaszk

    Wesley Moraes

    He's a real menace yes. Unfortunately, because of the timing and price of both signings and the fact we (and our manager) have got a bit of history with Maupay, I think they'll get compared a lot. Maupay looked the much better player on Saturday's showing. Yes I know Wes has more goals this season thanks.
  2. I'd bite your arm off for a point from next two. I'd bite your arm for a point in the four total matches v Liverpool and City. They're the only two really good sides in the league.
  3. Big Dion inexplicably just made it up on football focus! OR Dion thinks he's much taller than he is because of all the headers he'd win and has matched Grealish up. Jacko is somewhere between 5' 10" and 6'.
  4. Tomaszk

    Dean Smith

    It's amazing. My favourite year as a fan. If we can stay up, I think we'll cement ourselves in the coming years. Jack and John will stay and the owners have shown they're happy to shell out. I reckon we'd be strengthening the squad with another 4 or 5 good players next summer.
  5. Tomaszk

    Wesley Moraes

    If he turns into anything like Benteke I'll eat my hat. He was one of the best strikers in the world at us, that's why Liverpool paid £30m for him before the market went insane. Wes has many areas where he's raw.
  6. Tomaszk

    Wesley Moraes

    Groans when he loses the ball? Didn't go yesterday. I'm afraid fans will groan whoever loses the ball.
  7. They should have scored 2 or 3 yesterday.
  8. Has set a stupidly high level for himself and didn't get there yesterday. Still won a few entertaining balls. You know the ones. When they don't see him coming. Or they do, and are sure they've got the ball under control and he monsters them off it before they know what day it is.
  9. Tomaszk

    Dean Smith

    100% with you. This is what I want to see, I love it. The end game is correct. Also, we've been boned enough this season, delighted to pinch a win at the death. Having said all that... Against 10 men that was a really poor performance, Brighton had so many chances. No one bar Jack was particularly good, he alone dragged us to that win. The shape of the midfield was a right mess, even with the extra man. Look at poor Marvelous on the average position map... The game could have been 3-3 or Brighton could have won 4-3. We were far far too open and Smith must address this. Not just a manager or formation thing of course, those average positions can only give you an idea, that could have been a 4-0 win map. Hourihane was very poor throughout and McGinn lost his head a bit last 20/30 I thought, was trying strange passes and getting frustrated.
  10. Having done mostly nothing in his career he's scored around 80 goals in 90 games, it's farcical. Best see if he casts a shadow.
  11. Tomaszk

    Wesley Moraes

    Can't see this at all. He's messy and awkward. Right now he can improve hugely on absolutely everything. His shooting is incredibly annoying. Scuffs 90% of efforts.
  12. He absolutely has to start v Liverpool and City for his pace on the break.
  13. I thought Brighton were excellent yesterday. We weren't great and snuck a win. If we'd have played like that v Arsenal we'd have won by 2 or 3 goals, fear cost us v them.
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