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  1. I say Dean Smith is on a million pound a week. Just because it's on the internet doesn't make it true. Sportek look like some dodgy streaming website. 99% of football clubs might win maybe one trophy in their next 10 years. The umpteen other trophies will be shared between the 1% forever. Style matters massively. I don't want to watch a team with no plan fluke results. Be great when Bruce and his like are out of football forever. Won't be long now. The chancers time is over.
  2. He's not a villa fan. The role you've taken on in this thread is a strange one.
  3. I find things like this funny now. Euros killed all my interest in the England team. Mixture of Southgate being a moron and the media saying we were playing well, when clearly we weren't. With Grealish half-fit but playing we would undoubtedly have won the Euros. 100%. Instead it was just a barrage of oh look how Sterling has justified his selection (crap almost every minute). Oh look how Pickford has justified his selection (lost his head half the time when he had to do anything). Isn't Southgate clever and perfect as we grub 1-0s and look consistently awful with an incredible squad. No one is picked on form, everyone is picked on his favourites... and his favourites are usually just the most defensive option. Southgate is an embarrassment. Gutted to see Jack leave, but loved Pep clearly making a mug of him by handing over £100m.
  4. They thought they had a chance to sign Grealish. Absolutely mental.
  5. Forcing him into any fixed role is such a waste.
  6. Tomaszk

    Ezri Konsa

    I mean, yeah, they've tried to buy a soul in purchasing Grealish, but that doesn't mean he isn't an incredible player. One of the best in the world. That's why Pep spent £100m on him. Only City players with more mins than him in UCL and PL so far are Ederson, Dias and Cancelo. --- On Ezri, I'm so glad he signed that five year deal last season. He's an absolutely incredible CB for his age.
  7. Didn't he just get an assist from a cross?
  8. 1) Pick your stance nice and early 2) Defend it with your life and insist you are correct until the end of time, despite any evidence to the contrary.
  9. Tomaszk

    Ezri Konsa

    He was that good one of the most successful managers of the last 15 years signed him for £100m while he was injured. Konsa is better than every CB in the current England squad IMO.
  10. They still stink. They need Fred. They need someone to blame. If he goes, it'll shift to McTom, then Wan-Bissaka, then Sancho, then Maguire. Hope they get a few wins in the coming weeks so Ole stays on.
  11. Bang on. And that's when the superleague will happen. PR work / Propaganda will be ramped up as it gets closer to the greedy six keep their own fans on side. It might not be that hard when you say to them you can watch every game a season, online for £100... and it'll be against only other big boys. They might actually out greed each other and kill football totally. As much as they don't want to share £300m with Burnley. They won't want to share £75m with Bayern or PSG. If they split revenues by what each club makes, you're looking at about three or four clubs competing for every trophy. Forever. Unless Barca go out of business before then which would be a frightful shame. Then it'll be two or three clubs.
  12. Fair enough, game of opinions. Coady and Dier are absolutely dog.
  13. Would you swap him for any of those players? They'll all be on triple his wages at least.
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