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  1. Allan and Richarlison injured tonight. Alarm bells.
  2. I can see it but they've got so many wingers already. They desperately need some defenders.
  3. I believe he prefers the left, just like Ghazi. Had plenty of *NEW* spots in there a month ago where there were holes in the squad, just ticking them off as the signings come in. Not predictions of signings or anything.
  4. Be good to see him back. Thought he was a goner.
  5. City looking to move Zinchenko on and I think he'd be a decent pick-up if he was low-cost, which he probably wouldn't be. Can play LB, DM, CM and probably have a go left wing if you want to. He's had some rotten games for City but playing Pep's game isn't easy as a full back. He's more rounded than Targett IMO.
  6. I can think of someone who wouldn't and would complain they weren't as good as Bielsa.
  7. I'll **** burst if we get Rashica as well. Surely not ffs. It's almost too much! If we stay clear of major injuries I think we'd be 12th at lowest and can have a right go at both cups.
  8. Great to hear Tammy bigging us up to Barkley.
  9. Whoever we have at the weekend is getting it.
  10. Credit to @BOF pointing this out. I need to post it again and encourage you to read these 99% negative replies if you haven't yet. Always a great thing to see. Lots of talk among Chelsea lot he probably forced this which is also an excellent sign. Something I was worried about.
  11. If it's between Trent info and Evans' usual guessing there's only one winner. I think if it's there it's probably pretty high. I'd guess £25-35m. But that stops up getting held over a barrel for £50m if he has a blinding season.
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