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  1. I'm convinced it's the quality football following some real trash. We watched so much muck from 2010-2018.
  2. Tomaszk

    Glenn Whelan

    It won't be on the same terms, but I'm pretty sure we'll offer him a new deal. Smith has mentioned enough times now what a good trainer he is. When you're going to bringing in the number of new faces we are this summer you need some there to set the standard in training and the dressing room. It'll depend on what he gets from elsewhere as to whether he stays or not. Or he retires I suppose.
  3. I'm a bit edgy about Bolton as well. Was more worried about Rotherham than Bristol. We should be OK with Jack back in. Need to get 3-0 up the bring McGinn and Whelan off.
  4. That series on the YouTube page are very funny now McGinn has found his stride. Very entertaining chap. Small insight into other bits and bobs as well. He's made quite a few references to refs doing us in, which he's correct with. Also called Jack The Messiah and made fun of Tammy when he hadn't played him in for a chance.
  5. I think it's sensible to keep hold of him and see what he's got after a spell in "real football". Maybe bring him on pre-season and if he's not going to get a look at in try and get him to a league one side until Jan.
  6. Forgot Grealish wasn't playing last time we played them. And they only won with the last kick after Elmo gave it to them on a plate. We're scarier than them.
  7. Yep. He'd have ripped the net out from there. Tammy had made the chance for himself but should've been more aware.
  8. Nah, they've got a new owner is all that's happening today. Doesn't bode well I don't think.
  9. Woods was brilliant at VP. Started almost all their moves. Not sure he's got enough presence defensively to play that role should we go up. Bearing in mind we've already got Grealish in midfield.
  10. Love the goal against Boro so much. Big meatball busting through the line of defence. It's like an outside centre in rugby or something.
  11. Blues sat back against them and lashed it forward to Adams. We won't be doing that. We'll be expansive and open and both teams will score. I'd rather avoid them.
  12. He'll want to come back if we go up. I'm convinced of it. He won't be assured of a starting place at Chelsea and we make so many bleeding chances. Striker's dream! If we don't, he won't want to go to a lower PL club and have another Swansea season I wouldn't think. He'd rather bang 25 in Champ than <10 and relegated from the Prem I think. If someone like Watford were to come in for him though, we'd have some trouble.
  13. Why the hell are we talking about Bristol? They've just escaped with a 2-1 defeat that should have been a thrashing. I hope they get into the playoffs and I hope we play them in the final. With our full team back we'll murder them, it'll be a horror show. The real threats are above us. I wonder if Smith will consider bringing McGinn off earlier if games are safe. I'd imagine he will with the likes of Lansbury and Hourihane available from the bench.
  14. Didn't see the game I'll be honest. McGinn was supposedly so bad that he got dropped for a match against San Marino. Playing under bad managers is tough. I think he'd be decent value only costing £7-15k a week and no transfer fee. Plays CM and LB regularly.

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