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  1. Stoke getting Lindsay for £2m and Powell on a free is great business. Both could be in our squad next year, and you'd think would prefer us than Championship Stoke. We must have some great players lined up.
  2. I'm just going to chuck out there that Valentin Rongier is an absolute baller and I'd love us to sign him. Not convinced he'd work as a DM in the PL, but if we sign another good defensive midfielder he could end up forcing McGinn or Grealish out the team, that's how good he is.
  3. He was never worth £15m. He was worth about £35m the day they signed him. Can't compare Wolves' fees with anyone, they don't do normal transfers, just have agent who decides what players they get. Said it in the transfer thread but if we start the season with someone better than Phillips and have him, McGinn and Grealish in midfield, we'll stay up comfortably.
  4. If we start the season with someone better than him, we'll stay us comfortably. Looking forward to it!
  5. I'm so bleeding excited about the new season but it feels like we're behind if we're going to have a full squad when we head to America. What do we need...another seven signings absolute minimum. Blimey.
  6. Harry Wilson linked in sun for £15m. Never ever been impressed by him. Liverpool got a great habit of selling their average youngsters for incredible money. Don't even know which one is which from that Derby behind the striker mob Lawrence, Wilson, Mount. Not a clue who is meant to be good as they all appear the just want to shoot from range and not much else.
  7. Well not exactly the same as he likely can't remember Leeds in the top division much, he was 6 when they were last there. The club should take caution as well, if we're still interested in Jan, and they are sat 14th, Bielsa walked. Our offer will not be anything near £20m.
  8. Buy for £15m buy back for £400m then.
  9. There could be legs in a bid with a buyback. Pay £14m and there's a £24m buyback for them.
  10. Jesus. The worst thing is that if that was Dunne on Owen, he'd have the red right out. Pleased with his defiant decision. Prick.
  11. Hmm, if it's good might save £20 and get this one then. Bugs and that should be gone by now surely.
  12. Tomaszk

    Tyrone Mings

    Yeah I thought that as well, but I think Bournemouth would be pushing him out the door. They'd have announced they'd given permission I think, or it would have got out. I don't like it to be honest, but the internet gets itself whipped up these days. It's half a joke now to be honest it's everywhere online on anything Villa related. As a player, we can get better for £20m. No doubts.
  13. Despised Leeds this season, eff them. Preston, Blackburn and Barnsley up please.

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