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  1. I have fear a big job will be appearing after the Euros this summer are over. Not sure what Smith would do.
  2. Funny Bruce comments there, the wally. Also only giving Grealish 20 mins as he did a lot in his first season. Deano was always going to be ten times the manager for us.
  3. He's so so lucky there's no fans in at St James'.
  4. There's no way his attitude doesn't affect everyone else as well. When you're shagged in the 80th min, a clearance goes over your head and you see Ollie charge after it and win a throw 70 yards up the pitch it would give you such a boost. Plus I bet it ekes out an extra 5 mins out of your legs thinking well if he's running that much, I can do it as well.
  5. In a win for the Midlands, Lambert to Nuno and Bruce to Smith are two fantastic jumps in managerial ability.
  6. Always liked Newcastle fans. Honest.
  7. Perfect. This sums it up. And it's the combination of all three that mean I dislike him as much as I do.
  8. Tomaszk


    If Tammy or Mount get pushed down the pecking order that's a good thing for us. Both would be great signings.
  9. That's what made it so funny. He looked like he really wanted to do that. He wanted to kick off and have a go but he's not a dick, he's a good boy and wanted his ice cream on way home. So as it was he just had a huge stroppy pout and huffed and threw his arms around. I laugh every time I think about it.
  10. Excellent spot. Steve Bruce is a rocket polisher. Sad he gets support from some still, I hope they know he'd push them under a moving train immediately if it benefited him.
  11. Well, yes. And Phil Foden is one of the best young players at Champions League chasing City and Mount is pretty effing good as well. If you don't think someone is "that" great or not worth the plaudits I think you're barking up the wrong tree using MOTM votes as a gauge. The poor lad plays in the same team as Jack Grealish and a load of other good players playing the best football of their careers. It's tough to stand out at the moment. Doug is playing his part very well. He has a winning attitude and has the composure of a 30 year old with 100 international caps.
  12. I don't understand either. Come on TRO spit it out. Less of this: My first is in Marvellous but never in Nakamba.
  13. I don't care if he doesn't score more honestly. I think he will, but if he doesn't and keeps doing this we will carry on winning matches. I can see a scenario unfolding where we keep trying other players who might be bigger goal threats but we look half the side anytime Ollie is on the pitch. Genuinely exciting how much he'll improve under Smith, there's so much in his game he can work on.
  14. Rest up and don't forget to pack your crash helmet Ollie. This will not be fun for you. Really need Barkley to look after the ball in good areas if he's going to start.
  15. Not there yet. He looks like an unfit player who's just had a fiddly injury. Hopefully it comes v Burnley as they'll need a bit of guile to get through. Looks scared/reluctant to take a hit when holding the ball with his back to a defender. The sort of hits Watkins takes literally 25 of a match and the sort Ross can definitely definitely handle. Bit too wasteful for my liking in general, but it's probably worth playing him until he gets fit as we'll need him against if we're going to pick up some positive results against Saints/West Ham/Arsenal. Every game this season will
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