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  1. We will not be accepting any bid under the buyout, should it exist. It will stitch us up if they wait until 3 days before the season starts and do it then. So that's what I'd do if I was City.
  2. Then I can't believe it's gained so much ground. There must be a buyout. This is a non-starter.
  3. Negotiate down from £100m The cheek! I'd just be stunned if we accept a bid that isn't mental. Sorry Jack, you signed a five year deal last year.
  4. I'm just wondering as well when Arsenal are going to launch their bid.
  5. There has to be a release clause? How is this even a discussion if there isn't. We won't be selling for anything below £150m. Be disappointed and surprised if NSWE sell him for under £100m without a buyout.
  6. We're in trouble if Leicester want him. Hopefully we can sort this soon.
  7. For that kind of money we could buy six more Bertrand Traores!
  8. Give em a bit of the old razzle dazzle.
  9. Next week no good actually. If he's off, go tomorrow please so we know where we stand and can plan for the season. I keep thinking there must be a buyout if City are so confident. Why on earth would we accept a bid below £250m? If there is a clause, and he wants to go, why is he here? Unless the club know already and have asked him to wait a week or two to get some signings in. It'll be much much easier to get top players through the door if Jack is still here IMO.
  10. I feel like someone needs to tell him this. What most fans will feel. Not his Villa family, not the sycophantic suck-up Villa fans in the media who will tell him 'Yeah, it's time to go now. Don't worry fans will understand, you'll still be loved' to try and be his mate. Not many players in the history of football would be the legend at a single club that Jack Grealish will absolutely become.
  11. I actually came across their channel and watched a season preview or whatever it was. You could see Mark was very knowledgeable yes. Az revealed his team at the end and Christ alive it was bad.
  12. Was he a full of himself bellend then as well?
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