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  1. I bet the fans who never liked Smith because the job was too big for him were furious throughout as well
  2. I'm afraid it's been decided it's all Smith's fault. No other reasons will be entertained which can become draining on a discussion forum.
  3. There's no hiding from the fact we've been crap for a fair old time now. We seem to be able to get one end of the pitch right and not the other. If the balance is found consistently, my word what a side we'll be.
  4. I don't think it's quite as easy as you're laying out here. Everyone is trying to make it work. Only one team can win the league, three will go down even if there's 20 good sides in the league.
  5. He was reportedly unhappy with his salary. They didn't give him a new deal when they used the low clause to sign him I think. He's a handy player but I'm not sure he'd fit in massively for us. Doesn't have the pace we lack as good as he is in other areas.
  6. Ah, what a day at Wembley we had. You were promoted because of covid
  7. He'd have won promotion before Bielsa.
  8. Rather be his than Steve Bruce's Recommend Claret&Blue. Thought Mat Kendrick had some good thoughts, as usual.
  9. Another thing I like about our manager... He doesn't **** around with this 'playing games' nonsense. He'll have put him on because he trained well and he wanted to win the game and thought Barkley could do it for us. And if Barkley hadn't played like a blind man, he had two or three great chances to do just that! If Smith wants to do a deal for Barkley, or not do a deal, or do whatever, he will tell Purslow. And he probably won't tell the press either way. A true professional.
  10. Bunkum. He drives me up the wall with his insistence on 433. I hate that he always goes back to it. The subs you can see coming annoy me. It'll always be Trez for El Ghazi (he has very few options in general of course) or Traore on for El Ghazi around 70th min. I wanted to see Keinan yesterday. Not being able to take a throw-in has been an issue for about ten years and he hasn't addressed it fully. I'd have replaced him last summer after he pulled off two successive great seasons. I think it's fair to say I was wrong when he's had us up in the top 8 for most of the sea
  11. Tomaszk

    Matty Cash

    Played all over the place for them. His best position is RB for now though. Scored in the 5-5 at Villa Park from centre mid. He'll bring us a buzz our midfield are lacking I think. Just something worth trying to try and shake us out this rut. No one is playing well.
  12. What about if the season was in reverse? If we'd started crap but now ended the season winning 7-2 at Anfield? Just curious how you'd feel.
  13. Raphinha and Saint-Maximin both cost the same as Traore. Ouch.
  14. I agree with your point. I couldn't tell you how many games he's come off the bench for us, can't be many. I do remember at Blues in the Jack game though, he was brilliant coming on. He's not playing well at all but I can't see us getting to a position by the start of next season where he's regularly on the bench. Makes himself an easier target than others by not hiding and trying to make things happen constantly. I don't think he's ever got over that big ankle injury from December 2019. He's played like SJM can less than five times since he's come back.
  15. So we have five top 12 players but you seem to be arguing Smith is underachieving (?) by having us in 10th.
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