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  1. Think they're getting the train and Kodj welcoming them in?
  2. He bloody sprinted after El Ghazi into the corner for celebrations. Legs on this guy. Unreal.
  3. Tomaszk


    You couldn't find two wingers in the same side with more opposing attacking styles than Jota and Trezeguet.
  4. Don't feed trolls everyone Not getting to play his game. Working very hard for the cause as he should, but isn't enjoying us not having the ball a lot. Couple of little openings where he fluffed passes into defenders or didn't do enough to force sniffs into silver platter offerings. Certainly not poor, matches just aren't suiting him in an attacking sense at the moment. He'll look more Grealish when we have some more dominant spells matches. We've hardly passed out from the back so far, Doug was looking plenty as the ball went sailing over his head tonight.
  5. Can't believe how good he is.
  6. Tomaszk

    Wesley Moraes

    Really tough battle for him tonight, delighted. Selfless player. I think because he's so awkward looking, when things don't come off, or he loses a coming together, it really does look ugly. He knows what he's doing though, just kicked the stuffing out of two monsters up against him. Keep working hard big man There's been a feather of aggro every game now and it's an enjoyable interaction to see Tyrone come in and act as the diffuser. Don't want that to catch him out one week, it'll get noticed and targeted, remember Mason getting Benteke sent off for nothing.
  7. Tomaszk

    Douglas Luiz

    I thought there was some space around him actually. Sig, Gomes and later on Schneiderlin found hit of space off his back. Everton had so much of the ball though, he did well to stop what he did. Better towards the end than at the beginning. Wanted more of the ball on the floor than he was given, and will come into his own as the team grows. Very good player right now and he's got so much potential it hurts.
  8. Tomaszk

    Tyrone Mings

    Absolutely elite touch and carry out of the 6 yard death zone when the ball came back off the post. Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Hope that groin is OK. Was going to say the international break will give him a chance for a break if he can make it far, but he's going to be in the bloody squad isn't he.
  9. Tomaszk

    Tom Heaton

    Huge presence. Massive encouragement to the whole defence throughout. Love the big congratulations he was dishing out when Engels left the ball for him second half. Trio of him and Mengels is just so solid Needs to keep working on his feet and trust the ball into Doug when it's on, no problem him playing it safe when he doesn't like look of how tight pressing players are. Also fair few times now he's kicked it out of play on the left wing from a goal kick, stop doing that please.
  10. Everyone knew it was coming. Grealish certainly did.
  11. Yeah and he was our worst player then as well. Cutting our legs off in possession. We can hardly get anything going on that side of the pitch. It's affecting Grealish, El Ghazi, Mings, no one is comfortable giving him the ball. He's doing a job as we've hardly had the ball in two matches and he can sit there and be a stopper. But my word, going forward...in fact, just on the ball in general, he's disastrous. The real worry is if Targett isn't as strong as him defensively, because Taylor's not a good Premier League defender IMO. Targett will add so much going forward, he'll have to be all kinds of trash at the back to be an overall negative.
  12. Man of the match for me, and winning it against Wes or the two CBs is madness. He's such a driving force in the side. I feel totally comfortable when the ball is at his feet no matter where he is.
  13. Tomaszk

    Dean Smith

    Really pleased for the boss.
  14. The wheels on the fella, jeez. Rocket. Absolutely brilliant. Unlucky to be carded bearing in mind ref booked no one else for similar challenges at all. Huge tackle near the end, must make once he flew in. I think leaving him out has been an error from the boss.

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