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  1. This is it. He's going to have to suck up being a punchbag for a long time and he deserves it. As it is quiet, there's some people really whipping themselves up trying to be upset in different ways. The stuff about young people being a problem is pure old man yells at cloud.
  2. Many many loved players just wouldn't make it today because of their behaviour.
  3. Yes there'll be plenty of that but I've got no sympathy. There's absolutely nothing going on in the news that isn't virus related. He's going to have to suck up being a punch bag for weeks or months. I have no doubt there's thousands of others doing it across the country right now, hopefully a few of them will wake up and see it isn't acceptable. I'm gutted because he's been such a dick. From what I can tell he's been exemplary for five years, now this.
  4. Do you believe every story you hear?
  5. That is such a pile of bull from Delaney.
  6. That's true actually. I'm just surprised he hasn't put something on twitter or whatever himself. He doesn't have to but he would have been alerted this was out there, why leave it? Police didn't question him at the scene I've taken from those images? The keen bean who has took those pictures would have been sure to get the police cars in along with Jacko and his bad attire.
  7. No denial from Grealish himself on twitter makes me think it's legit tbh. He got across the Utd thing real quickly himself. Massively shot himself in the foot here in terms of a big summer move. This will be clubs suddenly unsure of spending huge on him now, we won't be dropping our price. No problem with him doing whatever through the summer, he's proven to be a model pro during the season for 6 years solid now. This is a terrible move from him though.
  8. Tomaszk

    Your GOAT 11

    Delighted to see Brazilian Ronaldo in so many teams. Wonder if he could have got over his injuries if technology was bit better in 2000. Don't assume players like this will come along again, football is becoming evermore tactical and system orientated, mavericks like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Messi will likely have magic coached out of them at 12 so they can slot into a position . Khan Dani Alves Terry Maldini Lahm Zidane Pirlo Iniesta Messi Ronaldo Cronaldo
  9. If you can guarantee one thing, it's that whatever happens will probably be worst for us.
  10. Could the NFL have times this shit any better? Could be one of the only industries relatively unaffected.
  11. That's why I think FIFA might have to put some sort of blanket rules in place. Not a clue what they could be though. Agents will do their usual and players will follow. I don't think any players should be allowed to move clubs and compete in the 19-20 season for a different team.
  12. That's what I mean yes, Sky et al have not paid the PL yet, and won't if the games aren't played. So they will be played IMO. Players contracts is going to be another right mess. There's a chance FIFA might have have to step in to try and stop clubs and agents eating football and just **** each other over.
  13. Don't forget when he goes to Man Utd people say he's come on loads as a player and stopped partying like he did at Villa.
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