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    Matty Cash

    We won't be signing another right back for at least three years.
  2. Bit younger than I thought (turned 22 last month) but Jesus Joe Willock is so ordinary. Huge whiffs of Hourihane in that if he isn't scoring he does nothing.
  3. Ciaran Clarke hacked it out of play twice already. Love watching Bruce struggle. Really uplifting viewing.
  4. There was something in this...hopefully there still is. Milan were very interested as well. Their recruitment has been incredible since they went down the data route as well.
  5. I find Dyche painful the guff he comes out with. Desperate to be quirky and silly and get some praise for that. We know no one will congratulate him on the team he's managing...
  6. Yes, I mean exactly that. I don't expect booing to put him off his game but he does seem to want to remain in Villa fan's good books.
  7. I agree. Tough decision but hopefully that Representative for Wellingborough will understand.
  8. Nah. We'd stuff them both 5-0.
  9. You can't guarantee results. All you can do is work hard to try and play well. Smith's focus on performance and calling out when we're poor is one of my favourite things about him. If we could play badly and win every week, of course Smith and the fanbase would love it, we'd win the title every season. Isn't going to happen though is it.
  10. Feckin' Mancini! No chance would I want him.
  11. He's going to have to be the bigger man when he comes back to Villa Park. Because he's going to get it from some fans, he needs to accept that. If we take the lead, he'll be getting it both barrels from everyone. Wouldn't be surprised if that riled him into doing something silly like the dafty he is. If he does a Dwight or anything like that, he'll undo a lot of good will with Villa fans who don't hate his guts.
  12. Jones appears to be a good coach but had a rotten reputation at Luton for falling out with everyone as well.
  13. Something niggling me about this. I that it's the feeling I've got us as slight favourites in my head. Not used to it at all. If we play well, we'll be unlucky not to win I reckon.
  14. He needs to have a think because going and not making a squad is a big waste of everyone's time. He'd be better off staying, playing and running the show for us until the March internationals. Make it impossible for them to drop him totally. You'll have big Emi there regardless banging the drum for him. What will have changed after the Everton game when they're looking to go again? Even with a worldy he isn't going to jump from out the squad to starting.
  15. Friend of mine is professional gambler and has shown me before the huge success of new parents in sport. Hopefully can be the case here. Thought he was incredible against Chelsea. Keep working on that finishing Ollie, the goals will flow.
  16. I agree, but the microscope will be on the big man. Not even from fans in the ground particularly. Think we're still at the stage (rightly) fans are excited to see the likes of the Emis and Watkins and Ings and Bailey all in the flesh. But if he gaffs it'll be blown up big time and the reaction/discussion to it will help no one. Up the Emi!
  17. Must get a point here. A good performance will very likely get the win.
  18. When he's on it, it only takes about 10 mins in a match to see it. Players stop pressing him so intently because he's already skipped or 1-2'd round them twice.
  19. They stink man. They get by because they have a remarkable collection of players. They rarely control the majority of a game like real top sides. Ronaldo will paper over cracks further. Win them games they shouldn't win etc. No complaints from me, viva Ole.
  20. Delighted you think this. The more people buy in, the longer he'll stay there. They'd be a huge threat to the serious competitions with a football manager there.
  21. If Buendia was training this week I'm 100% sure that's what Smith would do. Not as certain with the Croatian mess.
  22. They still stink. Awful. Every game Ole is there is a great thing.
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