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  1. You've got McGinn and Hourihane pinned at the same level?
  2. The excellent Villa Podcast summed him up well. You know he's probably bad for you, but he's absolutely delicious.
  3. It was hardly just Villa fans! It was EVERYONE because Gareth Southgate used Mount as a reason to not pick Grealish and kept saying it in public because he's a moron.
  4. Done really well to fight out of the 'Not Jack Grealish' well Gareth Southgate chucked him down.
  5. This is where the starting team v Sheff Utd was probably the right one. But now that XI is coming off a loss so tough one for the boss. I'd perhaps change Kesler for Elmo but keep everyone else I think.
  6. You knew after 5 games in the Championship.
  7. 10 minutes were wasted after the red I agree. How can you not put a forward or do anything when a team is going to sit in their own box. Marv clearly shouldn't have started and did largely nothing until he was replaced.
  8. I think he was wondering why we were no longer interested in playing football. Why was no one in their position? Why was everyone just lashing it into the box? Why was everyone giving it to McGinn and Targett for them to then pass it to the keeper?
  9. I don't think it was quite that. Closer to 50/50. That first half wasn't too bad at all, the second was vile. I agree. Mentioned it a while ago weren't building through the middle much. I think it's a serious lack of mobility in the midfield that's the main issue. Seems McGinn could be permanently done from that ankle break, he simply cannot move. This is not the guy who got injured. It's a mixture of the defence being really solid and Ollie being incredible at making something of hoofs. We've done a hell of a lot of lashing it or giving it to Jack and he does something.
  10. I'd disagree with this part. I think our performance and team selection handed all the impetus to them. They played the same formation they have every single game for two and half years. It's a nice match-up for a 4-3-3 and they've always done OK against us under Wilder with it. Surely we all knew Marv would be a waste of a shirt tonight. We were going to have more of the ball from the off and he has nothing on the ball. He's a man for stopping football, not playing it. As usual, Smith largely spot on after saying we had the chances to win and were too aimless in the
  11. That referee was quite something. Can't recall anything like it since the Championship.
  12. Ridiculous refereeing. He's given the decision. You can't decide if someone would or wouldn't make it. Do you change your decision if it's Kyle Walker on the cover compared to Elmo? Mental.
  13. Switches is up subtly enough to get under the skin no matter the mood doesn't he.
  14. Your posts have been worth sitting through that first half. Gold. More please. Leeds away was really easy.
  15. Was definitely an effort to pass out from the back more. But Marv is in centre mid and McGinn has forgotten you can move when you have the ball.
  16. It's easier for everyone playing in a better team.
  17. Agree on all points, hopefully he wants to sign one.
  18. I agree with the theory but he doesn't play like Vardy particularly. Replacing that little runt will be a nightmare for Leicester.
  19. He does strike me as that sort of player. I bet he's untouchable in training where you aren't really smashing into each other like you would in a match. It could go some way to explaining how the hell he was staying in the team. Technically he's fantastic. It's all the basics he seems to forget about or simply not be arsed by. There's time to make this work but Ross needs to want it to. Chelsea don't want him, he won't kick a ball for them again.
  20. That's quite an awkward watch for Newcastle fans.
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