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Ratings and reactions: Villa 0-1 Man City


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Given
    • Hutton
    • Dunne
    • Collins
    • Cuéllar
    • Albrighton
    • Petrov
    • Gardner
    • Bent
    • Heskey
    • Keane
    • N'Zogbia (for Heskey 69)
    • Ireland (for Albrighton 77)
    • Baker (for Dunne)

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Your ratings and reactions please.

Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong.

[table color=#bccde9:523fdcc016][mrow][mcol color=#8c333c:523fdcc016]Aston Villa[mcol]0-1[mcol color=#cfcfff:523fdcc016]Man City

[row][col color=#8c333c:523fdcc016][col][col color=#cfcfff:523fdcc016]Lescott 63


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That just makes me so fecking angry! Not the fact we lost, I thought we would do well to get anything from the game, but the fact that for 80 chuffing minutes we didn't even try to win the fecking match. What is the point of playing the game if you are not going to try and win?

Today summed up McCleish in a fecking nutshell!

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Only a 1-0 defeat is a fantastic result really. Credit to McLeish for managing to keep it that low. Why bother to attack or even play football? Oh well I'm actually forgetting the last five minutes when we tried to create chances. That was an extremely ballsy move by McLeish and credit to him for that.

What a time to be a Villa fan.

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I've come straight on here....feeling pretty annoyed....what was the game plan today???

Chosen no man-of the match, we didn't have the ball enough to do anything. Maybe Carlos was the best at a push.

I hate this kind of performance, if we are going to lose, I would rather we lost 3-0 or 4-0, and we at least tried to play some football and score some goals.

Where was the passing football we saw in the last few games? This was on a par with Spurs away and Man Utd at home, playing not even for a draw, playing just to keep the score down.

Heskey on the wing again. Unbelievable. As soon as N'Zogbia and Ireland came on, we looked like a totally different team.

Another goal conceded from a set piece.

I havn't turned on McLeish yet, but we better have one hell of a summer and start next season well to make up for what we're seeing at the minute.

Feel sorry for all those who went today, imagine paying 30 quid to watch that regularly. No wonder the crowds are falling.

Very frustrating.

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we are told we dont like him as he is ex Blues. before Kick off all Neville could say was Mcleish is the right guy etc etc.

yet all the way through they criticised our tactics which are SOLELY down to Mcleish.

I am sure he could be a good Manager if he simply decided to try and win every game rather than his appaling 'no lose' philosophy.

As he seems unlikley to change this I have to join the ranks of those who want him out.

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Boring, shit game that we didn't bother to play properly. We only began to attack when Ireland and Zog came on - their absence from the starting line up, and the rumoured reason for it, says everything that needs to be said about McLeish's management. As Neville said, "Why wait until the 90th minute to put 4 players in the box?. Incredible." Spot on.

No criticism of the defence this week, not even Hutton or Collins, since when you take the calculated decision to suffer that much pressure without attacking, it's inevitable that mistakes will be made.

Cuellar MOTM for being full of fight all the way through, getting in some nice interceptions and tackles and even looking good attacking down a flank he can barely cross from.

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Absolute disgrace.

Heskey starting as a wide midfielder whilst Ireland and the Zog sit on the bench. McTool is a joke.

And 4-4-2 is great if your two can win the ball. Ours can't. Stan is not fit/energetic enough to be part of a two man CM against a three man CM.

Bright sides:

- Cuellar showing he is again our best defender by a country mile. Lerner has got to do everything he can to ensure he stays in the summer.

- Gardner looked bright at times but a little lost with no CM support.

- The Zog and SI looked useful WHEN they got their chance.


- McTool.

- Lots of other things that come from McTool.

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