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    Masks !

    That’s because half the people wearing them are thick as pig sh*te
  2. When you take into account the Grealish fee we’ve spent -£15m so far. hopefully we get someone else in at least
  3. Ted Lasso, bloody brilliant. that is all
  4. I imagine the long standing fans are enjoying the success but those like Noel Gallagher do seem to resonate that they also enjoy projecting their new found achievement and arrogance to other fans. they lost today, bloody good, I hope United win the title and they lose in the champions league final again.
  5. I never thought I’d find a club which annoyed me as much as United and chelsea fan’s but City’s fan base overall make those two look like their fan base is the Barmy Army. they’ve already won the domestic double at least imo, premier league largely done now for a couple of years. their smugness on social is toxic
  6. I mean, Pep is the manager equivalent of that monopoly player who takes four pink notes and hides them, then wins the game by buying every main property he lands on. and when you add in what them and PSG do with sponsorship it’s like both of them saying they’ve spoken to the bank and they’ve sponsored them with another £2,000 so they can slam hotels straight on Park Lane and Mayfair. then when a club like Southampton or Vill have any chance of getting close, they’ll get the card saying “advance to Mayfair”
  7. Watkins starts out wide then they flip to 4-4-2 at a moment notice. if they could train us to move between shapes multiple times mid game then that would be epic.
  8. Agree, he will be known as an exceptional player for us, but I think the last legend we had was a long long time ago.
  9. I wouldn’t, people compare it to real jobs saying it’s a no brainer. I could work in London and double my net income but instead I’d rather a 30 minute commute and a job which still gets me a pretty good life. A job in football isn’t even comparable to real jobs
  10. Greedlish .( so gutted right now, more for my youngest who idolises him at villa.
  11. It must be all up in the air. Journalists saying he’s at training and in Manchester. He can’t be at both, wth is going on. sounds like 99% off to City now which is gutting.
  12. Am sure he believes he can be starting for city, for me those players who win a champions league medal after making two subs appearances in group games are kidding themselves if they think theyve earned it. glorified lottery ticket medal.
  13. From the time at the euros, not sure who or why best not be villa fans but again, a lot easier to make fake accounts and appear legit these days
  14. Which funny guy moved this to other football?
  15. Found that we’ve responded to City’s bid
  16. If Jack stays (I.e rejects any offers and stays at villa for another season) I’ll donate £10 to VT. gutted but feel the noise is enough for me to believe he won’t be here next season.
  17. Unfortunately with a great squad of players who will develop we will become the next Southampton. jack £100m watkins £65m next year Buendia £70m year after. Saints have actually done very well to stay in the prem the last decade.
  18. Exactly, they made the mistake with Delph literally days before and even made him captain. they cannot be that stupid twice surely
  19. I just hope to god he stays and signs a contract. had an awful weekend on top of cricket. Think Jack going would give me a summer depression.
  20. Jack came on four minutes into extra time and pretty sure he had about five touches of the ball. He really didn’t have an opportunity
  21. Any stats for the game? Saying Jack had no impact on the game but given he was on in ET when no side passed with any intent I bet he hardly got the ball anyway. really annoying he was brought on so late
  22. When you’re at an event and they say “the buffet is now open”
  23. If Messi goes to City they won’t get Grealish and Kane. messi salary will be about £30m a year on its own
  24. It’s right next to our meetings and events area which can host hundreds of events every year. doesn’t matter if it was in Moss Side, it’s adjacent to the venue, and people will book hotels in Birmingham and Uber it.
  25. I’ve been to the Emirates and indeed Edgbaston and they’re a different level. Edgbaston building a pretty sizeable hotel on their land. Very smart move and will pull business their way. villa will need to realise the hotel in the next couple of years for sure
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