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  1. Is anyone else looking at the league table and thinking we could still do something? Maybe not the title, but top 6 or even top 4? Just a few things that jump out right now - we are 4 points ahead of Wolves with 4 games in hand! - we are 2 points ahead of Arsenal with 3 games in hand... - we are 9 points ahead of Brighton in 16th place with 4 games in hand, which makes me feel pretty safe... - we are 6 points off 4th place with at least 2 games in hand on all those teams above us, which to me says we are in mix. Now games in hand don’t mean points, but I would sa
  2. This is potentially a great signing, one that fans of other clubs, and maybe a few of us, will be really surprised by. He’s certainly not a player on the way down, which makes him very different to some of the other loan signings we’ve made in the past. If anything, he is approaching his peak, he’s a regular in the England squad and has work to do to make sure he makes the squad for the Euros. As others have said, straightaway it could free up more space for Jack to do his thing, not to mention the threat that Barkley brings himself. I do think this means that Conor will be firs
  3. He’s got some big decisions to make now, as whether by luck or design, we still have a decent chance of staying up, but something has to change. He’s clearly picking Konsa at the moment because he feels it makes us more solid at the back and gives an extra aerial presence when attacking and defending. We have generally looked more solid since the restart, but he really called Konsa our post-match yesterday, which I thought was strange. Regardless, the approach at the moment seems to be that one point is better than no points, so we are being very pragmatic rather than being gung
  4. I honestly think that collectively as supporters we all just need to calm down a bit. Obviously after the Arsenal game and yesterday the immediate reaction is like a punch to the gut, but we have to have perspective. Its very early, and we have had our ridiculous expectations realigned. There was always a chance that we might do a Wolves, and we all hoped that would be the case, and even the club’s leadership made sounds about us not just being there to make up the numbers. Equally there was a chance we would do a Fulham, but I don’t think that will happen either based on what we have see
  5. I think universally Villa fans wanted Derby rather than Leeds. I’ve seen quite a bit of Derby this year, and that is the best they have played - aggressive without going over the top, and courageous and confident on the ball. We are confident because we have beaten them twice this season, however Leeds did the same and look what happened tonight. This is very much a 50/50 game for me. Both teams are capable of blitzing eachother.
  6. OT - but strongly family links to the Midlands, Villa Park was the first ground I went to watch a match in the flesh, and one match watching Tony Daley was enough for me to make up my mind! Also OT, but regarding loyalty of Newcastle fans, this is overplayed quite alot, there was some difficult times at Newcastle before Kevin Keegan arrived, and much of my generation (born between the late 70s and late 80s) didn't support Newcastle when they first got into football. Most of my friends in Newcastle growing up were Liverpool, Everton or Man Utd fans (before Man Utd's success in the 90s). So
  7. Very interesting reading some of the comments on here, from what seems like a bunch of decent people trying to navigate a minefield without appearing to be offensive or a snowflake...I had a few thoughts - 1) I wonder why someone has decided to video this? Are they doing so because they think its a brilliant chant? Or because they think it might be racist/offensive and they are wanting to highlight it either because they are proud of those doing the singing or or to try shame them? 2) I'd love to ask those involved if they would happily start singing this song in the stadium with a f
  8. I'm honestly not sure who should start tonight out of Whelan and Hourihane. If I was Hourihane, I would feel mighty aggrieved if I'm not in the starting 11 after I came on and changed the game on Saturday. Even aside from Whelan's error, he and McGinn were both below par. But just because he will feel aggrieved, that doesn't mean he should start! As an aside, regarding Whelan's error, what really struck me is the way that he just stops after Gayle runs on to the ball, he's literally not moving. I don't know if he is in shock or if he is confused, but its very strange. You would imagi
  9. Video interview on Sky Sports this morning showing him saying he still thinks he has the ability to play for Chelsea and his aim is to go back there in the Summer. He’s just waiting for his chance and then he needs to grab it with both hands. While this should come as no surprise, a few things we learn from this - 1) regardless of whether we get promoted, he isn’t planning on being here next year, and therefore we would need to plan accordingly. 2) he’s weakened the bargaining position of any team wanting to buy him, as he’s made clear that he wants to stay and fight for his pla
  10. FWIW, I thought Grealish wasn’t at his best today, he was caught in possession more than I ever recall seeing before. And if this was an off day for him, it was still very very comfortable for the lads. Just like the previous 3 games, we restricted the opposition to very little, while managing to create some clear cut chances ourselves. What has been positive about the last 2 games especially, is that we have been playing against teams that would try to sit in with men behind the ball and try to frustrate us, but we have still been able to play our game. I don’t think anyone would ha
  11. Great result. We played pretty well attacking wise, and defensively we limited Forest to very little in terms of chances. Results also went our way, although as I said earlier - we aren’t the only ones with momentum - Sheff Wed and Preston will feel they are making a good run at the playoffs as well, and they both have very winnable games on Saturday. Its wide open now, Saturday becomes the new biggest game of the season for us. Win that and it bring Boro back into the mix a bit, and all of a sudden there are 2 spots up for grabs. We basically need to win every game between now and
  12. If we don’t go up, and if we lose Grealish in the summer, and if Lansbury can get fit, I think we will be a big player for us next season in the midfield with Hourihane and McGinn. He really needs to stay fit though.
  13. We are in the territory of every game being the biggest game of the season, especially if we have won the previous game to keep ourselves in the hunt. We might feel as though we are timing are run of good form just right, but the same could be said for Preston, Sheff Wed and Forest, who are all actually in better form than us really. Its not too late for us, but I feel like we can probably only drop points in 2 games between now and the end of the season, which means we need to win 8.
  14. Good day so far! Let’s not now blow it. 3 points from 4th, 6 points from 3rd, 10 points from 2nd. If you could ask only one more thing, it would be a Derby winner....we need Norwich and/or Leeds to get pulled back into the chasing pack...
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