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  1. MMFy


    Me and a mate are signed up for Challenge Paguera, Mallorca in October. There will be some other triathlons of varying distances before that, but nothing up to a half until then.
  2. MMFy


    If someone has your Surname and knows roughly where you live (within 200m) it wouldn't be difficult to find an address. As an owner of multiple bikes, I would like to keep mine protected!
  3. MMFy


    Don't get a surf wetsuit, the shoulders are not designed for swimming in a tri. I bought a Zone 3 suit for a half distance last year and it was fine. About £100.
  4. MMFy


    There's been some bike theft going on in Devon recently, so me and a number of my friends are changing our names to hide our identities. For those who know me on Strava, my name on there is now Porkie McSword
  5. I'm cycling Birmingham to Exeter this weekend, with a stop off in Bristol on the way Got a route planned at about 265km. I can't wait to get out on my bike!
  6. Is anyone doing the Birmingham Bikeathon this weekend? I'm up in the Midlands and want to thrash through the 52 mile course. And those lovely 3T wheels lasted 6 weeks before the freehub failed on me, about 85% of the way through the Dartmoor Classic...
  7. I bit the bullet last night and bought the 1000. I've also just finished building a new bike, after trying out a nice carbon bike in Ibiza a couple of weeks ago. So I'm now the proud owner (parent) of a Cannondale SuperSix Evo HiMod with full Ultegra and carbon 3T team wheels. It's incredibly easy to ride!
  8. MMFy


    I did the Bideford 10K on Sunday with absolutely no training in 19 months prior to the day. 1:09, embarrassingly, and a chafed stinkers bridge to boot. I can barely walk now. Going to give it a couple of weeks then start running 2-3km per day, upping it to 5-10km 3 times per week. I have a half ironman and the Birmingham Half marathon coming up...
  9. Does anyone use a Garmin on their bike? I've been using a Touring Edge for almost a year, but I think it's time to get more science out of it. I'm currently training for a half ironman in September, and need to ensure I maintain my fitness and strength for the run, instead of battering the bike like I would in a sprint tri. Does anyone use the Garmin 520? It looks a lot more comprehensive for almost all aspects compared to what I am currently operating...
  10. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-lyon-admit-want-11052708 So Lyon want Garde back. If this is the case, does he walk? Do we sell him to Lyon, like the noses ripped us off with McLeish? And if this is the case, should we try and get David Moyes, a manager used to working with a tight budget at Everton, who seems perfectly suited to Villa?
  11. MMFy


    I'd go with Gardner for captain next season. He's coming up with the goods at Forest, and that's going to be our level next season .
  12. Still played more than twice as many games as Darren Bent. And some want Darren Bent back here!
  13. I've just pretty much said the same thing in the defence thread.
  14. MMFy


    Richards and Lescott are dreadful. Lescott has always scored a few for a defender, even when he was at Wolves, but that's because he is never where he is supposed to be! His positional play is utter shite and he never provides cover for anyone. And on top of this, he doesn't look interested. Richards is ever-so-slightly better, but almost immeasurably so. He'd probably make a good sweeper in a shite formation. He's no good as a CB because of his lazy positional play, and he's no good as a RB because he never tracks his man closely enough. I'd drop them both now, from the squad, and play the kids instead. Okore is by far the best CB we have, and Clark or Baker would at least try and make a shot of it alongside him. Hutton plays about three good games per season, Bacuna is a winger played out of position, Amavi was looking interesting until the injury, and Cissokho, deemed too poor for the squad last year looks like he's trying. I'd be playing Bacuna - Okore - Clark - Cissokho at the moment. I don't trust the rest of the senior options available. BUT: Given we are now as good as relegated, I'd play the kids. Play the ones we can hold onto for next season in the fizzy pop league, give them some game time, and stop wasting our time and patience with these former Citeh wankahs.
  15. Okore is our best defender, and has been since breaking into the team. Lescott on the other hand is the worst defender I can recall in a Villa shirt. So Okore spends a lot of time in the middle on his own while Lescott and Richards stroll around wherever they like. Okore and Clark last season formed our most solid centre back pairing. I would like to see Baker back in this team with Clark and Okore. Lescott and Richards are too much of a liability. We need to try and hold onto Okore in the summer. He will most likely have ambitions higher than Villa though, as long as Randy Venkys Lerner is still destroying the club.
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