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  1. Sry but i have to leave you now, i got 2 hot blondes coming over and they are craving dick. Have a nice evening all.
  2. Ofcourse i haven't, i would never want to live in that shithole.
  3. What a load of shit, how dare anyone think that immigration to his country is getting out of hand. Evil nazis!
  4. Hmm and what is it that i want to say??? yes, ive lived in london for a year.
  5. You would never understand the point iam trying to make, so there is no point in expaining it to you.
  6. He sad it beacuse he want london to remain an english city, and no that doesn't make him a racist so plz....
  7. Do you seriously think that he dont have a point?
  8. Yeah, not being able to protect their home and family from all the lunatics that live in that country, yes iam sure they would suffer.
  9. Ok well let's ban all muslims from Europe aswell, just because few of them likes to kill little children, let's ban em all.
  10. 99.9% of gun owners dont do mass shootings. Why should they have to suffer for the few idiots who do?
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