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  1. I hate it when people compare Bruce Springsteen to God, He is great but he is no Bruce Springsteen.
  2. Haha exactly,this corona stuff is a piece of cake for a swede, i think the worst thing you can do to a swede is sit next to him on a public transport.
  3. A statue of a man and a statue of a woman stood looking at each other for hundreds of years out in a park. One day a wizard, feeling sorry for the statues, brought them to life for 30 minutes. Right away, the two of them ran into some nearby bushes and you could hear all kinds of strange sounds and moans from there. After a while they came back out, giggling. The wizard told them "You have another 15 minutes left, if you want to have another go." The statues looked at each other and the male statue answered "Fine, but this time you hold the pidgeon and i'll shit on it.
  4. I love those movies, i have ancestors who left for america during the late 19th century, i know today that iam related to familys who live in seattle and somewhere in wisconsin, but i dont know very much about them.
  5. I drink it evry evening, taste so good with a little bit of honey and lemon in it.
  6. That is really good song, 10 years old and this is the first time i hear it...
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