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  1. The team looks so much better with him in it, what a machine!
  2. The best thing that has happened to this club in a very long time ,when he took over we were struggling in the championship playing crap football Now we are in the PL playing very good football,and the team just get's better and better. I like his ability to spot a good player aswell, i hope he will be the villa manager for a very long time.
  3. When he is at his best i think he is world class, he goes past players like they are not there, only world class players do that.
  4. What a player, can't believe they sold him so cheap, didnt they know how good he is?
  5. I was watching it on the telly and the hair was standing up on my arms, reminded me of the game against Inter 94.
  6. Ikantcpell


    I almost starting to like gerrard after watching this
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