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  1. The potential incoming transfer of Sanson would suggest that CH will be surplus to requirements. I think he would do a great job at Celtic and would love to see him go in part ex for Edouard.
  2. If we got 12m for CH I would be amazed ... and overjoyed!!!
  3. Shows how Smith feels about Lansbury I guess. I see he played for the U-23s the other night. He needs to get himself a move to the championship.
  4. I like the look of this. For me, SJM is critical to us performing well as he provides the energy, drive and dynamism from CM that is critical in our set up. When he has an off game, we do and when he is injured/out, we tend to have poor runs. Sanson looks like perfect competition/cover/rotation, that can also play in other CM positions. He looks a definite upgrade on Hourihane who is technically good enough for an Premier League squad but just is nowhere near the intensity levels required. This is the type of squad signing that Leicester have been very good at over the past couple of
  5. I don't disagree with what you say, but this wasn't my only basis for what I said. We have seen several times that Mings can be subject to a rush of blood during games (in a way that I don't see Konsa ever doing) and, in the cases of Bamford and Zaha this season, can be susceptible to players winding him up that leads to him making errors. I still rate Mings BUT have said that, if a big bid were to come in - and as an England international that is possible - and given his age I would consider selling and re-investing. By big I mean £50m plus (a distinct possibility given the valuations
  6. I can see Gerard Butler now queueing up for the lead role!
  7. We had to play or forfeit because we couldn't fit a re-arranged game in before the next scheduled round of the FA Cup. Maybe these guys have a slot free that would work.
  8. The Daily/Sunday express is saying that the tie has been cancelled.
  9. Reading that a lot of the U-23s have trained/do train with the first team so you could end up with the U-16s playing Plop ... not the best!!
  10. Mings clearly let Bamford and Zaha get into his head. I think, if we got a big offer from a Man U or similar i.e. £40m - £50m, I would definitely sell Mings and re-invest, knowing that Hause, from what we have seen over the past month, is a more than adequate immediate replacement.
  11. I agree. He really is a class act and, to quote the often used phrase, a Rolls Royce defender. Great defensively, but so composed on the ball as well. He is definitely the pick of our CBs. The more interesting question is: who do you pair him with? Mings was a fairly established partner and, obviously, has made the England side, but the Bamford and Zaha incidents, not to mention Mings own confessions that he needs to speak to his psychiatrist (or similar)/mental coach before he goes out every game, demonstrates a bit of mental frailty and that players can get inside his head at times.
  12. I agree, but I also agree with the logic that we need two players for each position and they should, at a minimum, be capable of putting pressure on each other for that starting XI spot as that will just lift up everybody's performance/development. I think it would be difficult for us to find a better left back this January, given the way that Targett has improved and performed this season but we should be looking for a young left back to come in and develop behind him (a Cash equivalent say who could cost up to, maybe, £10m e.g. Henry) who can replace Taylor (if we had to play Taylor at
  13. Let's loan him out to the B-lose to replace the ineffective Hogan. Win win .... if he scores we get to see his capability and we can either bring him back or sell him (maybe even to them and then he stops scoring like Agent Hogan) and if he doesn't then B-lose are completely stuffed and may get relegated!!
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