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  1. Keep saying it but I would go for another ex-Arsenal LB in Kieran Gibbs. Good defender but gets forward and big upgrade on Taylor. Bags of PL experience. I saw a suggestion he could be signed for £3m a while back.
  2. I'd get rid. Try and get some value now before he is too old/gets to the end of his contract. He showed a few years back that he can be a decent striker in the championship and his minutes per goals won't have been too bad last seson.
  3. Has anyone seen Trossard play? Stats are very good - 22 goals and 11 assists last season - and only a young lad! Him and Benrahma either side of Wes/Maupay will do for me!!
  4. Heaton ticks the boxes for me and I would also get Kieran Gibbs who I'm sure I read could be had for £3m. Both have bags of PL experience and would cost £8m combined compared to the £30m for linked equivalents leaving us money to deploy elsewhere.
  5. We'll get stuffed with only 7 players. Numbers 1 & 3 look like they have let themselves go a bit in pre season as well!!!
  6. He was a very good player but is on a downward trajectory and, I believe, we are targeting players with the possibility to improve. Smith has never bought, as far as I am aware, players at the wrong end of their career and it has worked for him on a significantly lower budget than his rivals.
  7. I can see your point BUT I don't think he would feel like part of the squad if he was never getting any game time and had no chance of doing this. I think that is more divisive than team building. Better to let him go and find a club he can be a proper part of as I'm sure he still wants to play. May have been different were we re-building in the Championship and he had accepted a much lesser contract!
  8. We loaned young players that were at PL clubs and, for various reasons, couldn't get a break. We gave them that break and they excelled/showed what they could do and, where we could, we have signed them and they are now PL players again!
  9. No monies spent, other than Fulham, who spent in a strategically poor way and alienated the good players that had got them there. We will not do that: Jack and McGinn will start in CM; Mings, if he returns, will be our starting CB; Steer may not start but he knows he is important and has a future here; El Ghazi has been signed and will be an important player; Hourihane will be upgraded as a DCM but will still be an important part of the squad. They are also "Championship" clubs - we are not. We are a PL club that has taken a break. We have a management team - throughout the club - that knows where it is going and a PL identity. The margins are fine in the relegation battle - there were a number of clubs involved until late on - and we just have to be better than the bottom three. Newcastle have done this on a shoestring and with no plan, other than lets hold on to Rafa for as long as we can/until we can sell. Lets have more faith in the team at Villa Park.
  10. There is clearly no magic formula to putting a new squad together that will do well in the PL. If there was, every promoted team would be utilising it and finishing top half. Clearly, the best way to do it is as Wolves did it, by building a good squad that walks the Championship and adding a few quality additions, but even they didn't get it 100% right - can you imagine the uproar on here if our record signing was not Wes but Adama Traore!! The clearest route has to be: Largely the best younger players from the Championship/relegated teams - which is what we appear to be consistenly linked with. It has to be this way as you can't easily buy (within a budget and with the need to do a full re-build) the better young PL players and the Championship players understand the game in this country and are battle hardened. Some, like Hourihane, I actually think are more suited to the PL - less hustle and bustle and more technically based. Equally, I think youth is key as football is getting quicker and quicker and we need energy, certainly in the engine room. Sprinkle a few PL experienced players - Heaton ticks boxes for me but I would also look at Kieran Gibbs who, I'm sure I read, could be available for as little as £3m and has bags of PL experience, lives in the area, is good at getting forward (big step up on Taylor) and would also cover a problem position. One or two good young foreign signings. What has worked very well for us in the past is Scandanavian/Northern European CBs - their mentality is similar to British and they have an excellent work ethic. You could maybe squeeze Kongolo into this category. We also signed well a few years back when we bought the three french players, who have all gone on to have strong careers, but Tactics Tim didn't know how to/want to use them properly. Nakamba, whilst I can't claim to have ever seen or heard of him, appears to follow the trend for successful African descent DCMs, like Kante etc., with high energy and an appetite for work. The challenge here is clearly the settling in process - we don't have the luxury of time on our side and need signings to hit the ground running. What is evident in this process is that I genuinely believe that, this time, we have a management team/infrastructure that gets it, has a plan and that plan appears to stack up. A philiosophy/style of play that is joined up (not like Tactics Tim and the two moneyball guys with opposing transfer picks or MON buying players for good value and then letting them rot without games) and understood and will form the basis of the strategy for new signings. I think we are in the best position we have been for a number of years and I'm looking forward to seeing what Smith can do here. He consistently overachieved with Brentford, playing front foot football and uncovering gems, whilst operating on a much smaller budget than others.
  11. They have just paid £12m for Mepham and £13m for Lloyd Kelly - two players that they want and who have no injury track record. Don't see how they can expect to get more than those amounts for a player that they do not want!!
  12. Lots of speculation on Hogan being wanted by Bristol City. This would be ideal if we could squeeze him in to a deal for Webster. We could finally get rid and move on.

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