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  1. I would absolutely love us to go and out and sign Benrahma BUT would also like us to bring in Jarred Bowen - see he has scored again tonight (his twelfth for the season!!!) - who will be on a free at the end of the year. And I believe his dad is a Villa fan. Benrahma and Bowen either side of a top striker would be awesome, with Jack at "10". Equally, Bowen could potentially play as a "9"/false "9", with the amount of goals he collects.
  2. And because he is playing as an "8" and not a "10". Since he has moved to inside left his goal/assist ratio has increased materially and will continue to do so.
  3. Grealish absolutely tore him a new a-hole the only time they played against each other - the 4-1 at VP a couple of seasons back. Neves is a ball player but he can't tackle for toffee and he doesn't have any pace. I wouldn't swap any of our three - McGinn, Jack or Marvelous.
  4. We have lost away games at Spurs, Crystal Palace, Arsenal, Citeh and Wolves and smashed Norwich away. We have played 4 of last years top 8 away in our first 6 away games and arguably should have taken points from Palace and Arsenal. Not that bad a start! Particularly as we are virtually a completely new side learning each others games and playing in the toughest division in the world. I am, however, hoping that the latest showing is an aberration!!
  5. Smith is responsible for having El Ghazi and Kodjia - both not known for their defensive work - on the pitch at a time when we are defending a one goal lead with minutes left. As many have said, Wes should have been subbed for Konsa and not Kodjia and Luiz should have stayed on with Hourihane - if he had come on - coming on for AEG and playing of Trez at the tip of a diamond.
  6. Fresh legs make sense of course. But Hourihane is not the player that you bring on when you are being forced backwards and under pressure! Unless, as stated above, he is an "extra" body in midfield.
  7. Yes. The same team for me. I would hope to see Dean making early subs, if needed, with Henry and AEG getting a chance. I think we can give them a decent game at VP and would hope for a point plus. If we play well we could be in with a shout. I saw something earlier that was predicting a Liverpool CB pairing of Matip & Lovren - good news for us!
  8. I will be happy with a decent performance. Its no disgrace to lose to both Citeh and Liverpool but I will be disappointed if we don't put in a good performance and build on the momentum achieved with the last couple of results.
  9. I do think AEG blows hot and cold as well - some games he can be magnificent (a "8/9") and others he is carried (a "4/5" like this weekend). Maybe that is the nature of wide players although I think there are numerous examples of PL wide men that are more consistent. I was pleased we signed AEG - £8m (or whatever) is a snip in the current market for a player at his level. However, I was hoping he was going to be first change for Benrahma and another on the opposite side - I hoped Trez would be that latter player (he still might be?!). Obviously, Jack has now moved up to the LW and looks imperious in that position and should stay there so we are looking for someone to hold down the RW. I still feel this way about AEG. I like him as back up but don't feel that he is yet consistently good enough to be a starter in a good PL team. If I look around our team, assuming we stay in the PL, no-one comes through strongly over the remainder of the season and we don't lose anybody, I would think the areas we need to strengthen next summer are: two full backs to replace Elmo and Taylor and compete with Targett and Guilbert; someone to replace Jack in the midfield three (assuming Jack stays at inside left); a striker to compete (maybe January!) and a right winger.
  10. Looks much quicker to me and that seems to be the accepted view of most as well.
  11. I would like to see him get a start in front of Hourihane in the next couple of games - his energy and drive will be far more suited to games where we need more "off the ball" i.e. against Citeh and Plop. He also carries a goal threat.
  12. I want to see Trezeguet's pace against Citeh and Liverpool, where we will probably playing on the counter a lot. I'm hoping that we birng Benrahma in next summer as he trumps both of them IMHO.
  13. You can see the look of confusion in his face when he gets the ball in the opposition half. I would look to sell him on to a championship side (back to Swansea?) in the summer and get some money in for him and bring in an upgrade to understudy Targett (maybe the kid at Coventry?).
  14. From what I have seen Hause is a better defender, gets forward better and has a wicked cross. Also covers CB as well.
  15. I would go with: Heaton Konsa Engels Mings Guilbert Targett Nakamba SJM Trezeguet Grealish Wesley A 3-4-3, a bit like Chelski used to play. I don't think Smith will though - he seems pretty (overly IMO) wedded to a 4-3-3. If it is a 4-3-3, I would start with Trez and Lansbury instead of AEG and Hourihane.
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