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  1. I'm sure Charlton Heston scored a few crackers and went missing thereafter!! Or maybe, he just liked monkeys?? I meant Hourihane.
  2. Off topic but the decline in Aubameyang since he signed a new contract has been incredible (probably not the word that you would use!). Is that sortable or has he gone?? I am sure that there are a lot of PL managers that would like Ollie. His work rate is second to none and, with the right supply (which I think we are now putting in place), I genuinely think he could be competing for the golden boot next season.
  3. Just doesn't bring enough to the game for me. He is the wing equivalent of CH - he will score a cracker and then go missing for 89 minutes. I think we need more if we are to progress. I thought we might squeeze him in to the Buendia deal in a part-ex. Would probably have been a decent option for Norwich and their survival battle. He might aspire to better though with, say, a Roma. I think the Italian game will suit him better - slower and more technical. I can see him being a success out there.
  4. Is that you Jack?? P.s. I recognised those sliders and socks from the Range Rover crashing incident. Good job you didn't take the dressing gown to Mykonos as well!!
  5. I'm absolutely with you regarding a strong second striker option. I guess many on here think that Wes could fill that gap next season. I'm not fully convinced but we aren't seeing him in training at the minute. You didn't answer why you thought Tammy would be better than Edouard though, who could be significantly cheaper?? Again, I get that its not my money but I am conscious of budgets and FFP and the fact that we also have other areas that need strengthening?
  6. To keep on a theme - that would be very Arsenal of us to go in with a low bid. We paid £28m + £5m for Watkins and I can't see Tammy going for less than this. He had a similar record in the Championship, is a similar age, has good top end PL experience and has England caps historically which is slightly countered by the fact that he is not wanted by his team/manager.
  7. What I said was that I have only really seen highlights of both, since Tammy left us. I only really watch full games of the Villa or UCL matches with the occasional big game thrown in. If you have watched full Chelsea and Celtic games then you are in a better position than me to assess both. From what I have seen of both, they are both decent young prospects. Tammy was good for us in the Championship, but I wasn't as convinced as many are. I thought we created a lot and he finished a reasonable share but still got tangled up on the ball a lot of times trying to over elaborate. I was surprised how well he stepped up to the PL initially, although I think he played in a very good team that created a lot and he was certainly not the finished article - again from what I had seen and talking to my Chelsea supporting mate. Tuchel obviously doesn't rate him that highly as he wasn't even in most of his matchday squads. I'd be interested in your views if you have watched a lot more??
  8. I don't think it would be above 20m as he only has 12 months left on his contract - it may even be cheaper. We could even send Davis on loan in the other direction - it would be a good loan for him as I think he would do well up there and possibly get his confidence. As far as I am aware, Edouard had a decent season last year - poor start maybe down to his disappointment at not getting a move last summer - but started scoring again towards the end from my recollection. As I said, I do think we need another striker and I wouldn't be averse to Tammy coming in BUT I am not as convinced by Tammy at PL level as some on here. Obviously, Tuchel is not a big fan, even as an option off the bench?? If he were a comparable price to Edouard then I would be happy with either. I have only seen Tammy play in the PL on highlights - he can score goals but he also misses quite a few chances at this level - from what I have seen - and is certainly not the finished article imho. Likewise with Edouard.
  9. Its a balance isn't it. Equally, you don't want your squad to become bloated. As well as this, El Ghazi only has 2 years left on his contract so his value will only go down if we do not sell him now or offer him a better contract. It also depends what else we do i.e. is JPB going out on loan, are we really looking at Alvarez, is Cantwell really coming in, are we buying another striker which makes a two up top look a realistic possible option (as Leicester have done this season).
  10. Edouard is the player that I would like. Probably at least £10-20m cheaper than Tammy, from what you read, and similar profiles. I know it's not my money but I expect there is only a limited pot or that ffp will kick in at some point to restrict spend and I want other signings as well. I am surprised that he hasn't moved yet. Obviously, Leicester chose to go in a different direction. Striker options of Watkins, Edouard and Wes (with Davis out on loan) with Barry and Young as back up would give us plenty of options/bench depth and variation. I wouldn't object to Tammy if he came in - although I am not as convinced by many on here - as long as the size of the spend required doesn't limit what we could do elsewhere. But I would like another option.
  11. Absolutely. El Gahzi is the wing equivalent of Hourihane - he has a wicked shot but little else.
  12. There has to be two elements to Jack's earning power - wages and commercial deals. I suspect that the latter is rapidly increasing on the back of the last 12 months and is starting to form a significant component of Jack's earnings. That element would surely drop if he wasn't playing week in week out and he needs to factor that into any decision if earnings is a significant component of his decision making.
  13. They also haven't got Jack. I think that keeping Jack - a world class player who is just coming into his peak years - could make a massive difference for us and be the stimulus for us to get into that top 6, especially if we can replicate last year's recruitment this summer ... and Buendia, imho, is a great start to that process. To me, we are in a similar position to where spurs have been with first Bale - but sold for big money and wasted it with poor recruitment - and then Kane, who has largely carried them to CL and they have built on this.
  14. I understood that the the issue for us was that Luiz won't be back until after the season starts so we were keen to get a DCM in for the start of the season??
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