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  1. I'm sure I've read that he has actually played as an ACM/10 for Bremen. Again, as far as I'm aware, Benrhama has always played wide in a 3 for Brentford??
  2. You haven't seen anything from last night's game then? About as impressive a debut as I have seen from a Villa player!
  3. From what I have seen of the both - largely Youtube clips - Rashica looks the more capable of playing 10 ... more phyical and pacey as opposed to Benrhama who is more of a trickster/winger. I was really keen on Benrhama but am now leaning towards Rashica with his big league experience and impressive stats - he looks like the Bundesliga's Jack.
  4. Not to mention it's where Jack prefers to play (he has stated this numerous times) and, probably, where he has the most chance of establishing himself in the England set up. This doesn't necessarily matter on a matchday BUT does matter longer term if we want to try and keep Jack at the club for as long as we can ... which I think all of us do?!
  5. I'm definitely starting to have more faith in our recruitment. We have gone from being linked with Harry Wilson for £20m to buying Traore for £17m+.
  6. But if we only signed a left winger then that would leave Luiz, SJM and Jack as the midfield trio. Rather have Rashica and/or Benrhama at LW and Jack in the middle than Barkley playing at 10 behind Jack.
  7. He has been okay for us and nothing better. I would sell tomorrow if we could get our money back and were able to re-invest it into a, say, Rashica or Benrhama etc.. One of those on the left with Traore on the right and Trez (who is nowhere near as talented but puts in 100%) and a kid or moving Jack up as the back up plan.
  8. I thought he was going to be a really good buy when he first arrived. I still hope every time he gets on the pitch but I think his time at Villa has just passed him by. I hope this performance encourages a few Championship teams to come forward with a bid.
  9. You can't compare him to Mount or Abraham. He was an established Chelsea player in 2017 having made his debut in the 14-15 season and made 54 appearances and scored 7 goals. He was in the England squad shortly after he had gone on loan to Palace. Mount made his debut after returning from loan at Derby and Tammy played a single time before starting his loan spells.
  10. Traore has to start (assuming he didn't have any minor wear after the Bristol game). Trez can come off the bench if he tires.
  11. So you don't think attitude and application is important then? There are tons of very talented players that haven't made it because they lack that little bit of desire or application and others that have absolutely had the application that has driven them to be better players than anyone would ever have suspected - Jack (potentially) and James Milner from the Villa and even Ronaldo with the hard work that he puts in. I am just saying that I can't understand, when you look at the lad and see him in certain games, why he has not progressed to the level that I thought he would have by now.
  12. I've just seen he has "8" on his shorts but I am sure, from memory, he was the furthest forward/more attacking of the three CM'ers.
  13. Because I think he looks like he has every tool in his box - pace, power/physicality, strength, height, skill - to be the best no. 8 in the country but can't seem to deliver it consistently. I have thought this of him for the last couple of years. If he did he would be smashing it at Chelsea? The fact he hasn't may be down to injuries but could potentially be down to his attitude/application - this could also be a factor in why he keeps picking up injuries. I don't know him, hence why I have said potentially and could!! I am sure JT would have a much better view from their ti
  14. I'm completely with you. He looks a real prospect. It all depends what business we do between now and the window shutting. If we bring in an 8 and keep Hourihane (which it looks like we will) then I would let him go out to a decent footballing team (say Swansea or Forest) in the Championship and get 30+ games under his belt, coming back next season as a better player with good experience, as Gallagher has for Chelsea. Same thought process as with Kienan Davis for me. If we bring in another 9 then let him go and play games for PNE for 12 months. If not, he stays and he should get
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