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  1. I am not black and white about kids playing. I do understand your argument that he might not be ready. My response, as I have stated before, is: Even if he isn't ready he couldn't perform much worse than AEG at the minute. I'm sure if you asked him he would want to have a go. His performance in a competitive game would show us where/what level he needs to be loaned out to next season. The pressure/expectation is about as low as it will ever be - we are safe and have no chance of Europe and there are no fans in the ground. He is the future (or could be)/AEG hopef
  2. I don't think many on the Smith thread are "losing their shit" as you put it - that might be the case on the matchday thread where people get a bit emotional. We are just debating what's gone wrong and giving our thoughts as to how we might reverse or try to reverse it - it is a discussion forum after all. Not many of us expected us to start as strongly as we did, but not many of us expected us to be performing as badly as we are now, even accounting for the loss of Jack. Players may have been affected by COVID - I guess we will never know - but there are players across the league w
  3. I understand your point about finishing higher up the table and if the team were doing okay then I would buy this argument. But my point is, in terms of points, we couldn't do much worse with the suggested changes than we are doing without them. This thread is clearly about Smith. Where we have a fundamental disagreement, I guess, is that you seem to think that Smith always makes the right decision, whereas a lot of us on here are questioning that, certainly over his ability to change from his standard 4-3-3 with the standard three wide players in his first team. What I have consta
  4. That's my question Nick. I can't get my head around why something that was working so well is now so poor. If it were one player then you could point to a drop off in form but that just doesn't make sense across three international players at the same time?? Equally, SJM seems to be dragging the Scots through games when on international duty (I might be wrong here as I am only seeing highlights and press coverage). I don't have the answer for this, but I am more worried that Smith and his team don't either and they are the ones that are paid the big bucks to sort this kind of thing out
  5. Maybe, maybe not, but I don't recall ever seeing such a drastic change in sustained form of a complete midfield?
  6. We can debate Davis endlessly. I certainly believe, as I think you do to, that his Fulham performance has earned a greater chance. We could try JPB. I know, again, that you are sceptical of playing youth and believe that Dean watches them and knows they are not ready, but, much like Davis, I don't think JPB could be any less effective than AEG and I am sure, if you asked the kid, he would jump at the chance. He could try a different formation e.g. a 4-3-1-2 or a 3-4-1-2 etc.. These changes might not work! I don't think anybody on here is saying that they have sure fire tactic
  7. Exactly this. Even Wrighty was saying that we were the cool kids on the block. No-one is saying that now!! I can't understand how a midfield three that looked so good against Liverpool and Arsenal (a) can now look so bad. Can Luiz - who was great from Restart to Christmas - suddenly have turned into the poor player we have seen this year OR is he just trying to deter Citeh from exercising the buy-back?? Where has the SJM from the Championship and before his injury last season gone -I thought he was back after the first 10 games or so. And I was sceptical of Barkley but massively posit
  8. I am hoping that we buy a strong DCM and an ACM in the summer and that this allows us to get Jacob out on loan to a good Championship team next season so he can get a good run of starts and we can see what level he can get to. I personally think that this will be much better for his development, although I am sure he has massively benefitted from his game time this season.
  9. I've said it now a million times, you might be right - Davis might not be the answer but, on the clear evidence of the last 10 games, AEG and Barkley certainly are not. Most of us recognise the squad limitations and that, without Jack and/or Ollie our attack is weak BUT our frustration is from Smith not trying KD more, particularly given his excellent cameo last week. As I say, this stems largely from the fact that what he does keep trying has, at no stage over the last 10 or so games, looked like creating any type of attacking spark! I also think that two up top would help Ollie -
  10. And that is what most on here, the Dean Smith thread and the match thread just don't understand. He played last Sunday and had an impact and even you - the Chairman of the anti-KD club - recognised this and said that you were hoping he would start the Liverpool game. Why do we have to accept this? We maybe have to accept that Smith doesn't want to play him but that doesn't mean we can't question Smith's decisions in this respect?
  11. I have said that KD might not have altered the result. Where we seem to disagree is that you think we needed the benefit of hindsight to know that Smith was wrong to think Barkley was the better option. My argument is that we didn't need to rely on hindsight, we just need to look at the last 10 games to know that Barkley and AEG are not the solution at the minute, whereas last week showed us that KD partnering Ollie can be?? And I, like most, am struggling to understand why Smith can't see this?
  12. That's not what most are saying and certainly not me. I accept that this is hypothetical BUT I, and most I am reading, are saying that there is a damn sight more chance of KD/two up top positively impacting the game than there is of Barkley and AEG slotting into Smith's 4-3-3 given the evidence of the last 10 games or so.
  13. People are entitled to their views on KD. I happen to think there is a player in there and I am hoping to see him play in the championship regularly next season, ideally on loan. I suspect he will never be a 20 goal a season "9" but, a bit like Heskey in his prime, I think he can open doors for others. Ollie is a great striker, imho, but is too isolated. I would love to see him up top playing off KD with Jack in a free role behind them. Cash and Targett sending the crosses in. I saw KD when we played Norwich a few seasons ago and it was his play that created a hat trick for Hourihane
  14. Did you not watch the Fulham game last week. Did you not see how much better we looked in the last half hour where we scored three goals? We tried something different and it worked. We went back to the same old, same old today - El Ghazi and Barkley subbed into the 4-3-3 that Dean loves so much - and it, not unsurprisingly, did not work! As I said earlier, I am not saying that KD up top with Ollie would work every week, BUT I am damn sure that it has more chance of working than El Ghazi and Barkley coming on having watched the last 10 games! Maybe it's just me (and some others on
  15. I probably wouldn't go 3-5-2, although Mings has been having a few brain freezes recently so getting Hause in there as well might not be a bad idea! I would probably look at 4-3-1-2 with BT or Trez at 10 (in Jack's absence) playing of KD & Ollie. I think the three in midfield should then take responsibility for covering Cash and Targett allowing them to get forward more and get the crosses in.
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