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PL: Portsmouth a Match Thread 2010/04/18 16:00


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Hopefully we win this and 4th spot is still on.
I thought we were completely out of it?

We should win this, hopefully by a few goals. Portsmouth are riddled with injuries and now that they're definitely relegated I doubt they'll put much effort into the league as they'll be saving it for the FA cup.

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MON will use his 11 players, as usual the bench boys will get to sit on another set of seats in their Premier League Sitting Tour©...


Cuellar Dunne Collins Warnock

Downing Petrov Milner Young

Carew Agbonlahor

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would like us to play well and score some goals. Would like us to be innovative and at least try something different. Another other than a win would be awful regardless of what we can play for this season. Let's at least finish ahead of the plop though eh. Would be nice to put on a performance ala our 0708 season finish when we scored for fun.


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