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  1. Haha hopefully good news next day or so anyway so not as gutted. In full FM mode at the moment.
  2. unfortunately not now! Thigh injury in training, only small bit shit but that's football
  3. Cheers gentleman (and Baselayers!) will hopefully do the VT community proud if I get the chance! Yeah, I'd like to think so, be a really good test if so. I need to find out for my family/friends anyway so i'll let you know. Should be a good game anyway as a week before start of the season for them.
  4. Congrats mate. Just popped over to the Kiddy forum and you're getting Benteke-esque reviews! Hahaha that's surreal. What's the link for that? I'll be the new Barry Bannan by January!
  5. Thank you, and Stevo, don't worry. Won't forget that one Touchwood nothing goes wrong now anyway! Haha Trent, I hope so. I think they've even put the conference onto FIFA 14?? so what perfect timing
  6. Could be his year, such strange attributes for the role he has in the team but when he's on form like he was at the end of last year and thus far in pre-season, he can be a huge asset. His quick feet and sharpness have really impressed me in possession and that bodes well, finally showing his quality hopefully and just now needs to stay off the injury table! I really enjoy midfielders who can drive forward, it can be such a strength on the counter attack and when under the cosh if a player can pick up the ball and burst past someone and open up space or win a free-kick. I don't expect him to score or create that many goals because I think Lambert will push the full backs on like usual and leave Westwood and Delph to sit deeper and cover the counter but when the opportunity arises, I hope he's given the freedom and shows the bravery to try to make something happen like a step over and beat a man to open something up around the opponents final third. Exciting one for next year anyway. Finally!
  7. My Dad supported Villa while my Mom and her side of the family are all season ticket holders at Blues. I'm glad I went with my Dad. Rivalry is purely football. There's no better feeling than beating the other side but if you lose, it's hurting but fair play and move on I find the idea of anything more simply idiotic. From Redditch about 25 minutes outside Birmingjam Birmingham. Majority support United but outside that the midlands divide between Villa, Blues and WBA isn't too big numbers wise.
  8. Few pictures from the past couple weeks; <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=10153007253920531" width="720" height="1280" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  9. http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/video/football-201846307.html Highlights of our win vs Russia last night in the semi final. In front of 10,000 fans and a a certain Capello and his assistant! Russia had 8 under 21's and 1 player with a full cap with a team total cost of around 12 million euros and despite 10 men for 55 minutes and 1-0 down we fought our way through! France in the final now tomorrow. Live on eurosport 2 from half 5. I'll be firmly on the bench unless we need a goal!
  10. http://livetv.ru/en/eventinfo/177616_united_kingdom_ukraine/ link for quarter final vs Ukraine tonight 5pm Uk time. Not starting but a win gives us a chance of medalling so if you have nothing to do, enjoy a watch!
  11. Wait, am I reading this right? All 3 have won premier league titles and are all regulars in the england squad when fit. Barry and Milner especially! Not to mention training and playing with some of the best in the world. Backward steps? Ha. Football careers are short, players want to play at the highest level possible as soon as possible, they want to earn as much as possible also. Benteke has been here a year, he has no affiliation to us like us fans, thats football. All you can ask is that while the players have a Villa shirt on they do their part for the club and that he did magnificently.
  12. Contracts are there for the both players and clubs, can't moan at a player for not wanting to 'honour' his contract just like I don't enjoy players like Ireland 'honouring' their deal and staying. Contracts give players security and also clubs. Works both ways. Devastating it's happening this summer when things were looking so rosy but he's an unbelievable talent and will do well wherever he goes I'm sure.
  13. forget he even plays for us, I'd keep him as back up for Lowton though and as a general utility player at CB/CM if we're desperate.
  14. I always found the David Villa situation strange. He obviously rarely ever played in his natural position through the middle but he was excellent as the wide forward in 2010-11, then come his broken leg at Christmas 2011 but after that the press seemed to have an agenda that Villa and Messi didn't get on? I have no idea but that never seemed true, always had a good relationship on the pitch together? Villa no doubt was terribly underplayed in the second half of the season. so maybe there was something but both always rejected claims and on the pitch worked well. Always found that strange. As you say though, this Barca team is geared towards Messi, they give him the ball wherever on the pitch both if he drops deep or if he's in front of goal, it's a case of 'find Messi'. I've no doubt actually that Neymar will happily involve himself towards this, he said so himself and said of his admiration for likes of Messi. This is probably for the first time, a test of Messi's ego now, whether he can accept that he's not the only one who players can look too or can do something so special to win a game. It could be the start of something beautiful and I hope it is.
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