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  1. We've left it so late in the window i agree we need players in but its crazy it didn't happen 2 weeks ago!
  2. Good to see this topic hasn't moved along in 393 pages! There just isn't any where near enough Premiership quality players in our already tiny squad, no buying is tant amount to giving up.
  3. Anywhere in West London, Kingston, Staines or Richmond way?
  4. Anyone know the squad numbers of the new players?
  5. I hoped we'd get atleast 1 player in today but not getting any is disappointing to say the least.
  6. KEA could turn out to be the best signing for Villa in years. Hopefully our new head scout can find more of KEA's quality on the cheap!
  7. Is he in the hotel yet? I won't believ he's signed for us until I see him in a Villa shirt laid across a pallet!
  8. Looking forward to seeing the away kit and goalie tops.
  9. It would be interesting to see who OGS would bring in as his backroom staff and also how the links with United would benefit us. It tends to be that previous United players get plenty of loan players from Fergie to test out which can be beneficial.
  10. if he's flying on easy jet he may be saving money flying to France via Scandinavia
  11. Apologies if this has already been answered but when does he return to us?
  12. Not many foreign based managers mentioned yet, any suggestions?
  13. Faulkner seems to be talking up the next manager as Inspiring, hopefully not egg on his face again.
  14. Rafa Benitez for me, he may be Fat Spanish Waiter but he'll push us forward.
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