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  1. Seen a couple of people saying this about a position shift but he was still our most defensive midfielder wasn’t he? Is it just that we were getting all our midfielders further forward (in the same way as Kovacic, Jorginho, Kante are all defensive but still get forward for Chelsea)? And is that because we had control of the ball or because with three centre backs they didn’t need to sit as deep?
  2. Yeah it won’t help but clearly he sees a difference between a winger and a striker playing with some width - for example he referred to Bailey as a striker (or maybe forward)? Watkins can be playing the role that Salah or Mane play for Liverpool and I wouldn’t define it as being ‘wide’ in the traditional sense. Difference between an inside forward and an outside forward in old money…
  3. That’s my team as well but I’d have Bailey wide left, Buendia wide right and Ings behind Watkins. So basically yes: let’s stick the four of them out there however you like with a couple of midfielders behind them and go for it
  4. Nah he’ll get plenty of chances, he’s still getting in the right positions. Bailey could have squared for him today when he lashed in the third, Ramsey could have put him through, Mina got a great foot in to stop him when he was about to get a shot off. I do think he’s better up front solo but I think he’s more than smart enough to adapt to multiple systems and it’ll be to his benefit long term.
  5. I think you could argue it was flattering in the same way as the 3-0 loss to Chelsea last week flattered them. Still a comfortable win for the winners on each occasion but a 2-0 or 3-1 might have been ‘fairer’ because both games were very tight before the second goal.
  6. I’m a bit flummoxed on this one. It was a brilliant team passing move with Cash played through on the canter into the area… I’ve never seen a goal I’d describe less as ‘individual’… a cracking finish to be sure but a beautiful team goal! The assist from Douglas Luis was an absolute peach of a touch.
  7. Rewatching now and in retrospect it’s very easy to see he was concussed. Not that he was playing badly but twice basically fell over and twice missed shouts to leave it, most notably giving them a corner when the ball was basically out already. Surprised he stayed on as long as he did and good on everyone involved to use the concussion sub. Interestingly Everton made four subs as well - assume if there’s a concussion sub both sides get one so people can’t be using it to fake a reason to make changes.
  8. I think they can also go up and down, different managers suit different teams etc. But also very rare they sustain a high performance for very long - there is a limited lifespan for most managers as with most players.
  9. Having players like Sanson and Buendia still to come into this side is exciting. If the kids end up keeping them out then fine but it’s not a failing on anyone’s part that they are still to come in.
  10. Your man got tactically outsmarted by Steve Bruce this weekend
  11. Doesn’t need to be complaining - this is where I am as well. Don’t feel that formation makes the best of us. But can then still be delighted to be doing ok - and a great win today - with Bailey, Buendia, Traore etc still to be integrated. Very promising almost BECAUSE the 3-5-2 and that partnership hasn’t quite clicked, but it can be an option.
  12. Felt like a defining moment to me actually… like in that split second I thought if this hits Row Z then who knows, if it hits the net he’s golden. I laughed out loud at how sweet he caught it in the end.
  13. Will get better and better. Will also have dips in form and get slated on here, but overall he is here to stay as a PL player.
  14. If KBD played that pass they’d be projecting it onto the Houses of Parliament
  15. Apparently they did indeed get the flight back last night arriving just after midnight as was suggested!
  16. Usually these days yes apart from for evening games. For a 5.30 kick off today I’d imagine Everton would be coming down by coach this morning. For an evening CL game or PL game in the week travel is usually on the day if less than 3 hours. Dont get me wrong if they could have had the Emis on a flight last night landing at 8pm and heading home to bed I think they would have done, I’m just saying to the suggestion of them landing just after midnight someone would have judged the pros and cons of that vs the morning travel.
  17. Haha funnily enough I bet the person in charge of our travel logistics isn’t that highly paid but given this chat you see the range of decisions they have to make!
  18. Presumably someone will have calculated exactly that and decided they are better off getting a good night’s sleep in Croatia then doing that first thing. Players travel on the day of games all the time.
  19. Adam2003

    Louie Barry

    “Don’t you mean wunderkind?”
  20. I see this happening as well. This season and next as first choice, hopefully a young prospect in to challenge next summer and over the next 2-3 years gradually take his slot as he gets into his 30s (which he’s only a couple of years off). If Mings then stays with us for years like Morgan at Leicester or Jagielka at Everton to keep the team culture and step in when needed, that’s ideal, including him staying as club captain. Then agree, if he wants to coach he has all the ingredients.
  21. Beat Everton and Wolves, a point from one of the others is 7. Might slip up against Everton or Wolves, equally might beat Arsenal (look crap but we have beaten them too many times in a row to count on it again) or Spurs (just got battered by Palace). Assume nothing from United. So 7-9 I think.
  22. Adam2003

    Louie Barry

    Not any more he isn’t, poor lad. I’m still wincing and I just saw it on tv
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