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  1. Aston Martinez no more - Villa's treble HELL - Daily Star lawl.
  2. Indeed, chance to work for a proper club with money.
  3. Corsica is in France, Moyes is in Barbados. DOMENECH! Houllier - Duverne - Randu - Corsica - France, ITS DOMENECH!
  4. Lerner and Moyes have got great respect for each other. Remember the handshake at Villa Park this season before the Everton game live on Sky. Can anyone find a link to the clip?
  5. Yeah yeah yeah, get the feeling of Deja Vu?
  6. McLeish is the new name the media are touting, ignore it, won't happen.
  7. That was a retweet - it wasn't what he said. I think Lerner's bottling it with this nice guy approach.
  8. How is it blatant Sparky wants the job? - If anything you should of known by now is nobody not even bookies or media know what Randy Lerner thinks or does.
  9. A statement from Villa read on Sky by some ding dong outside Villa Park said 'The news will come from us directly, not club sources to local journalists' So rule Mat Kendrick out.
  10. Nope Mat Kendrick doesn't have a clue either, nobody in the press does, Lerner does his business behind closed doors under the radar - a little too much but I can understand it.
  11. The S*n said we were definately meeting him The article in question, The Sun said Martinez was definately meeting us - of course that has proven to be bullshit.
  12. My god, Valhallas email was read on SSN.
  13. Rafa or Rijkaard - one has prem experience, the other has youth on his side, Lerner you complete moron.
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