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  1. Bruce has a fantastic Championship record and he brought together a great mentality and team spirit this year. You're not going to get the most exciting football but he will grind out results and get us in upper section of the table. Why throw it all away to take a punt and gamble on someone else? This is club has been crying out for stability and he brings a team together so let's give him another shot at it I say.
  2. Just what I've been told. No idea if Villa are interested in selling or not though.
  3. Just because he's signed doesn't mean he's a starting player we are relying on. Good player who could be used well as a squad and impact player and who can play in first team when other players are injured. We've got to build a good squad not just first team. Fact he is Villa through and through is great too. Not enough players with loyalty nowadays.
  4. Were you there to do a scouting report on our next opponents? Lambert was at the Newcastle game too...
  5. There were a couple of videos with Gabby in and he hasn't taken them. I reckon a friend of some of Gabby and a couple of players may have sent the videos to them and they're just attention seeking. For example, Charisma his brother... Who is to say the videos haven't been sent to him and he's made this account up? Why would Gabby make a twitter account and keep it private without anyone knowing about it? Seems a pretty pointless random thing to do and the character on there goes against the character who people say he is who have met him. Oh and they only post video's when it suits them. Nev
  6. What happened? Colours run, shrunk etc??
  7. We will lose him every two years for the African Cup of Nations
  8. Also if it was just for talks you would think that as Randy has flown over to get him they may aswell just had talks over there surely?
  9. Ahem I think that you will find that VT has the march on starting rife speculation in such matters. Matt Kendrick (with respect) just follows :winkold: Whoops, my bad. Although I would say yourself and VT deal in hard fact rather than speculation!
  10. We all know Mat Kendrick gets all the big stories first, well I reckon his tweet about OGS being the perfect fit for Aston Villa yesterday (which I believe was before the rife speculation started) was tweeted after being asked by the club to gauge fans opinions as they don't want the same as last year. Once they realised the fans didn't have a problem they got flights and everything sorted to get him over here. Mat hasn't said that about anyone else has he? No big breaking news but yeah! Ayway I think it's a done deal too.
  11. Must have known he was leaving for at least a couple of weeks as he has all his hair in the video
  12. Don't get everyone's love for Martinez. Okay they play alright football but it's no good if you're not winning (okay they are atm) and are around the bottom of the table.
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