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  1. We've rejected 15million bid, we've privately accepted he wants to go but want 20million according to The Times.
  2. Cheers General, I will be waiting with interest on Sept 1st to see how much action the board have provided for us this summer.
  3. But he didn't, and even if he did score don't think it would have.
  4. The problem was never training though, it's the fact he did **** all in the games.
  5. General, you said Randy and the board will provide action this summer, when is this likely?
  6. Supposedly put in another bid in today according to Liverpool TWITS!
  7. DVIN, I think when we played Wigan at VP he had a roaming role and I'd never play him LB!
  8. Didn't you know Young only scores penalties!
  9. Were stepping up bid for Nzogbia according to The Sun, think that's now every day of the week it's been reported.
  10. He came to bank the cheque from the Young sale.
  11. He has better left foot than Ash but thats about it.
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