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The Film Thread

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That's the problem. Hate his character to be quite honest.

He's like a Jimmy Carr standup. Full of one liners, but seldom funny.

Edit: Which is what most comic book films tend to do. Inject a load of cheesey comedy into them, hardly any of which is funny. And it ruins the whole thing. It's by far my biggest problem with them.

Even The Avengers, which again I really enjoyed, still had an abundance of that shit in it, mostly from the aforementioned Ironman

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Still doggedly ploughing an entirely different furrow to the rest of this thread...


you plough on

My most recent film viewing has included:

Big Wednesday

Vanishing Point

Hurt Locker

Tinker Tailor

not a lot of sci fi cgi popcorn in there, so next up:


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