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  1. I went to this. Everyone steaming on a Monday night with a 745 kickoff. This was the worst game I ever went to. For all of these reasons. I vowed to never go to a derby again, and never have. Not after my 70 year old dad almost got bottled
  2. You know what, I always thought I hated this top. Then after too many beers I bought it from Scoredraw. I absolutely love it.
  3. For the first time since Martin O'Neill left us, we're actually back.
  4. I just don't understand the attraction of supporting a football team over a hundred miles away from where you call home, where you have nothing in common in terms of community with the rest of the fans. What's the point? I'm named "islingtonclaret" because I lived in Islington in London for ten years. I was born in the QE, and I'm from here. My club never changed, because I go to a match and I'm back home with my people. I get jokes about Mr Egg and who is going to Shebabs later. I like laughing with YamYams about orange chips and the fact they can't speak properly. It's even funnier now: I live there. Manchester United? You crack some joke about Salford being the real city and I have no idea what you're talking about.
  5. That part is enough to make me scream.
  6. Sign Kryten. He may have been a mechanoid, but he's turned into a damn fine player, regardless of the merciless trolling VT gave him
  7. Hi Villatalk, I don't post or read here that often anymore, since careers and houses and weddings have taken over my life. I'm not even Islingtonclaret anymore, I'm technically Halesowenclaret now. But HELLYEA
  8. Chuckle Bro no 1. Great. Welcome back, have a pint.
  9. Sadly this is very much true, I just don't really want to admit it. I'm in an office of 50 people in Digbeth, and the entire office support either Liverpool, Man United or Arsenal. I'm the only Villa fan, and get lampooned for it. In my own city.
  10. If you want to stay relevant, cash is important, and the modern young football fan does not care for any of these things. We've traditionally been part of the leading pack for the large part since our inception. Two more seasons down here and we're joining the "used to be famous, but nobody outside of it's own fans knows, cares or wants to know" club.
  11. We might as well take the cash. As long as we don't name it as inappropriately as the idiots out East.
  12. Ah. My favourite match of the year. Time to go hide under a rug.
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