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  1. Insert the Clint Eastwood gif!
  2. Have a look at Octopus. You can get a referral code off an existing customer for a 50 quid credit to your account. DM me if you need one.
  3. Wholesale power prices have go crazy these last 8 months, not sure if really brexit related, but the energy companies will be passing on those increases soon enough. Deffo hard times ahoy.
  4. Our very own West Midlands "shock jock"
  5. I'd be very interested on your opinion of A Clockwork Orange if you've never seen it before.
  6. Get Tony Butler back on the air waves!
  7. As mentioned earlier this phone-in is slowly dying on its knees. No Paul Franks and no so called "Legends" joining the phone in. Its now become the same 6 window lickers ringing in night after night, rinse and repeat. I still tune in when I can
  8. Must be able to setup a repayment plan with HMRC
  9. Smarty might be worth a look if you want cheap and cheerful with plenty data allowance. Use the 3 network.
  10. Funnily enough I had a similar text from my ex-wife this morning along the lines of "Son says he wants to have the jab but I'm not so sure..." He's 15 FFS and can decide for himself in May. I just replied, "it's a good idea to have it, the experts and evidence says so"
  11. I heard a caller on the WM phone in mention this incident a couple of times last night and was told not to say anything, he ignored said advice and was cut off.
  12. Has Bowyer had a brain injury or a stroke recently? He really does talk in slow-mo.
  13. A magnificent last episode of Godfather of Harlem season 2. Forest Whitaker and the Malcolm X fella absolutely smash it.
  14. The bank robbery shootout on the streets is sooooo good
  15. Someone on here mentioned The North Water. Only 5 episodes so smashed through it in a couple of days. Very very good I must say. Should be on BBC this autumn according to the interweb.
  16. I was driving when I thought I heard him say it and was then quickly cut off. Definitely one of those "did he say that or did I just imagine it?"
  17. I know there is an argument to say it wasn't "actual" boxing. But dear me Tyron, you embarrassed yourself last night.
  18. I tapped out as soon as Rick left the show. So glad I did as it was a load of pony at that point. It was like cleansing my soul, and I feel so much better now TWD isn't part of my life.
  19. Virtually guaranteed lady flesh on show in every episode. What's not to like?
  20. Worth the risk just for the cracking Jack & Danny out there. Simply lovely.
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