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  1. Still on Battle Chasers Nightwar. 54 hours in and still loving it. Very impressive JRPG and great to see the comics come to life via this game.
  2. I had started to turn on Bruce (although no abuse was aimed his way from me) over the first couple of games. This was mainly due to his form over the past few months and the style (or lack thereof) football we had been playing. I just couldn't see any improvement since the summer, yet I know we have a very good squad. Now Bruce seems to be realising just what the players at his disposal are capable of. I'm baffled by the fact it has taken him so long to realise this but it's better late than never I suppose. This doesn't mean I'm fully convinced he is the right man to take us forward thou
  3. Whatever happens, there won't be any movement now until after the Bristol game. It just doesn't make any sense when we have three games coming up over the next seven days. After this fixture congestion the international break would be the perfect time to sack Bruce, if it is going to happen at all. I'll get behind Bruce whilst he is our manager but I am extremely concerned and have pretty much lost all hope in his ability to get us promoted. I want him to be a success for us but the football has been woeful and the results have been even worse. I could live with average football if we w
  4. Tempted by the Fossil Q Explorist too and would like to know any views on previous iterations of the Fossil Q if anyone has one (or has used one). I have asked for either the Fossil Q Explorist or Gear S3 Classic from the other half for Christmas. Hoping the Gear S4 may be released prior to Christmas but there has been no news on it yet. Hopefully hear something at the end of August or early September. If not then it will be between the Q Eplorist or Gear S3 Classic.
  5. Really wish he would have just said straight up or kept quiet until he has made his mind up. Not a good time to be leaving us supporters in the dark and sending out cryptic messages...
  6. That is how I have interpreted it too but could be wrong. Basically sounds like he is saying he needs to support Bruce in order for him to improve and reach his full potential.
  7. I have finally taken the plunge on this one. With the new update and the fact it is £9.99 on the PS Store, it just seemed rude not to. Had a couple of hours on it last night and I actually quite like it so far...
  8. briggaman

    John Terry

    Could be a great signing but only time will tell. I just hope he can stay fit, show us how good he really is and kick the rest of the team up the backside. This could prove to be a massive signing for us and I'm a little excited to be honest. He may well be an idiot off the pitch at times and a little old. However, I still think and hope he can drive us towards promotion...
  9. I'm still backing Bruce. The football we have been playing under him hasn't been good enough at times, yet our form has improved under him. He has a great records of getting teams promoted at this level so I'm willing to give him until midway through next season. We should be pushing for promotion from the start next season. If it comes to November/December and we aren't up near the top end of the table then I think Xia will need to reassess the situation. Sacking Bruce at that period in time would mean we would effectively be starting from scratch again but would probably be a risk worth taki
  10. Haven't seen that announcement for us ST holders but it's a very nice touch. Looking forward to the free drink... I'll be staying for the lap too as this is a squad of players we need to get behind. The future of our club starts now and the players need all the support and confidence they can get.
  11. I'm enjoying it too and am about nine hours in. It's far from perfect but I am having a good time with it. I'm trying to ignore the original trilogy in my judgement of this game, as it is a new beginning. It could have been more polished and there are issues, yet I am having fun with it at the moment. I can see myself investing many more hours into this game and that for me makes it a good game...
  12. I've pre-ordered the S8+ on a yearly upgrade contract. I use a lot of data and like to upgrade often so it makes sense for me. Bit expensive but I couldn't resist...
  13. What are people making of Orisa so far? Had a few games as her and she seems quite good. The good dps seems to be balanced by the lack of mobility. Nice alternative to the other tank characters.
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