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  1. For the first time since Martin O'Neill left us, we're actually back.
  2. I just don't understand the attraction of supporting a football team over a hundred miles away from where you call home, where you have nothing in common in terms of community with the rest of the fans. What's the point? I'm named "islingtonclaret" because I lived in Islington in London for ten years. I was born in the QE, and I'm from here. My club never changed, because I go to a match and I'm back home with my people. I get jokes about Mr Egg and who is going to Shebabs later. I like laughing with YamYams about orange chips and the fact they can't speak properly. It's even funnier
  3. That part is enough to make me scream.
  4. Sign Kryten. He may have been a mechanoid, but he's turned into a damn fine player, regardless of the merciless trolling VT gave him
  5. Chuckle Bro no 1. Great. Welcome back, have a pint.
  6. Sadly this is very much true, I just don't really want to admit it. I'm in an office of 50 people in Digbeth, and the entire office support either Liverpool, Man United or Arsenal. I'm the only Villa fan, and get lampooned for it. In my own city.
  7. If you want to stay relevant, cash is important, and the modern young football fan does not care for any of these things. We've traditionally been part of the leading pack for the large part since our inception. Two more seasons down here and we're joining the "used to be famous, but nobody outside of it's own fans knows, cares or wants to know" club.
  8. We might as well take the cash. As long as we don't name it as inappropriately as the idiots out East.
  9. Seven years ago I joined this forum and we were discussing breaking the top four of England and Manchester City were nobodies. I didn't think I'd be reading discussions about us going out of business.
  10. Nonbinary slam poet. Let's see how that's working out for you in ten years time.
  11. Brother just bought three tickets from Lisbon to Birmingham return. At 4pm on Saturday.
  12. See also: trousers that look like they're about to literally fall down. Men walking around looking like children that need their parents to dress them still is the 2017 look
  13. Am now reguluarly frequenting the Red Lion on Warstone Lane JQ. Seeming as I live next door and they have Daniel Batham & Son on tap, I think I've lucked out
  14. I am approaching this from a global city image/reputation, surely you can see that? Brummies of the future can't moan about Manchester being the 2nd city if there's no reaction to things like this. Business is business, and if what they're doing is successful and generates a interest then I personally think Birmingham is not doing enough for itself to make something like what MAN did a poor business decision. And the second part of what would happen if visibly Birmingham-based business set up shop in Manchester's back garden is totally a hunch. There's nothing more to it than that. But c'
  15. I do agree that it is just business, but to me there is more to it because of the images of the cities are involved, given that it's the airport of one. It's one business that can be seen to culturally represent the entire city by it's nature. I know you won't agree, but as a result I see that as poor for the image of Birmingham, that it's main competitor can set up shop where I believe the reverse would not happen.
  16. Three albums by old shoegaze heads contending for album of the year: Slowdive - Slowdive Ride - Langley Falls The Jesus and Mary Chain - Damage and Joy. On a similar note, the Mercury Music Prize is an abomination this year.
  17. Of course they want to drum up business. That's how it works. What I don't like is that it's hypocritical, because if Birmingham did the same back then it would be a PR nightmare as the press and local Government would kick up a stink about it.
  18. A really good example recently of this is Manchester Airport creating a popup store in Birmingham City Centre. That is really taking the piss. What is even more maddening is that if anyone, anyone did anything that could be construed as taking away Manchester's civic pride there would be uproar. Why are they so bloody arrogant? It's ridiculous.
  19. "Although his job tenure was short, he managed to do a lot of order-disrupting. Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned to give Mr Scaramucci a "clean slate". Then, like a heat-seeking missile powered by foul language, Mr Scaramucci went after Reince Priebus, who was unceremoniously cashiered on Friday." They have all, -all- forgotten that the posts they've been given are actual jobs, that require actual work.
  20. Sadly, he won't for me. I want him to be, but I dislike him so much that absolutely everything he says or does makes my blood boil. Especially the 'I can't write' rubbish he pulled. Combined with the fact that he manages that nonsense from East Birmingham just multiplies it by a factor of 353029234234. BUT, as Trent said.... if the well oiled, football business MACHINE that is small heath alliance isn't keeping him happy, it could be a pretty hilarious fallout.
  21. I'd like to add at this stage that Manchester are helping out Liverpool's Commonwealth Games bid, something we are also going for.
  22. It really, really upsets me seeing these guys who have, for a long time, been amongst our equals ("the top teams that never quite make it") race away from us with a massive stadium and massive international presence. The rate at which we became nobodies while Everton, Spurs and Man City became massive powerhouses keeping up with the times is frightening. edit - in b4 Everton need a new ground etc. I know this, but that doesn't stop them buying and selling multimillion pound stars.
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