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  1. I’m pretty good at flags and fish, I’m pretty good on architectural terms. I’m good at identifying accents and languages. Really quite poor at flowers, plants, trees, birds, aircraft, footballers.
  2. The legacy of spoil tipping above towns is still very real for those valleys mining communities. This last summer they’ve closed a school as the coal spoil above it was re categorised as at medium risk of coming down on Graig Primary School.
  3. Did they place their faith in a negotiation? That’s my point, where was negotiation on the ballot paper? Negotiate what? It was a binary question on what was not a binary choice. How **** spectacularly stupid was that!
  4. I don’t think the country does know for a fact how difficult it is to leave. In fact, it really isn’t. What it’s proven, is it’s difficult to negotiate from a position of not really knowing what you want. Plenty of people will be just as convinced as ever that it is perfectly easy to leave, but politicians didn’t really want to. Add in to that some right wing chancer snake oil salesman with wall to wall publicity and the next election or referendum could get really nasty.
  5. Third vote would hopefully be based on a poorly worded double negative question along the lines of: ’do you not reject the previous leave vote?’ coupled with a lack lustre campaign based mostly on hearsay and World War Two fun facts
  6. A walk to pebbly beach which was all but deserted, coffee and welsh cakes in the sun, faggots n peas for lunch, a bit of gardening and lots and lots of Funkadelic in the gaps. What a day.
  7. A couple of weeks ago I had a mini rant at the football because someone brought along a flag I didn’t like. Now, I’m all for flags, they add a splash of colour and make a crowd of 10 look like 15. But this relatively new guy brought along a Cardiff City / Barry Town half n half flag. I let it be known I was disappointed. I’m usually pretty much an inclusive type but he got me on the wrong day. Anyway, I sort of caught myself out ‘cos I ended up walking over the other side of the ground to disassociate myself from it. But that meant I spent the whole second half **** looking at it. Anyway, yesterday, I can only presume it was some sort of karma thing for my lack of generosity to the last flag, some other bloke brought this: ah yes, the Derby County St George’s cross Barry Town mash up flag.
  8. A good choice, can you imagine the chaos of a Milliband premiership.
  9. Yeah, second level voting - tactics. Mine is a Tory seat with a fairly narrow majority over Labour. Narrow as in it’s 2,000 votes and at the last election which Labour basically threw for some reason. A candidate that nobody knew, that wasn’t seen around and didn’t even leaflet people’s houses. Literally the only party not to bother canvassing terraced houses in town. The Pirate party leafletted ffs. So my choice here, is a vote for Labour could get the Tory out, a vote based on principle would effectively be wasted in the grand scheme of things and keep the Tory in. So for me at the next election, based on the mood music, I could vote for any old Labour donkey. Potentially.
  10. As Chindie has said above, what I meant was, if people are given manifesto’s not knowing which party they are, they tend to prefer the Labour one. There have been numerous polls that reflect that. But it’s not easy to drill down to the truth. YouGov did a poll before the 2017 election where they claimed the Tory promise of £8Bn in to the NHS was the most popular policy on offer. Interestingly, they hadn’t put the equivalent Labour policy in the same poll. Labour’s policy was also £8bn in to the NHS plus an explanation of how they were going to fund it, higher tax on private health care, private health company profits and higher tax on the top 5% of earners. Clearly that wasn’t going to give YouGov the result they were looking for. Voting based on manifesto is your best chance of voting for the correct party. Obviously I’d exempt the LibDems here.
  11. When voting ‘blind’, just based on manifesto, the country votes Labour.
  12. I wouldn’t want either as the leader. In a straight binary choice between the two, I can’t get my head around people that would choose Johnson.
  13. I voted reluctant remain as there’s plenty wrong with the EU but I was suspicious of what leaving could bring. I would vote again. I’d vote remain again, still plenty wrong with the EU, but I’ve now had plenty of time to have a good look at the shower of cheating shite that want to take us in a different direction. They are not good people. I’d be a more positive remain vote than last time. I suspect the country as a whole could easily still vote leave for a variety of bizarre reasons.
  14. chrisp65

    Do you read?

    Someone’s putting fake dust jackets on the books in Foyle’s.
  15. I guess it depends on what magazines you choose?
  16. They do it constantly, they had complaints about one here they’d described as ‘hundreds’ when it was clearly a few thousand. They changed the headline to ‘many’.
  17. If we do end up staying in the EU will I be allowed to pick my own passport cover and will the fish in the sea still be British fish?
  18. Been nosing around HMV rather than doing the hubby trailing behind thing in Primark. Bloody hell I can only imagine they’ve changed their buyers or their stock policy or something. Stuff worth buying all over the place. Still a bit on the expensive side, but I’ve come out with a new wish list. First time that’s happened in HMV in quite a while.
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