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  1. There was an MP on the TV during the Afghanistan exit that was lamenting the pressure our poor 17 year old brave soldiers were under. I couldn’t help thinking that if we really had put 17 year olds on that front line, we were kind of despicable. Of course I guess the MP might have been a liar. You can vote at 16 in Monmouth, but have to wait another 2 years if you live up the road in Ross.
  2. Oooh Friday night teasers…
  3. Caerphilly County Borough hide and seek champion, 26 years undefeated.
  4. Be honest, you’d never put those three together if you were building a boy band.
  5. They’ve cut the quote short by five words, it should end ‘crackling on an open fire’.
  6. When I did surveying in college I had to work in chains, as it were. Use a tape to measure a building in metres? No, why would you do that when you can throw Gunter’s Chain, literally a metal chain invented in 1620, 66 feet long. Peg one end in the ground, and lob the chain as far as you can, pull it tight, peg it, pull out the first peg and throw that end and keep a tally of how many 66 feet’s you’ve travelled. Why we don’t still use that is an absolute mystery. I reckon I’ve got at least 4 Kenneths in there.
  7. Yeah but I’d have spotted if it was Dennis Wilson, I’ll have to dig it out and see what it’s down as originally. I hope it’s not Denis Wilson, I’ll have let myself down if it is. ok a quick check on the laptop and its ‘Wilson’ which I think gets me off on a technicality as I’ve presumed that was a first name, like the ball in Castaway.
  8. Covid passports required in Wales from 11th October for indoor events of 500 plus people and outdoor events of 4000 plus people. Barry Town games thought to be unaffected.
  9. Fingers crossed it coincides with the firebreak and we can all get away for a well deserved rest.
  10. I was amazed when I played mine and one of my fave tracks was on there and I hadn’t previously realised it was a Beach Boys track! Lady (Fallin In Love), I’ve got on a couple of mixtapes but it’s not credited Beach Boys, can’t remember who its listed as, but not them. It felt like that was a real bonus getting that on vinyl.
  11. We occasionally work with the US, they sometimes offer dimensions such as 127.2 inches (Kenneth). I’ve had to ask them what unit the .2 is, are we decimalising the end of the imperial measurement, or is that like 2 twelfths of an inch? I’ve been told it’s ‘obviously’ a metrication at the decimal point. Silly me.
  12. Yep, same habit. I know it’s not directly my money, it’s going on the company card, but 10p a gallon when you’re driving 2000 miles in a month, it’s worth the mental arithmetic.
  13. I think the only people still watching GB News are outraged lefties waiting to transfer most of the shocking disgusting racist tory nonsense on to every other social media platform to tell people to boycott GB News.
  14. I bet nobody starts showing the price of their petrol in gallons.
  15. I remember as a kid knowing there was a sexy story about Faithful and a mars bar, but for the life of me couldn’t work out how sweets could be used in a naughty way. I think I guessed she’d stripped off and shown her boobs in exchange for confectionery. A bit like Katrina Smith over on Amherst Crescent used to.
  16. Back, way back in the day I lived by some nightclubs and the only way to my house was along a causeway which at night was full of drunks looking for taxi’s. Every Saturday night was a game of chicken between me not wanting to hit anyone, but knowing that if I actually stopped, they’d kick shit out of the car. So the inevitable eventually happened, I hit someone, saw in my rear view mirror as they went spinning to the ground in an early adoption of what later became known as break dancing. I drove around the corner to where I knew there would be a police car, pulled up alongside and told him I’d just hit someone. me: ‘I’ve just knocked over one of the drunks on the causeway’ police: ‘is your car damaged?’ me: ‘no, both his arms hit the windscreen and maybe his head a little bit and then he sort of hit the ground and span around’ police: ‘we’ll if he didn’t damage your car I’m not sure what it is your trying to report?’ me: ‘goodnight’ police: ‘goodnight’ Things were different in the 80’s.
  17. Lidl chocolate is better than Cadbury.
  18. Flash Gordon was on the radio this morning promoting the findings of his polling for his unionist pressure group ‘Our Scottish Future’. He was quite confident that we need to persuade the Scots to love Gareth Southgate a bit more and pay a bit less attention to Boris Johnson. If we can just do that, the union is saved.
  19. I was right at the front, so I adopted a relaxed approach to the whole thing. I had a flask of coffee and some homemade apple cake. So I sat there listening to some music, watching them being peeled off the junction and marched past to the police van. Whenever one went by, I waved my cake in solidarity. I mean, at the end of the day they’re right. Think how much energy we could not burn if we invested in insulation and low energy tech instead of Chinese Nuclear Tech and a train to get to London 14 minutes quicker, and drones that can kill a wedding party from 5 miles away and prototype parcel delivery submarines. So yeah, I waved my cake at them. We grew the apples in that cake, and I was driving a hybrid. So I felt I had a sandal in both camps.
  20. I went to this, audience of 95 people at Maida Vale, full gig with the middle third broadcast on the radio. One of the loudest I’ve been to. But in digging thru photos… The man himself, Scratch and the private and public Gloucester gigs… yes, my gig photos are rough, it’s click, got it, phone back in pocket and enjoy the thing in real time
  21. Are you taking the Camper? If you’re taking the van, there’s a very nice Starbucks drive thru on the roundabout just outside Ross. If you’re taking the car, don’t bother. It’s less fun sleeping in a car whilst they do you the worlds slowest **** coffee by **** osmosis or whatever method causes it to take an average of 7 **** hours for the simplest **** order at a drive **** thru.
  22. I’ve seen Primal Scream once and they were magnificent, loud relentless sonic sex. Even to the extent Gillespie sounded like a singer and sounded like he knew most of the words. For that reason, I don’t think I dare see them again. My understanding is that ordinarily they can be quite ropey live.
  23. He’s been promoted to a job they’ve previously said wasn’t required. It’s the only thing me and Raaaab have in common.
  24. No pineapple on pizza, but perfectly happy to glue yourselves to the M25. Had to divert through Ripley today. That’s a posh little ghetto.
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