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  1. No problem. If anybody does need a pedal bin or a cork notice board, I’ve got a guy on the inside. Drop us a PM.
  2. I’ve mentioned glitter glue as well.
  3. I just find it fascinating the tat that the media decide we need to see front and centre for 4 days, against the stuff that isn’t considered worth reporting. Track n trace... Not seen a single tory briefing the media about these figures. Not seen any mention of it on the news. If you didn’t know any better, you’d imagine the english figures quoted constantly, are the UK figures.
  4. After half a century of metric, it’s the cubic meter that people would struggle to visualise.
  5. Yep, sorry we’ve overlapped there. There’s a fair bit put there, and what ‘we’ have to remember is the stores, large individual stores and members of ACS have also had direct meetings. So, you get things like some individual managers of ‘Filco’ deciding to cordon off all their birthday cards and complain about loss of trade. But the govt have pointed out if you ‘need’ a birthday card for a 4 year old or 88 year old Aunt Mable that’s an important time sensitive purchase and they had already briefed the shops that cards could be sold. I bought socks and gloves in Screwfix today.
  6. The list I had was actually a supermarket list that had been drawn up with the govt. and I deleted it again about 5 minutes ago. I’ll go and find another copy. But, yes, no, it wasn’t a list on the government website. Back in a tick... so... from the govt website: The example points out that if a post office or garage or shop would ordinarily sell batteries or lightbulbs etc., they still can. I think the only thing actually banned is the Redkanpp autobiography. But other toilet papers are still available. Then, from a supermarket interpretation. What h
  7. There was a list of specific items and specific exemptions. I’m no fan of Labour, but they are taking a kicking here for two bad reasons: One: people don’t appear to be able to read to the end of the line Three: bedwetters can’t live without a new wok for 14 days One: The BBC are happy to simply repeat anything any tory tells them and not do the most basic google based fact check Again, I’m not a fan of Mark Drakeford and I’m not currently a Labour voter, but it’s fascinating how this issue has been communicated. I think they were always on a hiding to nothing,
  8. As excited as I am about water being found on the moon. It’s been spoiled by this: Casey Honniball, postdoctoral fellow at NASA clearly used to work at B&Q, sizing up the timber at 300mm by 6 foot.
  9. For £120 the result will be exactly whatever you wanted it to be sir.
  10. This had been on my shopping list in the summer, the previous album, Joia! Is a thing of beauty. This album, for some reason, is ridiculously expensive. From memory, the standard single black vinyl version was the best part of £30. The CD at the time was something like £18. Too rich for me.
  11. The Australian Monarchist League. You just know every single one of them is a pervert. And not in a good way.
  12. It’s all going to come down to whether Welsh labour grow a pair and pull the plug on the Westminster HQ fax machine. It’s going to get ugly quite quickly this.
  13. Bonfire night events? In a pandemic, with London, Yorkshire and Lancashire in tier 2A.1?
  14. I think it might be the same reason I’ve started seeing ‘pre Christmas presents’ and ‘Christmas Eve present’ boxes. It’s because we are consumer units and must consume as much shit as possible.
  15. Just in case it slipped passed you (I’m sure it didn’t), Phantom Phorce.
  16. A proper ‘social’ day. It felt like everyone was out and about having a walk. Met people I haven’t seen in months. Funniest 4 or 5 miles ever, it took hours! But this is me in a castle, hiding from someone I didn’t want to say hello to. Absolutely pissing it down.
  17. Yeah, I do completely get that @Davkaus and you’re right, it’s piss poor. Still this attempt to rely on some psychic common ‘common sense’ which if it was real, we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. Particularly galling here, because our rate per 100,000 is close to zero. But being selfish, I don’t currently need a pedal bin or a Yankee candle, and it made my walk this evening wonderfully quiet and peaceful. Who knows, perhaps it’ll be more difficult to buy fireworks. I’m knackered, knackered due to work, fatigued with the whole thing. Perh
  18. Which is why Tony Daley used to fall over just as he got to the byline.
  19. There’s no official list. The advice from ‘the top’ is don’t make non-essential purchases. If you can wait 2 weeks to buy a candle or a pedal bin, you should. What we have now is bedwetters advance panicking and ‘banning’ the sale of duvets and birthday cards. Plus some plod will love the extra power and try to ban biscuits. You’ll find the shops will decide birthday cards and socks are banned, £20 bottles of Famous Grouse will be ‘essential’. I can’t get massively wound up by it, to be honest.
  20. My MP, travelled in to England to vote against English kids having school meals in the holidays. £53,000 in expenses 2 side jobs as ‘consultant’ to PPE companies We are being looted.
  21. I’m not going word for word. But somebody asked for a photo once it was fully up. I suggested I’d never seen it fully up as I always black out. Turns out it was a conversation about Christmas trees.
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