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I need something to get the Chelsea game out of my mind so thought I'd start this. Any initial thoughts on this one? I just hope the boys are so disgusted with the result on Sunday that they give everything for us on Boxing Day.

For me, taking Chelsea's class aside, what was missing from us against Chelsea was our hunger to close them down. We gave them far too much space and as such, allowed them plenty of room. We simply cannot afford to do that against Spurs.

Can't see us winning this but am hoping we can restore some (much needed) pride a get a draw

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Villa to win 8-0 to rectify the GD that was battered today lol..

I really don't know what the result will be or how we will play or how they will play. Though I guess this is what we signed up for, we signed up to the ideology of youth over experience and that means lacking consistency. Consistency is the key here and it's also the most exciting trait Villa have right now, yes we have games where we get battered but we also have some great times as well like last weekend.

I would love a Villa win but I think I'd take a draw, anything to get our new unbeaten streak started and hopefully next time we face one of the Top 4 we actually play a bit better. We are a young side though and as a result I have no idea which Villa will turn up on Wednesday, I just hope the guys enjoy their Christmas, eat far too much food and come back raring to win.

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We'll win but it'll be a slow defensive performance I think. We'll concentrate on being solid and keeping the ball in my opinion. It may be one where our intention is to suck the life out of the game. We'll win by one goal.

I would play -







With a thought of in January, buying a player to play where I've put Delph and a player to put where I've played Weimann, pushing Weimann in to where Bowery is. But for now, before the window opens, this is what I'd play.

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