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  1. Get in!!! This is what Jota brings to the team!!! **** yes... Get in Wesley!!!
  2. I haven't seen anything that impresses me about this yet. This game feels to me like a game that all of my friends are going to play and call it the "best game of all time", while I'm sat there scratching my head not understanding the hype. I have always been about gameplay over anything else so if a studio presents me with a very shallow experience I get bored. Now maybe they'll prove me wrong and they'll impress me eventually, but right now this is not high on my list of games to play in 2020.
  3. Syndicate is the game that forced UbiSoft to bin the series off for a couple years while they figured out a new direction to head in. Syndicate to me is always worth playing at least once just to see the series at its lowest point, but the Witcher 3 inspired approach they took with Origins/Odyssey is definitely a huge improvement.
  4. The opening 10 minutes cost us 3-points today. We can't be giving teams chances like that. Bournemouth offered nothing outside of the opening 15 minutes, it was all Villa for the majority of the match and yes we didn't do enough with the ball and that's an issue, but this loss stings because it was our actions at the start that lost us the game ultimately.
  5. We're bossing possession and have lots of the ball, but we're doing nothing with it. Bournemouth were gifted two chances and they took both of them.
  6. We need goals to settle us down. It feels like we're uncertain if we're good enough at this level and until we start scoring we'll remain nervous.
  7. We need to be better on the ball. I am seeing a lot of bad touches from our lads than Bournemouth just aren't doing.
  8. 3-2 is still possible.. Not going to worry too much just yet. This has been a rough start.
  9. He's going to have a lot of fun against the weaker sides in this league, it's going to be a joy to watch.
  10. He struggled against Spurs which might mean his level isn't that of a Top 4 side, but he'll likely do well against most teams that aren't Top 4 contenders. This season is about doing enough to stay up and I think we have enough for that, even if some games will be a struggle for some of our players.
  11. Daweii

    Dean Smith

    Play like we did yesterday against Bournemouth and we'll dismantle them. Spurs are just another level entirely, I mean they are challenging for the title this season and might even win it. So for us to go there and compete for 73 minutes before they equalised is nothing to scoff at. Most teams in this league will go to that stadium and lose, we will likely see teams like Liverpool and Man city go to that stadium and lose this season so we did pretty well. This league isn't as hard as Spurs made it out to look, the only thing yesterday told us is that we're not vying for Top 4 this season, but I think we all knew that anyway.
  12. It never is. So many people on this forum have a knee-jerk reaction and it's always an overreaction. So many ignore the fact we were playing one of the best teams in world football today.
  13. We lost 3-1 to Spurs and kept them at bay until around the 70th minute. Yes it all fell apart in the end, but we won't face many teams better than them. As we saw yesterday Norwich got comfortably dismantled by Liverpool, and today West Ham got dismantled by Man City. These three teams are just world class and several levels higher than Villa will be for years to come.
  14. We were under pressure for lots of this game sure, but of course it would be Grealish to **** us..
  15. Smith is going to have some words with Wesley and El Ghazi who have been weak with regards to staying on their feet. We're ruining some fleeting attacking moments by trying to get free kicks instead of just trying to manufacture something in open play. That said I think we have looked solid at the back considering the level of opposition, and we got more comfortable as time went on. Spurs haven't been great and I expect them to come out swinging in the second half, but this is ours to lose right now. This performance has filled me with hope, as 80% of the league are shite compared to Spurs.
  16. Trez has moved to left wing. Trez and El Ghazi can play both wings perfectly, we'll see them swap sides quite a bit.
  17. Smith will hopefully tell him to cut the shit out.
  18. Wesley is getting bullied.. He needs to man up a bit and stop hitting the deck whenever someone taps him.
  19. Elmo! You've played in this league before.. I expect the newcomers to get caught out, bot not you!!
  20. I think you're right. The back four minus Tuanzebe is the same back four that played in the Play-Off Final and all of our winning streak to get there. I know people are frustrated to see Taylor back, but I do agree with you that keeping an element of familiarity in the side is a good thing.

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