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  1. Finished Deathloop the other day and loved every minute of it. The invasion based multiplayer mode is also really fun, I'd suggest people try that if they haven't already. The more knowledge you have of the maps and the objectives the more effective you are playing as Julianna. The amount of times I have killed someone because I knew exactly where they were headed based on the map, and the time of day has been really cool. I love games that reward players for paying attention and Deathloop is definitely one of them.
  2. Deathloop is incredible. The way the gameplay loop ties into the narrative is masterfully done, and at least from my experience it's an addictive gameplay loop. At its core Deathloop is a detective game, but under the surface of that is a very competent stealth action game. Now the gameplay loop is very simple. There are 4 maps, 4 different times of day and your job is to investigate the leads you uncover through playing to hopefully stop the time loop, but it's never that simple and that's where the game gets pretty deep and very interesting. Deathloop presented itself in the trailers as a roguelike, but from my 7-8 hours with the game that's not entirely accurate. Yes, the day does loop back to the beginning at the end of every day, but it's not like Hades, or Returnal where you're going to be resetting the loop through dying. Now you can die in this game in theory (which would reset the loop), but in my 7-8 hours I haven't come close to dying because that's not the games intention. Deathloop is a time loop stealth action puzzle game and the enemies are merely there to serve as friction as you explore these maps, they're not there to make this game extremely challenging. That said I won't say much more about Deathloop as it's very easy to get into spoiler territory. This game is meant to be a mystery and the less you know about Deathloop the better. Everything I said above is in the trailers so I feel comfortable talking about that, but anything else might be something that dulls a first impression and I don't want that. Deathloop is fantastic, I am enjoying every minute of it and I think a lot of people would love this game too if they gave it a chance.
  3. I have it pre-loaded and ready to go on Steam in a few hours from now. I'm not expecting to get much done tonight, but it'll be nice to get the tutorial out of the way before going to bed.
  4. Fantastic match. It's a shame that the crowd were against Emma throughout, and it's a shame that Fernandez is such a sore loser that she feels the need to complain so much. The match was pretty much lost for her when the injury break happened. Suck it up and move on. Congratulations Emma, you're a legend!!
  5. She is having so much fun at this point. Not even fazed.
  6. Get in!! First set Raducanu!!
  7. Bray Wyatt was released due to "budget cuts" which is the standard reason they give these days. WWE have released 119 wrestlers since 2020 with 54 of them happening this year.
  8. Dynamite is the main show that runs for two hours, while Rampage only runs for an hour and is considered to be Dynamites third hour just on a different night. Content wise they are largely the same featuring a mixture of matches and storyline segments. Your assumption was correct. Rampage is currently only available in the UK via an AEW+ subscription on Fite.tv.
  9. The pandemic largely got in the way. AEW set up their base of operations in Jacksonville, Florida over the course of the pandemic, but Jeff Cobb wasn't a fan of how Covid infested Florida was (and still is) so didn't want to return while they were set up in Florida. AEW have since returned to touring so he's more likely than ever to return, but it's likely down to finding a schedule that works for him given he's still doing things with NJPW.
  10. You can sign up to AEW+ on Fite.tv for like $5 a month which airs Dynamite and Rampage live as they happen in the US. The service has replays of the shows after they air so you can always catch up the following day. The current AEW content schedule is as follows; Monday: AEW Dark: Elevation* (AEW's YouTube Channel - 12am UK) Tuesday: AEW Dark* (AEW's YouTube Channel - 12am UK) Wednesday: AEW Dynamite (AEW+ on Fite.tv - 1am UK) Friday: AEW Rampage (AEW+ on Fite.tv - 3am UK) *Both Dark: Elevation and Dark are supplemental viewing. Almost no storylines progress, or start on either show although some matches for Dynamite do get made on Dark: Elevation. It's mostly for talent to get more matches under their belt, while giving local indie talent a chance to appear on a larger stage. You can of course watch Dynamite on Friday nights in the UK on ITV4 if you don't mind risking the show getting spoiled, but a lot of people in the UK at least based on Reddit subscribe to AEW+ on Fite.tv so they can watch it live, or in the morning the following day.
  11. Those awards are pretty much 100% bought and paid for. It's a form of advertising. There is a reason each category only had like three games in them and Elden Ring was in all three. It's advertising, it means nothing and is a complete meme.
  12. Microsoft own them. Every Bethesda game from now until forever is an Xbox exclusive. The only exceptions are Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo which are PS5 exclusive for a year due to contractual obligations that were signed before the buy out. Also just to prepare you for potential disappointment going forward. Microsoft buying ZeniMax Media got them; Bethesda (Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Starfield) id Software (DOOM, Quake, Rage) Arkane Studios (Dishonored, Prey, Deathloop) Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within, Ghostwire: Tokyo) MachineGames (Wolfenstein, Indiana Jones) ZeniMax Online (Elder Scrolls Online) If you're a fan of any of those franchises then any new games in those franchises are also going to be 100% exclusive to Xbox.
  13. Daweii

    Austin MacPhee

    Same way it works with a football players day job I'd imagine. Full time with AVFC and then when the International break happens and every national team player heads to a training camp he then works for Scotland. Maybe it is more complicated than that, but it seems relatively straight forward on face value.
  14. I don't understand the moaning. I understand that energy drinks aren't the healthiest thing in the world, but just don't buy one, or don't buy one for your kids. Where I struggle to understand the moaning is it's likely coming from people that don't moan about other unhealthy things. "Can't wait for the Villa game, gonna get me a pint and balti pie"... Oh so alcohol (a literal toxin) and a pie that is probably 40% sodium and 30% fat. I'm not judging people for drinking and eating a super unhealthy pie as I also enjoy a good drink, but I'm also not judging things for being unhealthy. The whole situation feels like a whole load of people being very hypocritical. Now sure if someone moaning is a perfect example of health then fair play, but most of the people moaning are probably in no position to moan.
  15. Smith got it wrong in the first half, but the changes made in the second half helped us get back in it. The biggest change was taking Targett off. Young is a very fast player, he might not be as good as Targett at left back, but pace vs pace makes complete sense. Targett didn't get done by Sarr repeatedly because he's shit, he got done because he's slower. Had we played as we did in the second half for the full 90 I think we'd have won. It wouldn't have been a showy performance by any stretch, but Ramsey, Bailey and Traore changed the game. They gave us avenues to attack and they gave us creativity. Buendia didn't have the greatest match of his career. I do wonder if he's struggling for fitness, but AMC is also not his best position. He definitely had more impact when he was moved to the right which makes sense of course. Not the greatest start to the season, but it is only the first game hopefully another week of training as a unit will make us more cohesive ahead of Newcastle.
  16. If I was to take any positives from this it would be; Bailey is promising. Traore has been lively. Ramsey completely changed the game. I definitely think had Bailey and Traore started it might have been different. Then again Targett started and he was a big part of our issues in the first half. It has been a rough day today, but I don't think every match is going to be like this. I think it was an off-day for Villa that was punished massively by a Watford side with everything to prove.
  17. I can't blame him for much of this. First goal the defence shit the bed. Second goal was deflected. This last one was a wonder strike in off the post. I don't see what more he could have done? There are negatives to focus on Cash, Targett, Nakamba, AEG, McGinn and many more, but I don't think Martinez has been "sub-par" I think he's let in goals that any goalkeeper would let in without a decent defence in front of him.
  18. Time to earn your money Smith. This needs to change, do you have what it takes.
  19. We need to be way **** better than this. Not impressed.
  20. Targett is being made to look like a Sunday League left back right now...
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