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  1. In a way I am glad we are facing both Leeds and Norwich before the season is over. While Norwich will be on the beach by then, it's looking likely that Leeds won't be. I am actually glad that we get a dress rehearsal of sorts against a team of higher or similar quality as the rest of the teams in the play-offs. Whether we win or lose it will offer us a great amount of knowledge to take into the matches that count.
  2. Dean Smith says Tammy had a whack on the arm so it might just be a dead arm from being kicked while falling.
  3. Daweii

    Dean Smith

    Dean Smith trying his hardest to get a second straight manager of the month award. We are on fire right now and it's a joy to watch.
  4. It took 109 years to match our best ever league run and I'm struggling to truly absorb that information. I am so used to Villa breaking all the bad records in recent years so this just feels a bit weird.
  5. One can only hope we make the most of the second half. We just gotta do more with the chances we're slowly, but surely creating.
  6. I'm watching the game too Dem and we nearly scored twice with one cleared off the line. Are you watching the game Dem?
  7. Sure. 68% possession, 8 shots, 2 on target, 8 corners.. Bolton have pretty much parked the bus and stifled Villa which has stopped us getting up to speed.
  8. Bolton are playing a very slow and compact game which is stifling our ability to pick up the pace and play the free-flowing football we expect. We'll break through eventually.
  9. Strong team against a Bolton side that I think by the managers own admission will be a weaker side to give the fringe/youth players a runabout.
  10. I wasn't saying it'd be us. Anyone can enter the play-offs as the in-form team and just because we're in-form right now doesn't mean it'll stay that way. All I was saying is that two weeks is a long time to wait for a team going into the finals in-form. Could that be us? Sure, but it also may not. If I was talking about Villa in my post I would have said it.
  11. I know it's because Vince likes to limit the use of the word "war" on broadcast television, but this one time he should have made an exception. The Viking Experience just sounds like a **** Disney attraction, it's terrible.
  12. What a way to get relegated if the match is forfeit.
  13. FFP seems to only "work" if you break the rules over a long enough span of time. FFP cannot protect a club such as Bolton, or Villa for that matter if the owner lies and hides a lack of funds until the rug is pulled out from under the club in one go.
  14. Gonna feel super rushed. This season is shorter than Season 7 by 12 minutes and shorter than Season 6 by 133 minutes.
  15. It's always bugged me that the final takes place almost 2 weeks after the semi-final 2nd leg. 2 weeks is a long time to wait if you go into the final as the in-form team in the play-offs.
  16. You're right he's the richest man from Egypt with a net worth of $7.3 billion as of 2019.
  17. I only want this to happen so another team doesn't get their money. Ultimately I know we don't need QSI money, and I know that whatever hoops they'll have to jump through to make things work once we're in Europe likely won't be worth it, but do I want another team around us becoming PSG rich? Not really..
  18. Yeah. The PPV had a two hour pre-show and a five and a half hour main card, but because the pre-show has matches on it too it's pretty much part of the overall PPV. Anyone in attendance, or anyone watching at home that wanted to see all the matches were watching for seven and a half hours. What makes it worse is that on Friday there was a three hour NXT PPV, a three hour Hall of Fame event on Saturday, a seven and a half hour PPV on Sunday, a three hour episode of RAW on Monday and then two hours of Smackdown last night. 18.5 hours of wrestling/wrestling related content over five nights for anyone mad enough to watch it all.
  19. The biggest issue with such long shows is those in attendance. A 7.5 hour PPV hurts the main event because audience members were leaving early to catch the last train, or the audience members stuck around and then worried about how they would get home. WrestleMania as it stands now is not a show you want to main event. The best place in the card to appear these days is 3-4 hours in while people are still excited, while people still believe that they won't get tired by the time the main event comes around, but as always the fans tire around 6 hours in making the final 90 minutes of the PPV feel a lot weaker. I feel for Becky Lynch as this was her big moment and firstly Rousey botched the pin cause she's not a wrestler, but secondly coming out 7 hours into the PPV was never going to get a massively overwhelming reaction.
  20. I could see Big E turning on Kofi especially with the power imbalance that the WWE Title would add to the group. I absolutely loved the RAW segment between Lynch/Flair/Rousey. It was something straight out of the Attitude Era and it added a much needed fire to a feud that has been insanely overbooked. Their match over the last few weeks has gotten less exciting as WWE added more and more to the story, but that go-home segment made me excited again. Yeah Lynch will finally get her moment and it'll be even sweeter holding two titles up, but she's the biggest attraction in WWE right now it didn't need to be a triple threat. What makes it worse is that until Flair's win last week on Smackdown she'd lost all of her matches in 2019. How does someone that hasn't won since late-2018 on TV or otherwise get into the Main Event at WrestleMania? Her first two wins of the year were last week and last night. If Flair had been winning plenty of matches too then sure, but she hadn't so it makes her inclusion really awkward.
  21. Should be a good PPV given the fact only a few matches on the card have had a proper WrestleMania worthy build. I am fully expecting one more twist in the Kofi Kingston build. The New Day put up a skit earlier with Kofi training to sign the contract as fast as possible so Vince doesn't remove him from the match last minute. I have a feeling he'll be that fast to sign the contract tonight that he won't notice the match stipulation or something like that. I think ultimately my main gripe with WrestleMania isn't the card and isn't the lack of build for most matches, it's the fact the PPV is going to be close to 8 hours long.
  22. I'm noticing that a lot of players that are veterans of the Soulsborne games are struggling quite a lot, whereas those that aren't are finding it a lot easier. One of my mates has quit near the beginning of every Soulsborne game because "it's too hard", but in Sekiro he's half way through the game and has had very little problem. I think those used to the Soulsborne games are carrying that much muscle memory from those games that isn't useful, or downright unhelpful in Sekiro that it's making a hard game even harder.
  23. Off his new album which is a soundtrack to his debut novel.
  24. That's no different to any other game. Every game is the same 30 second gameplay loop repeated infinitely. The mark of a good game is one that can keep you playing for hundreds, or even thousands of hours despite the repetition. To me Sekiro delivers on that as you're that focused and determined on not dying that you don't notice the same repeated gameplay loop. Now I haven't watched much footage of Sekiro, but as someone playing on hard mode for the last 20+ hours it doesn't feel very one note to me. If you've played Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or Demon's Souls then Sekiro is no more or less one dimensional than any of those games.

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