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  1. If a player is good enough for The Prem, you just know instantly within 5 minutes of watching him I think
  2. Can you just show your season ticket?
  3. Where is it being played? Do you have to get tickets beforehand?
  4. I never said he wasn’t excellent, I just don’t think he’s world class yet, he has the potential to be though, same goes for Maddison
  5. Good shout about Loftus-Cheek, he’s not getting game time at Chelsea. If Grealish goes in the Summer then, I’d take Loftus-Cheek
  6. I think Henderson is excellent, wouldn’t you put Maddison in?
  7. I think you’re spot on, have you seen him play? If so, what are his strengths and weaknesses? I don’t think a 16 year old should be built up to be a messiah
  8. Why wouldn’t you play Maguire? He’s a key player for me
  9. You don’t rate Chilwell, Pickford or Mings?
  10. Kalvin Phillips? You wouldn’t play Harry Maguire?
  11. Who would you play behind that front 5?
  12. Why do you think this? If it determines the correct decision then I’m all for it, I think VAR does that
  13. If we have to, I wouldn’t put him on the bench even if had an injury crisis, he is 16 years old, it could ruin him. Who is this lazy, disinterested, overpaid and self entitled gobshite that you are referring to?
  14. He got England to the World Cup semi finals in 2018, I think that constitutes being a great manager and he isn’t bad looking
  15. Why do you think he couldn’t see this?
  16. We are a long way from that but I think this day will come
  17. I think you are right, it would be crazy to put a 16 year old in the squad, regardless of how good he or she is
  18. No, I met him but I couldn’t even look him, he was that good looking, I’ll never have that opportunity again
  19. Work rate and physical strength need to be worked on before he can be considered a real top player in opinion
  20. Do you think that the only reason that Mount was picked ahead of Grealish for England was because Mount plays for a better club team?
  21. Only decent? Why is Grealish supposedly world class and Mount only decent?
  22. What criteria do you use to decide whether x player is better than another in your opinion?
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