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  1. Ash so not something you believed just PFE , gotcha
  2. Unbelievable and I think warrants an explanation
  3. How totally facetious . Give the post on poster bit a rest hey?
  4. I flog him to anyone willing to hand over a couple of mill
  5. If be amazed if we get anything above 2m for him it would be astonishing business.
  6. Considering the midfield options he has? He has more options than people are suggesting .
  7. Mark I've not deleted you post for no other reason than long multi quoted threads are a pain. look its your opinion, some of which I have a degree of sympathy for but fair play to you. The point I am making is that I do not think Bruce has done as brilliantly as some people are making out, I do not believe that he cannot be criticised and I have cited an example of a manager, many of whom would not want him at our club so I accept the comparison is unpallatable for some people, who has done better in similar circumstances. Does that mean Bruce has been crap or I think he has been crap? No. But what it does mean is I am a little more sober about his performance than others on this site.
  8. Of course and before I explain let me just say VillaCas that was an excellent post really one of the best on this site in the last few weeks. no to address the point of my comparison to mcclaren , there seems to be a current perceived norm or accepted wisdom on here which is made up of one , some or all of the following views; its all about points nothing more its not his squad so we can't expect much hard to see what more he could have done based on that he's doing a brilliant job. Now my point was to show that a decent comparison is mcclaren at Derby . He came in at about the same time with them on the same points as us. He inherited a squad , which despite protestations on here, was not his own, he left them 18 months ago and there have been many many changes in the team since then and in the 11 games since has taken 5 more points than we have and sit just one point behind the play off positions. So basically , especially if it is all about points, maybe he isn't doing as well as people are saying. Just to temper the enthusiasm a bit and bring a touch of realism to the argument . Now no doubt there will be someone to come and counter this view and it will get a load of likes blah blah blah. That's fine, this is my view I do not think he is doing as well as some are suggesting , I do believe he deserves some criticism for things and I do not think that some of the bad decisions should be excused merely because it is Bruce that has made them. For example and not exclusively but selecting agbonlahor consistently which, in my opinion, is getting a lot of defence because it is Bruce that made that decision people are saying they can see why which I doubt they would be able to if it was a different manager making the decision. And that is just an example it is not the whole point so I do not want people to fixate on that element of what I have just posted
  9. No not sure it is worth noting as Chelsea aren't a competitor of ours in this division and conte did not join them at about the same time Bruce joined us with both teams on the same points. McLaren v Bruce does bear comparison and I'm surprised you feel that judging whether he is doing better or not is subjective given that points is all that matters his Derby have got more points than us in the same timescale so he is doing better.
  10. I don't hate him I just think he is a shit footballer who really masquerades as a professional . People need to distinguish between having an opinion that someone us poor and hate
  11. 18 months ago in that time 13 have left and 12 arrived
  12. McLaren is doing better with derby than Bruce is with us
  13. Badge needs to be like this https://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fs.ecrater.com%2Fstores%2F280765%2F511b485d7da7e_280765n.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2Fsoccer%2Fcomments%2F1cp5tj%2Frumoured_new_everton_badge%2F&docid=_4dYEdxZfogERM&tbnid=zlramnAhuQ3c7M%3A&vet=1&w=300&h=323&hl=en-gb&client=safari&bih=649&biw=1024&q=aston villa round badge&ved=0ahUKEwjAkNH6moDRAhXGLcAKHUHgCWYQMwgeKAQwBA&iact=mrc&uact=8
  14. Decent at this level not able to step up to the next level so will serve us well in this league for the next couple of years or so
  15. Although he does keep picking agbonlahor
  16. id like to see us play four in midfield, not two, not one, not three but four please so we need a central midfielder and a left winger please
  17. One of about three players we have that would be ok in the premier league
  18. Agreed . Not a midfielder for me but I'd have him replacing the dire Hutton
  19. Fair enough , and to prove how seriously I am taking your request I've put the ipad down and opened up the laptop for the better keyboard. Dubious Team Selection I did not like the team selection at all. He said he would ring the changes after the Norwich game. In practice that meant Bunn for Gollini, Baker for Elphick, Gardner for Westwood, Bacuna for Grealish, Adomah for Ayew and Mccormack for Agbonlahor. He retained the formation I would suggest. Now for a start how Tshibola is behind any of Gardner, Westwood or Bacuna for me is an absolute mystery. They are all very very poor midfielders. Where I would have had Bacuna is in at right back as Hutton offers nothing in that role. Baker for Elphick i'm ok with that. Midfield I have issues with and up front dropping Agbonlahor I'm fine with, having him in the squad I am not, more on that later. Mccormack has shown nothing and I dont think he deserves a starting place either right now. Adomha starting yes no issues there. People will say "what else has he to work with" well plenty to be frank. I know we have a poor midfield but for me it is made worse by not having the numbers in there. He has other choices and in my opinion I am not happy with the ones he made.See for me I'd play a different formation which gives us a bit more strength in midfield but also allows a bit more creativity. I'd go 4-1-4-1 with Jedinak just in front of the defence and for (from LtoR) Green, Grealish, Tshibola, Adomah and Kodjia up front through the middle. He has choices, I do not like the ones he made, and he has made many choices not sure he has picked the same side twice. Dropping Gollini for me was a cheap change. It is obvious he does not rate the lad if you see his reaction to the goal at Leeds. I do rate Gollini actually and I'm not sure dropping him is an answer. I hope he does not let the kid rot now as he appears to be doing with Tshibola. Poor Game Performance We played very poorly imo. Not as bad as Norwich but the opposition was not as good as Norwich. We lacked creativity going forward we looked like we had no cohesive style of play. QPR are a poor side but we struggled , IMO, to break them down and look that much better from them. I've seen some piss taking comments again this afternoon from people about the 3 points and my opinion that 3 points is the minimum we should expect piss taking comments like "its the maximum we could get" etc etc but I maintain that against the poorer sides we need to get more goals to boost the goal difference, we need better performances to have something to build on. Crap performances will catch p with you as we have seen recently. You can play badly against the likes of Wigan and QPR and get something, play poorly against the better teams and we will get turned over as we have done. Thats why performances matter and we need to be playing better consistently better. We have not been playing well at all and it is ok people saying that results matter and performances will come, i dont think they will as I think he lacks an ability to get better performances, he never has done really at other teams he has managed and thats a ceiling we need to move beyond Highly Questionable Substitutions Agbonlahor should be nowhere near that side how the manager cannot see that is utterly baffling and makes me question his decisions a bit more. The player is useless and we have a young lad RHM who would be chomping at the bit to play for us. Continuing with Agbonlahor while stifling the development of that young player who is our future while Agbonlahor was never actually the past is criminal. Bringing him on today when he clearly does not know how to play football was just mind blowing. He cost the goal against Norwich. standing on the pitch to take the throw in today could have cost us our winning goal. There is no way Agbonlahor is a decent footballer as long as I've got a hole in my arse. Westwood on for Baker again sorry but I'm not seeing it . Why is tshibola not even on the bench? I know you had a go at me saying he is snorting cocaine is a disgrace etc in response to me speculating on a personality clash but seriously the personality clash must be close to the truth, what has he done wrong when the likes of Agbonlahor who is not even a footballer can be on the bench and this lad cant. Overall I am ecstatic we have won, why wouldnt i be Im a fan afterall. But I am not happy with the performances, I think they matter a lot and I do not think Steve Bruce is able to get better performances. We are, in fact, playing the type of football I feared we would when he joined us so for me this is it the norm now.
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