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  1. Can any of you imagine signing up to a leeds forum and pretending to be a leeds fan? Really odd behaviour.
  2. I’ve heard a rumour from a friend of a friend that Manchester City are interested in Jack Grealish. Anybody else heard about this?
  3. Are lava lamps cool again yet? I want a lava lamp.
  4. If this was on topic; And then there’d be a random star wars gif
  5. I can’t remember who but a few posters have complained about the amount of gifs on here recently. I thought they were maybe being a bit miserable, but I’ve just been on topic and they’re absolutely right, most threads on there are just an A-Z of unrelated dull gifs. It’ll be minion gifs next..
  6. It might just be that I've never found the bar, but I don't think you can get drinks inside the ground. I'm not sure about pubs around the area either, but I drank in the bar at the Radisson last time we played them. It's right next to the stadium.
  7. Drinking in hot weather isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. That first ice-cool beer is nice, but the ones after that usually get too warm, it’s not refreshing and I usually end up with a headache. I’d rather binge on rowntree’s fruit stacks.
  8. Sorry to be on topic, but correct squad numbers. Targett’s taken the number 3 shirt, I’m hoping Emi takes number 1. Martinez Cash Targett Konsa Mings
  9. My sister and her two boys have tested positive for covid. They’re feeling okay but they’ve lost their sense of taste and smell. My wife, being the lovely person she is, figured they’d be a bit fed up stuck in the house so ordered some surprises online to be sent to them. A scented candle for my sister and sweets for the boys.
  10. Nah, I haven’t pissed on him once.
  11. I’ve sat down for about 80% of my tinkles the last 18 months. The other 20% have been in the shower.
  12. I've never played it either but I'll be picking it up next week at some point. The Wii U was the first Nintendo console I swerved, so I'm glad most of it's main titles are being remade for the switch. People that did have a Wii U must be a bit annoyed at the lack of big original games the Switch has had to offer over the last 4 years, no?
  13. I successfully managed to disconnect my broken washing machine, shimmy it through the house and down the driveway ready for the scrap man to take it away. It took me about 15 minutes but I was really pleased with myself that I’d managed to shift it. An hour later, a man pulled up, picked it up like it was an empty cardboard box, carried it to his van and placed it in the back.
  14. Yeah guys, racism exists all over the world and we’re not even the worst at it anyway so I’m not even sure what you’re all moaning about! This is such an embarrassing take.
  15. I absolutely love our Ty.
  16. I’m watching on ITV hub. I think we might pinch this!
  17. How did all the fish get in our canals?
  18. He was always a bit of a clearing in the woods and now he's a grade A clearing in the woods, but there are some great Smiths lyrics. So I broke in to the palace with a sponge a rusty spanner. She said "I know you and you cannot sing", I said "That's nothing, you should hear me play piano". And now I know how Joan or Arc felt as the flames rose to her Roman nose and her walkman started to melt.
  19. As soon as I posted that they answered the call and they dealt with me very well. I'm happy again now, I'm back in the Holte
  20. Day three of trying to relocate my ST. After 25 minutes of hold music earlier, I got a message saying the ticket office was now closed and the call ended. I'm now 30 minutes in to another session of hold music. At least I'm getting music today though, it's taken 2 days to get this far.
  21. I quite like weetabix, I just don’t like that my kitchen worktop looks like the bottom of a rabbit hutch after gently getting one out.
  22. Protein weetabix. Omg what am I eating right now. It tastes like ass.
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