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  1. Well this is a revelation. I had no idea they were people out there saying 'corter' and I was happier not knowing. I've been on the other side of this kind of thing though, I used to pronounce 'H', 'Haitch". And I stand up to wipe my arse.
  2. I hate that if you search ASMR on youtube, you don't get proper ASMR, you get a lot of young, blonde influencers with their baps out. It means I have to have an angry tug before looking for the actual relaxing stuff.
  3. I sat in my front garden all day waiting for them to arrive, but no one turned up.
  4. Yeah, I've had this before and moaned about it on here. Trying to give a TV unit away, I had about 5 no shows in a week. I don't understand the point. I guess people just call dibs on everything and then collect what they fancy.
  5. Ditto, and it was only my third time driving on the motorway, a few months after passing my test. I was doing 70mph on the M5, flying past everyone else doing 40mph, tutting at them all for driving dangerously slow.
  6. I don't know why, because it's not exactly the worst thing in the world, but I find that infuriating.
  7. What would you have? "Stallone: I'm making a documentary about composers. I'm playing Vivaldi. VanDamme: I'll be Mozart." That doesn't quite work.
  8. I read this and assumed I was in the joke thread. Then I read this one and spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to work out the joke.
  9. I’m watching it now, I like it. I’m just trying to work out if it was filmed around Birmingham. In the 4th episode, the police officer with the Brummie accent asks him why he wasn’t at the Villa on Saturday.
  10. How anyone could have watched that for 90 minutes and claim we were awful…I have no idea.
  11. I was a daft 14 year old and it took me a while to grasp the magnitude of the whole thing. I can’t even remember hearing about the first tower being hit, but I assume it would have been my mom who told me when I came in from school. I remember her coming upstairs to tell me about the second tower and her explaining that it meant it was a terrorist attack and I asked something like, “This is a big thing then isn’t it? It’s something I’m going to remember.” I’ve been to the memorial in New York, but the museum hadn’t yet opened when I went. It’s not something I’m sure I could handle walking around if I’m being honest. I can’t watch the documentaries. I’ve heard a few of the answerphone messages left by the victims to their loved ones and they break me.
  12. But if Seinfeld didn’t have a laugh track, how would we know where the funny bits were supposed to be?
  13. Edit: changed my mind…poor taste
  14. Do you reckon previous generations complained about the evolution of language? "Its 'do not', not 'don't'!"
  15. Chinese and Indian takeaways that don't make it clear if you'll get free prawn crackers/poppadoms so you don't know whether to order them or not. If you don't order any poppadoms from my local Indian, they might give you between 2 - 4 anyway, but sometimes you don't get any. If you order 2, they might give you 2, they might give you 6. Last night I had a Chinese and ordered a bag of prawn crackers. I got 2; the one I ordered and the free one. The free one that they don't always give you.
  16. My nan always used to ask if I wanted her to patch them up for me. She looked baffled when I explained I bought them like that. Not as baffled as when I was a teenager and I went round her house with eyeliner on.
  17. When you show someone a photo on your phone and they start swiping to see your other photos.
  18. If we have to be somewhere for 7pm, my wife thinks that's what time we have to start getting ready. When we eventually get to wherever we're going, I say "I'm sorry we're late, it's her fault" and dramatically point to her face with her make up that's all smudged because she had to do it in the car. And somehow I'm the bad guy?
  19. I'm just going to pop over to the boxing thread to tell them I don't really care about boxing.
  20. He’s off to club brugge
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