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  1. More like Aston Villa in killing confidence of promising young player by not picking him after good performances shocker.
  2. The bloke was really excellent for the first half of last season. Before then I freely admit I thought he was the worst footballer in the world, but now I really admire the way he gets on with it whether he's picked or not, and when he is he tries his very best.
  3. I think Zog is a very talented player who unfortunately just lacks any inclination to push himself to achieve things in football. So it's very possible that he will find that motivation again when he sees his time running out, and if he does I don't see why he shouldn't be given an extra year at a time. That way we could have him playing well for about six months a season (or not).
  4. He is formidable. In his interviews he is just brilliant at giving measured, nuanced answers to every question, and with occasional humour. The bloke has a proper brain in his head.
  5. Rubbish, you're just too rubbish not to rubbish to rubbish.
  6. I agree that instead of responding just with rage, we (as people living in "western" countries) should ask "why"? And a very big part of the answer to that question must ultimately be injustices stemming from the Iraq war and George W Bush's disastrous presidency. It's not difficult to arrive at an estimate of around a million people dead as a result, if you include Syria. Take away the bronze-age sky fairy worship and there are legitimate grievances underneath. Injustice begets violence more than religion alone.
  7. I tried that combination, it just summoned up Rodders. Once Rodders has granted your three wishes, why not practise writing é's? Then you can also gain the upper hand in an argument by sayiing "It's Rémi Garde ffs."
  8. If you're impatient we could kick things off now just for the halibut. Now, on a serious note, can anyone provide guidance on adding the little dash above the e in Remi using a non-foreign keyboard? We owe it to him.
  9. Pedantry is wonderful. I can highly recommend using it when your special lady is handing you a verbal dressing-down. Responding with a correction of her grammar ensures that you maintain the moral high ground and get the satisfaction that being annoying can provide.
  10. Interesting from the Graunido: http://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/nov/09/charles-nzogbia-aston-villa-remi-garde?
  11. If God says no, that's good enough for me! If he says God says no, that's good enough for me.
  12. Garde has been sitting around watching football and chatting to his high-flying football mates for over an ear. I fancy he might have one or two ideas about where to find a woefully underrated inexpensive young beast of a striker, and one or two similar ideas as well. (Diabate might be one of them )
  13. Well his rash attempt to win the ball off Navas late in the game nearly cost us again. He over-committed and we got lucky. I think he was dropped in order to try to improve his concentration maybe, but it doesn't seem to have worked. Brilliant in attack, though. Should have had at least one assist v City today.
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